The Stunning Hypocrisy Of The AFA’s ‘Thought Police’…

Date: January 04, 2017

01) The Stunning Hypocrisy Of The AFA’s ‘Thought Police’

“The hosts of the American Family Association’s “Today’s Issues” radio program engaged in a stunning bit of hypocrisy this morning, as they spent a segment decrying the “thought police” who are criticizing gospel singer Kim Burrell for a sermon in which she railed against the “perverted homosexual spirit,” only to follow it up by attacking organizers of a Christian conference for allowing LGBT-friendly country star Carrie Underwood to perform.”

This kind of hypocrisy is all over the place…In all demographics.

Who Owns ‘Love’?…

Date: January 04, 2017

01) Next Up: Legalization of Incest, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Zoophilia and More

“By destroying the institution of marriage, the “gay rights” LBGQTI movement made possible the extension of similar “legal rights” for other “lifestyle choices,” including zoophilia, consanguinamorous relationships, necrophilia, pedophilia, polygamy, and every other “fluid” sexual preference or identification—including sologamy and trans-polyamorous relationships.”

This coming from the Oral Roberts University…it should be pointed out, that it’s skewed towards religious and conservative viewpoints.

A few thoughts on this:


…I find it ever intriguing, how this collection of letters has splintered off into different collections, to the extent that even I don’t know what all the letters stand for…Lesbian…Bisexual…Gay…Queer…Transgendered…and I’m guessing Incest.

I don’t really know how “the destruction of marriage” plays into legalization of pedophilia, and the author doesn’t really explore this direction of thought to deeply. Marriage isn’t a pedophile issue…is it? I mean…I get that it broadens social acceptance of relationships, when something like marriage is broadened to include more diverse people…I just don’t see where that is throwing pedophiles such a meaty bone.

It should be noted…gays and lesbians did not destroy marriage…They expanded it…Which is an important distinction.

Many people have argued that those truly deserving the honor of such recognition, are heterosexuals themselves…who have driven the institution of marriage to record levels of divorce.

“If morality and laws are determined by personal preferences (that are fluid and always changing) to justify societal norms, why is a different standard being used to legislate incest, necrophilia or pedophilia than that of same-sex relationships?”

The author is forgetting one thing…the “two consenting adults” talking point and slogan, which is tossed out as a wedge to separate “the good perverts” from “the bad perverts”, and to act as a roadblock to MAPs.

There is a tremendous amount of dogma, intolerance and hostility aimed at MAPs, even from within the broader LGBTQ community.

However…I do appreciate that, yes…social attitudes ultimately guide social norms, and social laws.

I cannot speak for all the things named, regarding how hard or easy it would be…but, if societal attitude changed enough…I could see any of them being legalized…respected and valued, even.

Necrophilia [on a very limited level], is currently a respected practice in some middle eastern cultures…In addition, I’ve seen it argued that a person could will their body to a loved one, for just such a purpose…So, there is a potential framework for it…

…I’ve only found necrophilia interesting…in that it is part of the broader range of sexual interest, amongst humans.

“So, who is the government to legislate love? Everyone has the right to love whomever they choose. All love is equal. How is heterosexual love better than incestuous love or being in love with multiple partners?

As the defendant in the New Mexico case argues, as to why he should be allowed to love, have sex with and even marry his mother, he says: “This is about whether I have the right to love someone…”

I agree…

…Just who is the government [or anyone within it] to legislate love?…

They are nobody, to be legislating love.

This is one area, where the government has no rightful place…People who share love, share it between themselves…It is not a matter of direct public consequence [except that the public benefits, from the greater stability these relationships offer]. The government does not own the concept of love, nor any of the sensations, benefits and consequences of it…Nobody owns those things…And those things are all unique, to the couples [or groups] involved in these loving relationships.

…It is those relationships, which define what love is…Nothing and no one else.

Is heterosexual love better?…How?…How is it any better?…And how is something that does not fit an individual, “better for them”?

It seems to me…aside from taking public control of our own identities, and public personas [reputations, etc.]…the biggest fight for MAPs, centers around the question “Do we have a right to love someone?”…

…And I don’t mean that in a general sense [Of course you can have familial love, or seek common heterosexual love]…I mean, can the truly meaningful experiences be realized, which make your life complete and whole, with those who you share a loving bond?

