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Candace Owens Wants To INVADE Australia…

Date: October 23, 2021

01) LINK

“When do we deploy troops to Australia? When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime? When do we spend trillions of dollars to spread democracy in Australia?” she asked.


I think the one thing I like about Candace…is that she’s such a stark example, of just what complete trash mainstream television and “news” has become.

She’s a paid puppet, tasked with agitating the public…and spreading propaganda.


Grotesque Propaganda: PIZZAGATE?…


| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files | PLEASE CLICK HERE AND READ |


Date: November 26, 2016


My goodness!…If 4chan “uncovers” it…it “must” be true…right?…


What do you even say to that level of paranoid delusion [psychosis?]…that it demands to make a video like this one?

This is blatant propaganda.

I guess…some people will believe anything.

Incase you did not know…the BLogo, LBLogo and GLogo [and CLogo, for that matter] have no connection with the occult…In fact…the BLogo and LBLogo came directly out of the community associated with Free Spirits and BoyChat…We directly knew the people, who created these symbols…The creation of these symbols has nothing to do with religion, of any form…including those of the occult.

They are community symbols…They are an identifying icon…Is this honestly so hard to comprehend?


How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines…


Date: June 06, 2016

Note: I hadn’t noticed or watched the video present on this page, until after I was done writing this. I was merely responding to the written article. The video does have a brief description of one account [getting naked, posing and rubbing her thighs]. If you ask me…this girl looks to be coached, and is probably responding to what the adults who have her in their custody have expected out of her. I felt it necessary to acknowledge this video…She seems like a perfectly normal kid, who’s frustrated at being taken away and kept in a strange place, away from her family. Maybe, she didn’t want to do the live streams? There’s likely better ways to intervene, than this level of response.

01) How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines

Why is there no description of the activities being performed in these live streams? It’s simply being called “child sexual abuse”…So, what exactly are they doing in front of the camera?

“Children see abuse as normal

In the 2011 case, the police thought the children would welcome the operation. But the undercover agent says Nicole did not feel rescued; she felt betrayed.

“I know that she is angry with me,” the woman said.

Apart from the scene witnessed as the raid took place, police say they had a video showing the mother sexually abusing her children. It was submitted by an anonymous source from a western country who used his phone to film the abuse on his computer screen.

All six of the mother’s children – three boys and three girls – were moved to a rescue centre, a row of one-storey houses on a quiet path set back from the noise of the main roads. Trees surround the houses, and the staff have planted orchids by the path. In front of the children’s house is a small playground.

The day they arrived, the children played on the swings. Unlike others at the shelter, they showed no overt signs of abuse, their social worker explained. The staff, who had never dealt with a case like this before, wondered if they should be kept in the same shelter as other children who had been physically abused by paedophiles.”

See…This is indicative of the problem, with moral imperialists inflicting themselves onto a culture, where their ideologies and phobias are not looked upon as substantiated…And the imperialists cannot figure out, why the “rescued” people don’t want them in their lives, nor why they think they are crazy. They expect to be looked upon as “heroes”…when in reality, they just destroyed a families financial lifeline…and likely interfered with children doing something they greatly enjoyed.

…Again…why is this reporter concealing the specific activities these children were engaged in?…

…If we were told what they were…would we not be sufficiently horrified?

No child is being identified…So, it would seem a brief description would be reasonable and relevant to the report.

Truth be told…they were probably spending the day licking [and touching] each others genitals, and repeatedly experiencing orgasms…

…not something that could be construed as torture…And something it’s easy to see, why they would not only enthusiastically participate…but why they would be so angry, that anybody forced them to stop.

“The children appeared oblivious to the fact that they had been exploited and it could affect them badly to realise they were abused like others around them.”

…These “professionals” are so deluded.

They are talking about kids who were raised in such a way, that their sexuality was allowed to be experienced and developed…

…This is what happens when children are offered sexual relations…Commonly, they embrace it with much enthusiasm…This is normal

…If the child does not seem to understand that they cannot randomly engage strangers, sexually…this is more a question of teaching the child good social etiquette [and healthy practice], than anything else…

…Though, given the way these children were torn out of their normal environment, and forced to stop their regular behavior…I’d suggest that the people who took them, are most responsible for the awkward aftermath.

…You wont let them be with each other?…and you wont let them be with new people?…when they have something that they really, really, really want?

