Rage and Funyuns (TTA Podcast 343)…


Date: September 28, 2017

01) Rage and Funyuns (TTA Podcast 343)

“Seth Andrews mixes frustration and food in this (unscripted) broadcast about life, religion, activism, faith, and yes…Funyuns. Enjoy!”

I didn’t realize Seth had reached this point…He’s a new personality to me, so I don’t know much about him. If he’s been doing this for seven years, yeah…people commonly reach a point, where it’s not fun, inspired or meaningful, anymore…on a personal level, anyway.

I’ve seen this happen to other atheists [podcasting atheist, even]…I’ve seen it happen with lots of MAPs…Heck, I’ve seen it happen with various “normal” YouTubers, who get tired of keeping up their channel projects.

In roughly a year, I’ll be marking my twenty year anniversary for being online…I’ve floated through various internet communities…And people arrive…they rise to prominence…they stay at the forefront for maybe a handful of years…and then they typically fade into the background…maybe they entirely leave…

I think it’s pretty much normal.

I’ve been active in some capacity, for almost twenty years…I’ve cycled through a lot of psychological states…over and over and over…I’ve had to step away, and leave for a time…I’ve had to shift gears, and remake myself…There have been times, where I’ve thought “I can’t go on”…

…I don’t even know how I’ve managed to still be around…nor how I’m garnering more attention today, than I ever have in the past 19 years…

…I guess I have a world class stubborn streak…And what I do, is a massive part of how I cope with this world around me…It’s stopped me from just losing it, and spiraling down…on well more than one occasion.

…I gain as much as I give…maybe more.

I think…the frustrations over not really seeing much concrete change, is very easy to get pulled down by…Which is why they always say…stay focused on your goals…Know why what you’re doing need to be done, and keep doing it for those reasons…

…It doesn’t matter how many people want to spit in my face…

…It’s the people whose faces are spit at, that I care about…And I already know, that I’ve made an impact on that front…over many, many years…and many people.

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What is your Hogwarts House?…


Date: September 28, 2017

01) What is your Hogwarts House?

“You believe above all in the importance of wisdom, which is why you undoubtedly belong in Ravenclaw, but your sense of adventure means you may also have an affinity for Gryffindor house. You are a thrill-seeker – you love to travel and there’s nothing more exciting to you than new experiences – and believe that adventure is essential in the pursuit of knowledge. You are brave, but would never intentionally put yourself in danger, placing you firmly in Ravenclaw.

Your slight compatibility with Hufflepuff house suggests a deep love and appreciation for those close to you, which you may keep hidden for fear of being hurt.”

I’m most familiar with the movies…and I’m slowly moving my way through the books…Very slowly…

…So, I don’t really know a whole lot about the two, lesser featured houses…Though I do have this vague memory, of reading an official summary on each house…probably at Pottermore

I do think Ravenclaw sounds really cool, at any rate…I could see myself under that title.

Apparently, “wisdom” is the prime trait…

…That makes sense.

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The Red Herring of ‘Special Rights’…


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Date: September 27, 2017

01) The consequences of homosexual marriage

This video is from 2013, before changes in U.S. law were made.

It’s instructive to dissect, how people like Bill think and speak.

The ignorance here is staggering…

…He keeps using the term “special rights”…

Anyone with half a clue, already knows that nothing about “gay marriage” or “homosexual adoption” constitutes a “special right”.

“Special right” implies that nobody else has these rights.

Where it comes to marriage and adoption, it is clearly absurd to imply that nobody but homosexuals have a right to get married, or adopt children.

The changes in law made it clear, that nobody would be denied equality to these rights for being homosexual…The law imposed some degree of equality, in these rights…That’s all they did.

…And, no…Being treated equally in the eyes of the law, is not a “special right” either.

All this guy is really talking about…is how intolerant people like himself, are going to have to live in a world…where things are happening outside of their control, which they don’t like.

He even references “imposed obligations” of others in the culture, who now have to recognize equality under the law.

…It seems, Bill thinks people like himself have the “special right”, to strip and deny other people of their own legal rights.

Sorry, Bill…That “special right” doesn’t exist, either.

