Date: June 06, 2018

01) PEDOPHILE for CONGRESS: Nathan Larson – The Pedo Files 6 – POD AWFUL PODCAST

“Nathan Larson is pro-rape, pro-incest, pro-incel, pro-pedophilia, pro-misogyny, and pro-Hitler… AND HE’S RUNNING FOR CONGRESS! Jesse interviews him for the full hour, to reveal the man behind the monster, uncover the lies the the Huffington Post might have told in their article about him, and find out if he is truly autistic, or just trolling. This is REAL LIBERTARIANISM™.”

Doesn’t sound like he really has much…gusto…or well thought out strategy…or much of a clear message…

I have a hard time seeing this interview, as being little more than a disaster…I have to be honest about that.

There are several questions…I don’t know that I want to say, I would not have dignified them with a response…so much as I would not have simply rolled with them, like that.

You have to have a plan, and set tactics, when you do media.

There were some teaching moments in there, if only Nathan had seized on them…

Candace Owens Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About…

Date: June 05, 2018

01) Candace Owens Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About






Rising Conservative Hero Candace Owens is Stunningly Ignorant:

Supreme Court Deals Blow To Abortion & LGBT Community…

Date: June 05, 2018

01) BREAKING: Supreme Court Deals Blow To Abortion & LGBT Community



A Child in the Crowd [1976]…


Date: June 05, 2018

01) Un Enfant Dans La Foule 1976 – A Child in the Crowd – Un niño en la multitud

“A Child in the Crowd (French: Un enfant dans la foule) is a 1976 French drama film directed by Gérard Blain. It was entered into the 1976 Cannes Film Festival.

The historical setting of the liberation of Paris provides a fortuitously excellent dramatic background to what one might expect from the foregoing to be a steamily sensational story, but is instead something much greater: a heart-wrenching story of an eminently lovable boy’s unsuccessful quest for love, told with unfailing tenderness and honesty.”

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