…This gets back to the whole “sexually abused children acting out”, strawman…wherein these idiots barge in on a child’s sex life, break it up…and then carry on complaining, perplexed that the children simply want to go back to their happy sex life…

…Yes…they’re not following the social mold…”so they cannot be happy”?

…A lot of these “heroes” are especially annoyed…that these children are enjoying the sex, want the sex, and are having the sex for their own purposes.

…Their prejudices are being proven starkly wrong, right in front of their faces…But they are in such deep denial, that they will never admit it.

“Directly after the arrest, the eldest boy, 16 at the time, did appear to be in shock, the psychologist Rosemarie Gonato said, but not from the abuse. “He was quite traumatised by the rescue operation.”

The two younger daughters had no idea that the abuse was anything but normal. “They said it was a business in the neighbourhood. It seemed natural to be involved in this as the other children were doing it,” she said. Police found that it was the children who first heard about live-streaming as a money maker when playing with their friends.

While the children have flourished – on the wall are photos of them, the two eldest beaming while wearing graduation hats and gowns – they are still unable, five years later, to understand the crime.”


…They have destroyed these families…done everything they can, to attempt convincing these kids they’ve been “victimized” [for sex with each other, in front of a webcam]…Yet, they are failing to successfully do such…And they cant figure out why?…The kids are described as “flourishing” in the aftermath…

…What does one even say to this degree of deranged incompetence?

A Radical Idea:

I would suggest…that these many children who discovered this opportunity, who went on to convince their parents to let them do it…were not victims at all…but conscientious pursuers, of something they were deeply interested in…I would suggest they contemplated what would happen, and decided it would be good, well before they started…I would suggest that they developed a persuasive enough argument, to convince their own parents to let them proceed…

…None of this suggests force, lack of personal desire and choice, or a likely source of personal trauma.

…I would also suggest that…apparently…sexuality is more open, in the Philippines…and that sexual activity amongst children, is more accepted…Which is astonishing, given that it is a “U.S. territory”…

…But, “they who know best” have moved in, to “correct the situation”…by inflicting senseless, extreme consequences, on people who are merely going about their lives.

Call me a perverted, idiotic degenerate, if that’s all you’ve got to respond with…

…But what I’ve expressed here, is pure honesty.

…A “news” story in The Guardian, about people who cannot figure out how human sexuality works, or why people would be angry with them for grossly interfering with their lives…

…Where do they find these clueless lunatics?

I’ve never seen the cognitive dissonance of the sex abuse industry, laid out more starkly than this…It’s utter madness.


This Research is Too Disturbing! Send It BACK!…And Listen to My 20 Minute Tantrum Instead!…


Date: May 30, 2013



This is someone who likes to throw stones, and lacks human empathy…He also likes to appeal to clichés and dogma…but he brings nothing of substance to the table.

…He sounds completely self absorbed, himself.

…Lecturing others about “not caring, what else is going on around the world”?…How rich…

This guy is someone who cracks open the bible, and starts dictating to people from it’s passages…believing that it is all authoritative…But how much time has he actually spent, reading the research?…reading the articles from the researchers, themselves? How much time has he spent, actually attempting to understand it all [along with it’s nuances], as opposed to ranting with knee jerk tantrums?

…Grimacing and scoffing, does not constitute a rebuttal…It only clarifies that you are a thrower of tantrums.

This guy is throwing several topics on the table, despite that none have anything to do with the original research…which he is allegedly responding to…

What does the research say?…

…It concludes that large numbers of males experience an involuntary, biological, sexual response, whenever they visually encounter the genitalia [or other parts] of a child’s body. This response is high enough, to where it is considered to be a normal response, within the male portion of our species.

Of course…many males conceal all of this, and don’t act on it…But, research is strongly pointing towards the conclusion, that it is still there in a very large portion of our species.

This isn’t really new information…It’s been known for decades, that males in particular have a natural response of this nature…It’s just now starting to make it into mainstream media.

…Does this guy display any awareness of any of this, at any point in his almost twenty minute tantrum?…No.