Heck…even MAPs have both of these rights [right along side the right to reproduce, and raise their own children], by default…and nobody will challenge them, so long as MAPs live deeply in the closet…

If you want to play pretend that you are “the normal heterosexual”…you can adopt children…and get married, at least to someone of the opposite sex, who’s a legal adult…

…But, why would you force someone to do that?…Why would you want someone to live, in a way that is unnatural to them?…Why would you impose on them, a life of chronic conflict and dissatisfaction?…

…You’re just setting them up, for a major meltdown in life…And those meltdowns in life, have a way of negatively impacting other people in the general vicinity.

It is of benefit to all of us, to avoid these life meltdowns…isn’t it?

You’re threatening people with losing their legal rights, should they reveal themselves [or be revealed] as anything other than “normal heterosexual”…

…Which for adoption, poses the curious question…

…How do you stop a homosexual or MAP from adopting children, when they’re married to someone of the opposite sex, and not outwardly admitting to being homosexual or a MAP?

You really cant…

…Such prohibitions are ridiculous and monstrous, anyway.

Bill’s Examples of Hardship on “Normal” People:

– Not being able to successfully report a gay pride parade to the police?…Being told it’s hate speech…

It’s ridiculous to report a gay pride parade to the police…even if they are wearing skimpy clothing.

– Street preacher cant talk trash about sexual minorities, without evoking some kind of trouble…

…I will say, though…It is unacceptable, that governments can fine or incarcerate people for doing this.

…But “judging people by the bible”, is a form of social trash talking…Sorry, if you disagree…but, it honestly is…particularly if you intend on imposing public shaming, or any type of consequence on another person.

– A college student who disapproves of homosexuality, is expected to behave within a certain standard, where it comes to her interactions with homosexuals and their supporters…

The college has every right to make certain their students fully understand college policy…And that they behave accordingly, and civilized, while on college campus.

– Anti homosexual U.K. couple is barred from fostering or adopting children…

Some of these sorts get particularly nasty and insane, when imposing their views or will on the children in their custody.

…Bill offers us no details.

– Army chaplains cannot use “religious conscience” objection, to sidestep their obligation of serving homosexual service members.

That’s pretty straight forward, honestly…and it’s a correct decision. If they don’t want to perform their military duties, then they should not be in that position.

– High school teacher criticizing gay marriage.

The guy has a hostage audience, and made disparaging comments regarding a social issue…in a setting where he really has no business doing that.

If people want to seek out his guidance on such issues…let them do it outside of mandatory school time.

Okay…I’m aborting at this point:

These given examples are poor…and I had no intention of being dragged down a long list of poor examples, giving response to each…

…I don’t expect the quality of the complaints to get any better…

Bill keeps on claiming that this is all oppression, due to people’s views on homosexuality…

…When in reality, these are all consequences of people either doing ridiculous things because they don’t like homosexuals…or failing to conduct themselves properly, in their contractual positions of service, community, etc…

Let’s be real…

…You can try to isolate yourself from everyone you don’t like in this world…You can act aggressively, dismissive and harmful towards such people…

…But when you do…the problem is you.

You don’t own this world…nor do you get to decide who belongs here, and who does not.


Viamund the Boylove Vampyre Says…

Date: September 27, 2017

01) Viamund the Boylove Vampyre Says… [$12.99]

02) E-Book Version [$3.45]

“Viamund the Boy-Love Vampyre Says…. Is a combination of pictures, poetry & haiku’s presented as a meager work in quantity that was years in the making and is meant to be construed as a soft voice where there are none; without the intention to offend but to be heard. To help blur those barriers that surround a misunderstood stigmata. The use of raw, un-tempered, often brutal images of word convey the thoughts of the lonely, socially-isolated individuals who are held primarily in contempt; nonetheless existing on the sexual fringe.. It’s purpose is to convey the state of those who are subject to the machinations of the political clockwork as it relates to the categorization and alienating of all sexual minorities in North America – if indeed the world. – To provide vision to those who appreciate the differences that are humanity.”

Originally from May of 2007…I don’t remember where I posted this…potentially on Amazon.com…

I was incensed at the way this book was being treated in the ratings, comments and reviews section…It was little more than a bunch of A-Holes, showing up to give the book one star, and leave vulgar, abusive comments against the author and his book.

There was quite a bit of “feedback”…but virtually none of it was valid…There was only one or two actual book reviews [what the comment and review section is for]…Everything else was just unrestrained bile.

Irony of ironies…This book of poetry got unjustly black listed by Amazon.com…Yet all these acts of abuse, threat and clear sabotage were allowed to stand, while the book was still listed and available for purchase.

Amazon.com does little to nothing, to combat false, malicious book reviews.