…Can MAPs, or children, adolescents and teens love naturally?…Or are we forever forced to contort ourselves, to the small and rigid box most people try to imprison love in?

“Normal” people do not own love…

…Love belongs to all of us…no matter what makes us us.

Nobody has the right to take that away from you.

Dolphin Lover – Watch the Full Documentary…

Date: January 04, 2017

01) Dolphin Lover – Watch the Full Documentary

“Watch the award winning short doc on the incredible true story of Malcolm Brenner and his summer long love affair with Dolly the dolphin.

Set in 1971 on the Southwest coast of Florida, Dolphin Lover tells the incredible true story of Malcolm Brenner, a college student who lands his first professional gig as a freelancer photographing the marine animals at Floridaland, a tourist trap disguised as a roadside amusement park. The experience would launch Malcolm’s career as a photographer and introduce him to his one true love while changing his life forever. Dolphin Lover tells the incredibly true story of Malcolm Brenner’s year-long romantic and sexual love affair with Dolly, a captive bottlenose dolphin.”

Wait a minute!…

…He claims to believe that his zoophilia came from being molested, and having something shoved up his rectum as a boy [hence finding animals a “safe repository” for his sex life]…

…But he not only wants to keep what he believes is the result of that terrible experience…he actually wants to legalize it, and proudly have it as a lifestyle, out in the open?

I know these things can be complicated…but, I’m not buying it.

This is very similar to the thing I was writing about before…where so many people believe being molested makes people gay…while at the same time, culture says gay people are so wonderful.

It’s this bizarre oxymoron of sorts…where something people find to be good is attributed to “a pedophile’s” bad behavior…Yet “the pedophile” is only reviled, and characterized in the worst ways possible…never given credit for the presumably good.

…It’s all so tragic…Yet it’s all so wonderful…all at the same time?

Beyond that quibble…this looks like an interesting enough film.

The World Will Be Fine…


Date: January 04, 2017

You saw, herd or read an opinion on the internet that upset you?…Don’t worry…

…The world will be fine.

You imagine nobody can be good who thinks that way?…Don’t worry…

…The world will be fine.

You cannot imagine how anybody could ever like such a thing?…Don’t worry…

…The world will be fine.

You believe the dominant viewpoint you subscribe to is losing traction?…Don’t worry…

…The world will be fine.

You think people you’ve never sat down to communicate with “might pose a danger”, if you open that door?…Don’t worry…

…The world will be fine.

…We’ve always had diversity of experience, outlook and liking within the human species…And how long has the human species thrived overall, in this social atmosphere?…Has the sky fallen, or the seas burned?…

…Have we honestly faced anything so horrible, as the result of being more tolerant, more supportive and more loving?…

The people who weather change best, are those who know…it is wisest not to worry and exaggerate, where it comes to our differences…So long as we understand, trust and tolerate each other…the world will be fine.


RangaMasterRace: Hatchet Piece Propaganda & Dehumanizing, Threatening, Violent Sociopathic Message…


Date: January 02, 2017

01) Virtuous Paedophiles? Not Really…RMR#6

“This is why you need to practice what you preach, because cynical arseholes like me are going to call you out on it. Like in the case of Todd Nickerson”

This guy is another “color by numbers”, tongue lasher…He hits many of the clichés, and offers nothing unique or of substance…His video is not constructive…It’s just dehumanizing…And he cannot figure out why anybody at all, would call him out on his dishonest, violent behavior.

Do notice how he’s accused a “pedophile apologist” of having some kind of superiority complex, all in the shadow of everything he has smugly spewed at MAPs…These sorts are very rarely self aware enough, to comprehend the sheer depth of their own staggering irony.

…Psssst!…RangaMasterRace!…It’s because of your brazen dishonesty, your demeaning and dehumanization of MAPs, and your thinly veiled threat to beat another human being to death, with a barbedwire baseball bat…The gun comment was crossing a line, also…Personally, I would be embarassed if anybody had to point this obvious fact out to me.

Anyone with even a modest sense of personal honesty, should be able to recognize that Todd’s “babysitting story” is something he is recalling from a more formative time in his past…Hence, it’s one thing he has built his ethics and behavior out of.