He asks “how is this even allowed to occur”, referencing a conference on the topic…and the [former, actually] existence of P.I.E. [the Pedophile Information Exchange]…And then makes a not so vague threat, of wanting to attend the next event “with a billy club”…

He wishes to dispute that pedophilia is loving and tender…but responds with “can you believe this?!”…

…I tell you what “Uprising”…You find someone competent to do an exhaustive worldwide research study, wherein they conclusively find zero cases of a loving and tender child with pedophile relationship…where they show with absolute certainty, with no question whatsoever, that loving and tender relationships like this never happen…and the method through which they are rendered naturally, biologically impossible of happening…

People asserting their “god doesn’t approve”, “sex is icky” or “this doesn’t fit into our social structure” bias, don’t count.

You manage that…and I might start to take you seriously…

…As things stand…you are just completely ignorant, and you don’t even know the issue you are attempting to talk about. You’re one of those people who likes to talk, talk, talk, attack, attack, attack…when you should be silent, set down and let other people teach you…so that you can actually learn something real and true…

…But, that doesn’t earn you followers and popularity on YouTube, does it?…Far easier to be a belligerent, contemptuous jerk, threatening violence against others…how “Christianly” of you.

He seemingly tries to dispute a quote about personal experiences of pedophiles, and how we know from our own childhoods, that children are not asexual…

…but doesn’t actually do so.

…He talks about “intellectual and big words, and giving reasoning behind these views”…taking none of it into account…Apparently, the words are too intellectual and big for him…They are just fine for any thinking person of average intelligence, I’d say.

You know…the very existence of the pedophile, who was naturally sexual as a child and personally comprehended it [which is my own experience, by the way], dispels the myth of the asexual child.

Those of us who lived this existence, all those years of our own childhood…we know that whitewashing people like us, is an outrageous lie on the part of the establishment…We know for a literal fact, that society is in deep, deep, deep denial…

…Apparently, some of you weren’t as sexual [didn’t have as strong a sexual drive?] as others of us…or, you just didn’t comprehend it in the same way as us…which is a fair enough observation, and would make for interesting, informative research, I think…

I know all of this is inconvenient for those of you who don’t like to think about it…but it’s reality…Maybe, you should learn to live in reality, like so many of us have had to?

If you need an invitation…I’ll offer one right now.

No…you are not allowed to strip us of our childhood cognition, nor our sexual identity…And, yes…many of us were [and are] acutely aware of our attractions, and our sexual intentions, as children…

…Your entirely lame mockery of this fact, does nothing to disprove it.

…I, for one, am amongst the untold numbers, who were not traumatized by sexual touch as a child…Being amongst that demographic, and knowing the inhumane hostility shown towards people like me…I demand deeper research into people like me, into our life experiences, and into why we did not turn out traumatized by sexual touch…in hopes that one day, we can move society past it’s phobia and intolerance, of people who’ve had different sexual experiences from “the majority”.

…Is this unreasonable?…Is this not a worthy pursuit?…Is it really so incomprehensible?

…You, are just fighting to keep a broken, anti-human social system afloat.

Unless this guy comes up with something unique in the remainder of his tantrum, I am done.

This video is bankrupt of any substance…Just some ignorant guy with a motor mouth, spouting off “what everybody knows”, who feels no compulsion to search, explore and grow his mind…He doesn’t even seem to comprehend, that he is scoffing at the real life experiences of real, living human beings…or why these real life experiences should be respectfully taken seriously…

…No…just more of the same old, demonizing, dehumanizing bullshit.

…And “we talk about it, as if it’s a misunderstanding of the public”?…

…The public is demonstrably ignorant about pedophilia, on a level which is outright incompetent…And you think you’re just going to scoff it off, again?…You are amongst the ignorant and incompetent.

…Lots of spooky, cliché talking points being employed, I see…lame…the hallmark of an impotent mind.

You don’t think that pedophilia and hebephilia are normal in males?…Consider this…

Across history and cultures, acceptable “sexual maturity” has ranged widely, based upon variables in the natural world, and variables in social politics…It still ranges widely, today. The primary factor tends to be, what social structure is dominant in any given culture. In general, people are expected to emulate one another, and follow the “normal” life path set forth as “proper and best”, by whomever is looked upon as authority. They want you to act and behave in certain ways, based on [typically rigid] ideological life phases…Many social structures do not make allowance for deviation, from their forceful intentions for you. They feel sexuality is incompatible with certain life phases, and punish people for experiencing such sexuality.

…Problem is…science and empirical research do not actually support this intolerance…and they’ve had to manipulate and strong arm research studies over many decades, to make it appear otherwise.

