The U.S. Already Has the Money For Healthcare, Housing, & Jobs For Everyone (w/ Steve Grumbine)…

Date: April 06, 2021

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One caveat…

There is a valid question of how much debt can be built up, before losing the ability to repay it.

How does that debt stack up, compared to the real world economy expected to repay it?

…Is that economy strong enough to repay it?…and what will the process of repaying do, to the people who have to survive in that economy?

Unless we expect capitalism to collapse and all debt to be forgiven, then these issues are not going away on their own.


Republicans Big MAD That Voters Hate Dark Money…

Date: April 05, 2021

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“In a recording of the call obtained by The New Yorker, conservative political operatives were upset that H.R. 1. — known as the For the People Act and, recently, S. 1 — has wide bipartisan support. They particularly took issue with provisions within the bill that would require disclosure of dark money donors, which they think could harm Republicans in particular.





Date: April 04, 2021

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“Second flight for the technical acceptance of an A380 from THAI Airways in 1/13 scale. Unfortunately it was not possible to repair the landing gear fault in the short time between the two flights. That’s why the gear stayed extended.

Rainer Kamitz was at the sticks and did an impressive flight.
Builder and owner: Christopher Ferkl from Austria
Scale 1/13
Span: 6.13m / 20 feet
Length: 5.60 m / 18.5 feet
Weight: 102.7 kg / 226 pounds
Turbine: 4 x JetsMunt 166 …​
Fuel capaticy: 12 liters / 2.2 gallons (UK)
Fuel tanks from CMJETS
Landing gears: Electron with homemade gears
TX: Futaba T18MZ
RX: 2 x Futaba 7008SB
Servos: KST
2 x Aileron
2 x Elevator
1 x Rudder
4 x Landing flaps
1 x Front gear
8 x Gear doors
Electronic control unit: Powerbox Royal
Time to build 3 years / 1700 hours”


MWF Beaster Bunny Bash – April 04, 2021…


Date: April 04, 2021

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Match 1: Mo Lyin’ & Burning Flanders VS Ronald Bump & Mike Bent – 93%

Special Match: 8 Man Battle Royal

Match 2: Beaster Bunny VS ONION VS feinmann VS Moon Walker VS Tom O VS Viamund VS Boxie Hathaway VS Ganymede – 100%

Main Event:

Match 3: Steve Diamond with JSM VS Hamhocks the Clown with Poo-in-Head – 90%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Ronald Bump & Mike Bent Loss: Mo Lyin’ & Burning Flanders
Special Match: 8 Man Battle Royal The Beaster Bunny Won!
Main Event Match: Steve Diamond Defeats Hamhocks the Clown – Becoming the first ever 3 Time MWF Champion!

Show Referee: Even Stephen

Location: Taco Bellah

Hamhocks the Clown is seen at the begining of the card, taunting Steve Diamond in an interview.


BEST RANKED MATCH: Beaster Bunny VS ONION VS feinmann VS Moon Walker VS Tom O VS Viamund VS Boxie Hathaway VS Ganymede – 100%



Marianne Williamson on Easter, Passover and Community…


Date: April 03, 2021

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“Overly Secularized Culture”?…

We can talk about that…but I think our culture is not nearly secular enough.

The issue exists with intolerance and aggression…and let’s be honest…inclinations towards domination, which exist within so many religions.

Religions do not have enough practical restrictions on them, to stop them from imprisoning, degrading and tormenting those who are born into them, for example.

Very little about religions is voluntary, for a vast amount of people who find themselves in them.

…And various religions aspire to control governments, hence the population as a whole.

This power greed is wrong.

The taste for dealing out punishment to those different, is wrong.

Religions are complicated…They have a very real dark side to them.

A lot of people do not take this into account, when considering why we do not want religions to be in political power…or overly influential in a culture.

I subscribe to the belief, that religion is best pursued as a private journey among people who self elect to be there…people who understand they are involved for self reasons, personal examination and contemplation…

…Not people who are looking to “zealously save the world from itself”, and “cast out the wicked”.

I fully agree with trying love.