…And what did he do?…

…He became aroused in the company of a young girl…removed himself to the privacy of the bathroom, and masturbated…

…And RangaMasterRace still has something to nit pick at, despite that what Todd did was objectively not wrong.

…Todd goes on to tell how he stopped babysitting, after that…though RangaMasterRace gives no acknowledgement to this. Way to cherry pick, RangaMasterRace!

…And we have another “bullet to the head” sociopath.

In my opinion, RangaMasterRace should lose all rights to internet access, for incitement and encouragement of murder and violence.

It’s easy for outsiders to look at MAPs, and scoff when we talk about being a persecuted minority, and discriminated against…because from the privileged place they sit, they have no concept of what the life of a MAP entails…or what MAPs spend a lifetime confronting.

When you are a MAP…the world is against you, no matter what you do [or refrain from doing]…Most of us come to this realization, at a young age…early adolescence…and live the rest of our lives with it.

Pushing back is not about wanting to be elevated to sainthood, for our past suffering…

…It’s about protecting others from having to go through these same, lifelong struggles and injuries.

…And all RangaMasterRace can come up with in response, is “shoot em in the head”?

Pedophilia is a sexual orientation…It’s how many MAPs are sexually oriented, biologically…

…Just because pedophilia is inconvenient to the current social structure, that doesn’t stop it from being a sexual orientation.

Legal technicalities are legal technicalities…So what?

A lot of people will say ugly, nasty things about us…and even redefine words and concepts, so that MAPs no longer fit within them…So what?

…That does not reflect upon the natural, objective reality of the situation…

…It just means there are a lot of people suffering from cognitive dissonance…or cognitive distortion…or they are malicious, habitual liars…

…To be fair…a vast many of you haven’t the first clue what you’re even talking about…and you’re just a sea of unknowing people, endlessly repeating each other…So, there is that possibility, also.

Biological age [or age difference] does not stop how you are sexually oriented…nor does it invalidate the orientation…It’s still how one is sexually oriented…hence the term “sexual orientation”.

RangaMasterRace is trying to employ the exact same tactic I’ve discussed here, a number of times…

…He’s trying to claim that MAPs cannot use objectively correct terminologies to describe themselves, because only the socially protected groups are allowed to use those…He doesn’t want us to have recognized social standing…and certainly not to be a protected group…[then he’d not have MAPs to look down upon, abuse and threaten]…

“Pedophilia is a mental disorder.”

Well…good luck with actually proving that…because it’s based on nothing more than popular culture bias…

…If homosexuals are just fine to you, today…well, guess what…they were “mentally ill” a handful of decades back…It’s a disgustingly subjective matter, RangaMasterRace.

The way MAPs are maltreated today, is far more about politics, social control and fear of “the other”, than it has ever been about combating danger towards children.

Oh…by the way RangaMasterRace…I took a copy of your violent, abusive smear video, for archival.

Inside The Life Of A ‘Virtuous’ Paedophile

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


Why Is the Government Telling Us How to Raise Our Kids?…

Date: January 02, 2017

01) Why Is the Government Telling Us How to Raise Our Kids?

“Proposed Bill Would Expand Parents’ Rights, but Critics Say It Goes Too Far.” What exactly is too far when it comes to parents’ rights? In the case of this story from Fort Worth, Texas, it means that “critics” think parents shouldn’t have the right to know what their children are doing at school. Opposing this belief is Texas state senator Konni Burton, who authored the legislation. She believes that parents should be allowed access to their kids’ personal information, rather than protecting their child’s alleged right to privacy.

The fact that legislation is necessary to correct the imbalance between parents’ rights and the separate, independent rights of their minor children is one of the defining characteristics of our current age, one in which the government at all levels has become involved in the private lives of families, dictating child-rearing standards and penalizing parents who do not follow the rules.”

How much right to their own privacy do children have?

I don’t claim to have a solid answer to this question…But I would hope this right would be recognized, to the greatest extent affordable, given whatever circumstances exist.

Heart Progress – Our Mission: Fight for LGBTQP+ Rights!…

Date: January 01, 2017

01) Heart Progress – Our Mission: Fight for LGBTQP+ Rights!

“Together we can fight for a better tomorrow. One where pedosexuals, homosexuals, and many other genders can live in a society where they can be themselves and are protected from bigotry, racism, and xenophobia.

To begin the first step towards this kind of society, join Heart Progress today!