What males typically go for sexually, depends overwhelmingly on whatever is socially allowed…You can follow this trend, in every social culture you look at. You lower the age of consent to twelve, and when the stigma has faded away…tons of people will be openly taking twelve year olds to bed with them…and feeling no shame over it.

Of course, a massive amount of the male population experiences these kinds of impulses…They’re just under the surface…Just deep enough, for plausible deniability…but get rid of the prohibition and stigma, and we will find what the true statistics are…probably quickly.

Keep in mind, however…it does not make someone predatory, when they are merely attracted to someone younger and smaller than themselves, nor when they wish to share a sexual experience with such a person.

Offering something and giving pleasure to another accepting human being is not predatory behavior, no matter what age they are.

…It is an out and out filthy lie to call us predators, for being like this…

…Predators do not behave like us.

…We do not behave like predators.

People who viciously attack us…people who are constantly targeting us…You people are predators, by literal definition.

We “pedophiles” are not attacked for literally being cruel and violent towards children…That’s a stereotype and a straw man, based on a combination of rare cases and convoluted news reporting…We are attacked so viciously, because “authorities” in our culture don’t want children being sexually active…It’s sexual suppression…No allowance is made, for the natural sexual activity of children…They, and those who would otherwise be with them, are threatened to “abstain, or else”…

The stereotyping, demonization, constant shaming and threatening…these are all methods, of psychologically imposing not only a barrier on children and pedophiles…but also imposing a violently hateful intolerance, amongst the general population [most of whom don’t even know where fact diverges from fantasy, when it comes to this issue].

…So, you bring up and talk about your cliché stereotypes…about the nightmares and trauma, experienced by children who were sexually brutalized…But most of that wasn’t even done by actual pedophiles…And these things do not act as a true representation, of people like us…Those are cherry picked distortions you are throwing about.

We live in a variety of ways…Many of us are sexually celibate…Many are sexually active in legal and ethical ways…Many of us abstain, despite knowing that prohibition aimed against us is a sham.

We are not judged based on who we are, as individual human beings…

…We’re judged based on whether or not “authorities” think we get in the way…as they groom children into being mindless, working drones, keeping the “authorities” in power…and keeping the rigid social structure in place.

Our true threat as pedophiles, is to the establishment…it’s to the people who gain so much, in things being the way they are…it’s to the people who stand to lose their power, money and control, should this social structure no longer exist.

…They play off the fears and phobias of the many…telling them that children [and everybody] will be raped, pillaged and murdered, without their “authoritative” iron fist to protect them all.

Positive and benign sexuality has nothing to do with any of that…

…They don’t want to respect, honor and value pedophiles [or sexually active children, for that matter]…because they foolishly believe, they will never have to…nor that they’ll have to answer for the way they maltreat us.

People like this guy, are what is wrong with the world…They just want to walk all over other people, spit in their faces and beat them down with a billy club…Because they are too cowardly, shallow and self absorbed, to reach out and find peaceful solutions.

The social disease is not pedophiles and perverts…It’s people like this guy, who fight to keep all of us at each others throats.

…It’s time to kick these divisive shysters to the curb…and let all of us good, kind, sensible and knowledgeable people [who genuinely care about each other] build a better, more peaceful world.

Let the war mongers fight amongst themselves…We have no use for them.

Okay…I’ve had enough of wading through this brain numbing tantrum…And I’m only about half way through…If anyone else wishes to pick at this [it’s like spearing fish in a barrel]…have at it.

As a side note…”Uprising’s” video entrance is amusing enough to watch, once or twice…but it’s about a minute and fifteen seconds long…and it gets insanely annoying, fast [if you’re browsing their videos]…Short YouTube videos don’t need a long, canned introduction…It’s crazy to give them one…and probably most of this guys viewers are skipping ahead to the 1:15 mark, by now.

I wish more YouTubers of this sort would get a clue about such things…They are not so grand and glorious, that they need this kind of time wasting parade, to announce their arrival…

…A two to five second little ditty is perfect…and some people even manage to make those, painfully annoying to watch…

…Unless your making a commercial show…I wish the intros on “cottage YouTube videos” would just go away…They are senseless and annoying.

Oh good grief…And he’s evoking Satanism too?

