The Kinderfolk MAP Flag…


May 19, 2020

The Kinderfolk MAP Flag Motto:

“In Service of the Child…the Weak…the Vulnerable…

United in Valor.”


Kind Folk…

“Kind” is an alternate in the MAP universe…lesser used, but embraced by some.

“Kind” and “Kinder” is connected in language to “Child”.

It’s more specific to actual pedophiles, like myself.

We are Kind MAPs.


It’s “all the rage” for minorities to have their own flag, these days…

Since there are so many hostile out there, demanding that MAPs have no positive, uplifting symbols or community…I figure this is absolute justification for us to have as many dignified flags and symbols, as we can possibly make.

In addition…a certain loud and obnoxious MAP minority, has decided to float and promote a “MAP flag”, making it clear that some MAPs are excluded based on ideological grounds.

The Kinderfolk MAP flag also represents the rejection of such discrimination.


4 thoughts on “The Kinderfolk MAP Flag…

  1. Yurinho

    Well, like, I know two flags related to pedophilia, one of them made in Japan and used by the group LGBTPZN. The other, you are probably familiar with. The one used in Japan comes from the blog Okimochi Philia. Each color represents a volume of the manga Strawberry Marshmallow, by the author Barasui. The context is that Barasui can draw the stuff he probably likes and still be law-abiding, hard-working, well-recognized person in the artistic Japanese community. It puts people like him as role models.
    The other flag comes from Tumblr, you are familiar with that one. The dark tones represent adolescents (blue for boy, pink for girl) and the lighter tones represent children (again, blue for boy, pink for girl). The yellow stripes represent minors in general and the white one represent unwillingness to break the law, at least according to the flag’s author. That means that the flag doesn’t exclude us from it’s banner, since we don’t want to break the law, yet want to change it. The flag got negative attention, including from the media, in the following day and the author left Tumblr. But the outrage popularized the flag and it’s now widely used, just like how the outrage popularized Rind et al., 1998.
    I use the Easter flag in my blog, because it was the first one I ever saw (was made in 2017, one year before the widely used MAP flag). I would probably use the more popular one, if I was not already comfortable with the Japanese flag already.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I did not know about the Japanese MAP flag.

      I do know the tumblr one, yes.

      Fact is, there have been MAPs on Twitter pushing this for some time now, that the well known MAP flag explicitly excludes representation of what they call “Pro Contact MAPs”…Which basically means, if you don’t internalize, agree with and propagate the typical cultural beliefs associated with intergenerational sexual relationships, involving children and teens [minors], then you are not accepted by them, nor represented by that flag.

      There have been some MAPs who’ve been pushing really hard, this notion of different classes of MAP…”We’re the good MAPs, because we accept and propagate the extreme prohibition and maligning of our form of human sexuality”…and “Those are the bad MAPs, who wont fall in line and submit to narrow definitions on what they are, what the problem is, or how we might reasonably get beyond the social conflict”…

      I wish I’d have taken a wider screen shot [as opposed to just grabbing the graphic], to illustrate the sentiments being expressed in text form which accompanied this graphic…But, I also don’t care to single anyone out, or get into a spat over it.

      I just think it’s sad and gross, for anyone to make a MAP flag, and [whether the originator or someone else] then claim it excludes a vast range of MAPs, based upon social ideology.

      As to the Kinderfolk [Kind] MAP Flag…

      I should have said this in my original post…but I started by taking the four colors from my submission to the Newgon MAP Flag project…starting with the two primary Pink and Blue CL MAP colors…and then finding two other colors by going to the midway point [high and low] between these two colors…rendering a darker blue, and a purple…the purple representing teens, the dark blue representing adults.

      …It was a sort of unity symbol, for “all” sexes and ages.

      I softened and brought more into comfortable sync visually, the colors…so, it’s not so bright.

      I intentionally omitted the white…as, even though I agree that remaining legal is important…frankly…the virtues of intergenerational love stand on their own, as does our own worth as MAP human beings…We don’t need to be measured against legal and cultural bias…

      …Plus the implication that the white is signifying adherence to anti sex dogma, is a step too far.

      Hence…my own contribution to MAP Flags.

      I’m a bit torn over calling it the Kinderfolk Flag, or Kind Flag…as the colors are inclusive of all MAPs…and “Kind” is more relevant to actual pedophiles, than to hebephiles and ephebophiles…but, I think a Kind Flag is a good thing to have.

      1. Yurinho

        I figured that the flag would be appropriated like that eventually. Oh, well… The Valence Issue uses it. Perhaps you should tell him about this. As for your flag, good job, beloved.

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