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


Kid Gloves, Egg Shells and Mass Mental Seizures: Why So Many MAPs Hate Dealing With the Mainstream…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: January 18, 2016

01) ‘How the hell do you sleep at night?’ Salon blasted for ‘trying to mainstream pedophilia’ – The Twitchy Staff

02) Responses to Salon on Twitter

I agree with Todd…What we are seeing here, is the effects of psychological infantilizing…which produces many people, who you cannot even communicate intelligently with.

The Todd Nickerson Salon article fallout, is a prime example of total comprehension shutdown…and attempted strangulation, against dialogue which is at least a step in the general right direction [something which is so painfully rare, in this field].

You can check out the two links…and the responses…

It’s mostly a sea of hyperbole…lots of people who didn’t likely even read the article, and never even dreamed of looking closer at the tenants of Virtuous Pedophiles…

…If they had done such…they’d at least know VP does not support sexual contact with minors, nor child pornography…They are pronouncedly against these things.

VP members can correct me, if they feel they must…but from what I’ve seen…their mission is two fold…

…They wish to stop sexual assault and abuse on children…and they wish to make the life existence of “pedophiles” [MAPs] bearable, supported, stable, ethical and legal.

Both of these are objectively good [even if not everybody agrees with the nuances of their stances].

The only people out there in the mainstream masses, who could possibly object to these things…are those who harbor an inhumane, homicidal cruelty towards “pedophiles” [MAPs]…

…And frankly…those who don’t even understand who we are, as a demographic…nor the issues surrounding and affecting us…even though many of these people falsely believe that they do know, “all that they need to know”.

…What they know, is rarely nothing more than grotesque ignorance…And it is a pitiful disgrace, that they are making these types of reactions, based upon such pitiful lack of coherent knowledge.

What you are seeing here…is unbridled emotion…It is hysterics.

…And it really brings to light, why so many of us hate dealing with “the masses”…

…What they are saying, is not based in objective reality…Their heads are not engaged in objective reality…And they barrage you, in large [even massive] packs…often with an outright vicious onslaught.

Their effect…is often intimidation…and deliberate hijacking of an issue…or of an attempt at constructive dialogue.

Notice how so few of the commentators on the massive Twitter feed, fail in being absolutely wrong [and indefensibly so] in their characterization of the article, itself.

…They don’t even display a working comprehension, on what just got discussed…despite that it was laid out for them, very simply.

VP has got to be one of the least socially controversial “pedophile” [MAP] groups out there…So much so, they pretty much mirror popular public sentiment, on issues involving children and sex…Their only divergence I can see, is that they don’t accept the many inhumane ways in which society abuses “pedophiles” [MAPs]…

…Their reasons for taking this divergent stance, are well explained, highly logical…and to my mind, have always been the obvious social evolution forward.

You cannot viciously mischaracterize people…and treat them according to your vicious mischaracterizations…and expect that this somehow works out for the best, in society.

It’s an abysmal recipe, for total disaster.

…Members of VP understand this…and do so on a personal level.

They also understand [just as I have, for decades]…it is imperative that we “pedophiles” [MAPs] fight on behalf of your children…Because many of them are MAPs…and we know what it is like, to grow up MAP in this world…And looking at these responses…it is clear that many of these children, have parents who outwardly express a desire to violently murder them…

…Have you any idea what this psychologically does to a person, let alone a child, subjecting them to this over a lifetime?

The people who are flooding this kind of noxious behavior onto others, are the problem…not the “pedophiles” [MAPs].

With regards to people like that…

…You often feel like you have to put on “kid gloves”, and walk on egg shells, just to create this sort of psychological buffer…when trying to hold a dialogue with “the mainstream”…Because they prove themselves, in large part, of being incapable of rising to the occasion.

…You cant just talk straight with them…because they cant deal with it, when someone speaks honestly about these issues.

…No matter the intent, nor how constructive the dialogue…they just act to shut it down.

This is not just my opinion…It is consistent observation, over decades of watching and dealing with them.

…Most display an obsession with hysterics, and a violent overtone.

Some make outright terrorist threats.

…All while remaining completely divorced, from the actual dialogue and facts at hand.

These are the reasons why I tell other MAPs, you cannot let yourself drown in that kind of a setting…You cannot let “the mainstream” dictate the pace and flavor of the discussion [you must hold that control, yourself…or only share it with those, who demand a constructive dialogue].

…It’s why I don’t apologize, for accurately placing these “masses” in their rightful categories…as people who are there to provide resistance, helping us hone our own stances, arguments, tactics and behaviors…and who are there for us to use, as tools for our own purposes.

There should be groups of MAPs, screen capturing and documenting these types of vicious onslaught, aimed at tame, mild and constructive dialogue with MAPs [and the people engaged in it].

We should have a massive database of this…have it on display for the world to see…and be demanding that there be real world consequence, for that type of online terrorism [much of which openly threatens murder and violence, in a world setting where real MAPs have been the victims of murder and violence].

We should be holding the feet of society, government and law enforcement to the fire, even if only based on this issue, alone.

What’s so pathetic…is that groups like VP bend over backwards, to cater to the dominant world view on adult minor sexual relations, held by most of the exact same people commenting here…

…They are on the exact same page, more less…Yet these people cant even be bothered, to take a little time and figure this out.

Instead, they just want to spew bile and act like lunatics, against people who overwhelmingly agree with them on adult minor sex issues…

I guess they enjoy shooting themselves in the foot.

What we are witnessing here, is prejudice and fanaticism at it’s worst…

…They cant even figure out, when they are attacking people who are key to making the world safer for minors.



Loose Women call for castration as punishment for paedophiles…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: November 15, 2015

01) Loose Women call for castration as punishment for paedophiles

“Fellow panellist Andrea McLean, 46, agreed with Robson, adding: “To me somehow making a robot doll is making it acceptable to have those thoughts.”

Thought police…

…Here we have a woman who would ostracize us all to an island [or force castration on us]…telling us what we cannot think or say…or do with an non-living sex toy, while thinking certain thoughts.

That is hyper control…hyper manipulation…It is unreasonable.

“Moore likened paedophilia to cancer, explaining that there are many different forms of the disease with no singular antidote.”

Oh good grief!…

…We get compared to a horrible disease, with epidemic levels of fatality every year?…

…How is that for a prime example of dehumanization?

Please, please, please get a grip on reality…please!

“It’s a really tricky thing…because you have the predatory paedophile, who will quite often murder the child.

“Then you have other types of paedophile who think they are in love with the child and the child is in love with them.

“You’re dealing with all sorts of different levels here and it is difficult to treat or to ‘cure’.

“It’s a sickness, an illness, it’s a mental illness.”

1) Pedophiles murdering children is ultra rare…I don’t know where she is coming up with this “quite often murder the child”, stuff. The known facts don’t support this.

2) The “You don’t know what love is”, paradigm. They think they own love [the concept and the experience], and that they can dictate who [and what circumstance] is worthy of being called love.

3) They think this is a mental illness, in need of cure [as though there were one].

Let me expound, briefly, on the third point…

I contest the idea, that pedophilia [like any other form of attraction, personal bonding, intimacy, shared experiences, etc.], is a mental illness.

Looking at the entire range of what pedophiles [actual pedophiles, not everybody and anybody who does any sexual thing with a child or teenager] generally experience [or get associated with]…the only things I would look at and raise alarm over…are those that show an active, substantive intent to brutalize a child [in any way]…attempted anal sex on a child [adult penetrating child]…forced oral sex…the forced participation in a sexual relationship.

…But those are all criminal acts, anyway…and they are practices of a sociopathic, cruel character…one which lacks all respect for the child.

That last point is key…because those things are not the “bread n butter” of pedophilia…Valuing and respecting the autonomy of the child, is vital.

Attractions are not a mental illness…even actions [no matter their nature], are not mental illness…We as a society merely attempt to classify things as “mentally healthy”, or “mentally unhealthy”…based largely on phobia of the thing itself…and based out of social friction, amongst different social groups.

Having a thought…or an attraction…even talking about it openly…that is not a mental illness.

Often times, through out history, and until this day…branding of “mental illness” is used, as an attempt to disenfranchise entire groups socially…and even to imprison them…Anything to keep them from attaining a respected social standing.

This, in my opinion…is exactly what has been happening to Minor Attracted [M.A.] people, today.

…We get branded with this “mental illness” paradigm [along with heinous stereotypes]…while almost never being judged on what we deserve to be judged by…our personal lifestyle, and our factual conduct.

When this type of behavior is being used to quash “pedophiles”…this is politics which have nothing to do with reality…it is institutionalized hate and phobia. It’s just there and happening, so that people who’ve been conditioned to fear us, can maliciously control us and keep us down.

“Mental illness” is subjective…and highly political.

You think pedophilia is a mental illness?….prove it!

…You cant…

…Not even the people behind the DSM, have ever been so bold as to make such an assertion.



So…Civil Rights “Ends” with Race, Skin color and “Immutable Character Traits”?…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: October 6, 2015

01) Gay is Not the New Black

I think it is high time that people who think and talk like those in this video explain, why they presume homosexuality to not qualify as an immutable character trait.

Why?…because they have the luxury of ignoring it?…Because it’s [presumably] not happening to them, so they can contemptuously dismiss other people’s life experience?…Pretend it’s not real, because being forced to be something you are not is someone else’s burden?

It sounds like some incredibly ugly contempt going on there.

Let me run something past those of you out there, who think [for example] black people have every right to civil rights, but homosexuals never will…because being black is immutable, but being homosexual “can be hidden”…

Let’s consider one of the most prevalent forms of socially institutionalized abuses, which homosexuals have been demeaned, violated and discriminated against with, throughout history…extreme cultural pressure and expectation, to marry someone of the opposite sex, spend the rest of their lives with them, make and raise babies with them, hide and bury their own true selves and what gives them meaningful joy in life [taken even to the point of terror, over being exposed for who they are]…and basically be an obedient, miserable, mindless drone in somebody else’s “picture perfect” fantasy…because they’ve been beaten down and bullied, into believing they have no other choice.

The fact that a lot of you out there would choose for homosexuals to be paired up with sexual companions of the opposite sex, despite that they don’t even want that…and that you would have them live a life like that…repeatedly having sex they don’t want to have, with a person they don’t want to touch like that…experiencing “sex”, that doesn’t even have any meaning to them…that maybe even repulses them…

…That fully meets my definition of rape…I don’t know about other people out there…but I recognize this practice as institutionalized rape, carried out against sexual minorities.

…And I think this is a totally fair assessment.

Nobody is telling the heterosexuals that they “have to” have sex with people of their own sex, or people they are not inclined or intentioned to have sex with…So, why do they presume a right to do the equivalent towards homosexuals?…that they “have to” have sex with people they don’t want to have sex with?

That’s rape…That is rape, my good readers.

If the shoe were on the other foot…you can bet these same people who imagine “we” can just jump into the sack with people of their choosing, would be screaming that they were raped…or at least sexually violated…They’d probably also claimed to be traumatized by it.

And how, in any way, is this life long experience of being diminished to that [and of being habitually raped]…how is the impact of all that, and the knowledge that you’re living a lie being put through this…that you’re not being allowed to spread your wings and be who you are [and you’re not allowed to live a happy life]…how in the hell is this experience “mutable”, or “not immutable”?

How can you distinguish anything like this, as being “mutable”, or not being “immutable”?

Just because you don’t see it, or you choose not to see it, does not mean it is not real…nor that it does not have real world consequences.

You’re making an assertion, without any basis…let alone any objective basis…And it’s a terribly selfish assertion.

Of course it is a civil rights issue, as to whether or not someone can be with who they love…It is a civil rights issue, whether or not anyone is forced into a life of being raped.

It is down right insane, for anybody to suggest otherwise.

Just for kicks…



No, “Homosexual Marriage” is Not Explicitly Mentioned In The United States Constitution…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: September 11, 2015

01) Free Kim Davis, Fire Shepard Smith

…But do you know what is explicitly guaranteed in the United States Constitution?

…It is the right of every U.S. citizen, to take part in both government and the structure of law.

U.S. Citizens have the constitutionally guaranteed right, to work through the government and legal system, in order to make it better work for them. They have the right to work towards social and legal change…which includes altering their own social and legal status.

What really gets me…is that so few people behind these “defense of marriage” acts, even understand the true depth of what they did…In fact, they down right trivialize what they did, and behave angrily over it’s predictable fall.

I had one of these folks in my place of work, the other day…They were going on and on, about “the people voted, and the supreme court has ignored us”, and so on, and so forth…and she was all shaken and pissy about it. I couldn’t just leave…I could not really say anything…I was kept a hostage audience to this oral [and mental] diarrhea, for much longer than I should have been assaulted with it…and it was really starting to bother me…most especially this attitude she radiated, of utter contempt towards sexual minorities…her self entitled sense, that she has any right to vote away other people’s right to seek social and legal change.

She even went so far as to say, “Most of them [gays and lesbians] don’t really want marriage anyway, and they don’t want to be where they are unwelcome”…

…Yeah, lady…I’m sure gays and lesbians are “happy” to have you as an authoritative spokesperson for them.

But seriously…I really badly wanted to tell her to leave…Because what she was doing, was extremely inappropriate…especially in that setting…and extended exposure to this contemptuous attitude, was seriously getting on my nerves.

I so badly wanted to tell her to her face, what I am about to tell you…

…”Defense of marriage” was an attempt at alienating entire groups of U.S. citizens, from their constitutionally guaranteed right to better themselves, by engaging government and law…and actually expecting to gain something out of it.

What these “defense of marriage” people were trying to do, is strip people of their rights to have government and law work for them…They saw that these groups were fighting for a specific goal…and they tried to preempt their ability to attain it…effectively forcing a legal ceiling, on certain groups.

This is why “defense of marriage” was unconstitutional…This is why, it had to be shot down by the supreme court.

In fact…these “defense of marriage” acts were criminal acts, according to the U.S. constitution.

You cant vote away that fundamental right, of other people…no matter how much contempt you have towards them.

Will the people who thought it was such a bright idea, ever admit so much?…I wouldn’t bet on it.

…And now we have this Kim Davis woman, who has become this focal point for the righteous outraged to rally around…and spread more of their cruel, nasty ugliness.

I intend to share some links, and discuss a little bit more in regards to her…soon.

There’s plenty more that could be commented on, in this episode of “USA Survival” [as if, I’d ever want or trust these bozos, with the survival of the USA…Under their guidance, we’d all be doomed.]…

By all means…do not miss the “religious experience” side step Cliff and Peter take, when responding to the exposing of Kim’s own train wreck of a marriage life…They are no big fans of owning your own past…not when they have self proclaimed “forgiveness from god”…and religious hocus pocus such as “jesus forgive me!”, to hide behind…Say the magic words, and act as though everything bad from your past no longer exists, huh guys?

They act like critical examination of Kim’s own life behaviors is “out of bounds”, because that all happened “before she came back to god”…and because she makes this religious claim, “none of it matters, anymore”…

…Oh boy!

This is why religious extremists need to stay out of politics…They think nothing of alienating other people from the political sphere…They think it’s the way it should be…and they get angry, when people tell them they cant do that.



Dialectics: Some Thoughts…

Date: August 22, 2015

I’m returning to the video featured here, because it begs a response.

Here it is, in full.

In a nutshell…dialectics is the practice of changing social perspective, by talking about certain issues or things in an intentional manner. If you don’t like something, you might promote a negative way of speaking about it. If you don’t like people’s hostility towards something, you might choose to start talking about it in a neutral or positive way. The idea is to psychologically push a culture in a certain direction, by exposing it to a persistent positive, negative or neutral message [or tone, if you will].

Now…Debra and Cliff clearly find it objectionable, whenever people with views different from their own employ dialectics…What I’m finding curious, is that they think nothing of employing dialectics in that very episode, themselves.

Cliff has been beside himself over Pope Francis…That pope doesn’t embrace pursuit of the mighty dollar and unrestrained capitalism, enough to keep Cliff happy…In fact, Cliff has made many episodes, decrying how the Pope is calling for social accountability…even speculating that this Pope is “the antichrist”…

…No…I am not joking here.

Cliff cant stand, that this Pope is genuinely concerned about climate change.

I find that fact that Cliff actually goes so far as to call this concern for the climate “worship of the planet”, to be a clear example of dialectics…especially since this automatically sets it up against “worship of god”…a direct conflict with organized religion…Cliff’s religion, anyway.

I have to wonder…are these individuals unaware, that organized religion has an outright notorious history of using dialectics to demonize [and many of us would suggest, dehumanize] certain other groups and their customs?

…Before complaining about the dialectics of others…maybe they should check the plank in their own eyes, before pointing out the mot in the eyes of others?…

…Just a thought.

Pots should think carefully, before calling kettles black.

As to dialectics…I am certain some will suggest, that what I do on this blog is the employment of dialectics…especially as pertains to pedophiles and pedophilia, etc…

…and they would be dead on correct…because I reject the demonizing social narrative and all the hyperbole, in very strong preference of simple honesty…and that practice is very much against the grain, when it comes to discussing pedophilia.

I proudly employ dialectics, to infuse pragmatic honesty into social dialogue about these topics.

…Somebody of principle has got to do it.