This is just one of the countless double standards, which BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers face in this world.

To the people throwing a fit…

I am curious…

…All this talk of “child pornography”, and going on as though this is absolutely dangerous material, for anyone to read (or even think about?)…

…but, who among you has actually read the book in question?

Who can confirm its’ contents?

Are your reactions here, based upon sound knowledge, or knee jerk hysterics?

In this modern time, the latter is far more common than the former, when this topic comes up.

This type of material, typically gets lied about, and dragged through the mud, politically, simply to satisfy a sense of urgency, caused by social panic.

It pains me to see people attack it, merely because of the topic, and their own preconceived notions about, “what it must be saying”…and what it’s distribution “must be causing”.

Why don’t you actually buy it, read it and know its’ contents, before you judge it?

Concrete Tent – I Didn’t Know That…


Date: September 26, 2017

01) Concrete Tent – I Didn’t Know That

“Watch Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips quickly construct a building made of concrete canvas material that has all the elements of concrete, but is flexible enough to be turned into any shape. This technology allows people to erect permanent structures in a fraction of the time needed for traditional building techniques.”

Concrete Canvas Shelters ’09:

Modern Industry & Tech – Concrete Cloth & Concrete Canvas Shelter:

“In this video compilation are presented some of the possibilities for civilian and military use of UK-based company Concrete Canvas main products based on technology which holds company name, concrete in easy to operate canvas like form factor which allows easy transportation, manipulation, and assembly of a concrete with increased durability (for given thickness) allowing work in remote areas and reducing time necessary for some specific construction jobs by a value, that can fully compensate for a higher cost of this alternative material by man hours and logistics which will be otherwise needed to be paid, if old concrete deployment methods were chosen instead.

Especially interesting are Concrete Canvas technology solutions for military and agencies dealing with various natural or man-made disasters, where the need for building infrastructure and housing at shortest possible notice is of the essence in order to allow logistic chain flow and civilians or soldiers in need for insulated shelter to survive until more time-consuming infrastructure is built or evacuation is arranged.

Concrete Canvas Shelter has also some potential to become the poor-mans castle for persons and their families that lost their homes, and/or waiting for their re-/construction after natural disasters like tornados even in developed countries as the shelter can be later used among other things as the cold place for food storage.
Other examples may be possible if shelter becomes adequately reinforced and buried underground with some pillars to take a weight of the earth above to serve as a storm shelter which when properly insulated with a chimney for a ventilation coupled to NBC filter can take role of “all kinds of disasters bunker” for a prepper folks on the budget….

For more info and technical specifications check Concrete Canvas homepage: http://www.concretecanvas.com/


Human-Trafficking Arrests Are Very Rare in Most States…

Date: September 25, 2017

01) Human-Trafficking Arrests Are Very Rare in Most States

“The exceptions in 2016 were Minnesota and Texas, according to newly released FBI data.

Human trafficking arrests are almost nonexistent in most states, according to the FBI’s newly released U.S. crime statistics for 2016.

Part of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) project, the new data on sex and labor trafficking shows that arrests for either offense are rare and that many suspected incidents of trafficking did not ultimately yield results.


Overall, the data do little to support the idea that the U.S. is experiencing unprecedented levels of labor and sex trafficking or that we are in the midst of some sort of “modern slavery” epidemic. This is probably why you don’t see UCR trafficking statistics quoted in congressional reports, “awareness” materials, or law enforcement statements to the media on the topic. Instead, you’ll see National Human Trafficking Hotline numbers—It’s gotten hundreds of thousands of calls since its launch! The number of “cases reported” is skyrocketing each year!—without anyone mentioning that “cases” here means any call, text, or message to the hotline that isn’t an immediate hang-up (many “cases” are simple requests for more information, and even those with “tips” about trafficking are entirely unconfirmed). Meanwhile, the year-over-year increase in calls directly coincides to a spike in new state laws that require the hotline number to be posted all over the place.”

People who lack the benefit of a long view going back almost two decades [or more] on these topics, often wonder why I’ve been out here for so many years, calling out the unsubstantiated bullshit…

…And it’s precisely because of the persistent, cyclical nature of social paranoia, and social hysteria…and the endless social gossip chain, which runs rampant with unsubstantiated stories and “facts”…

How many times have we [those of us who’ve actually been paying attention] been forced to come to the conclusion, that the statistics and facts don’t support what most people are saying and spreading about?

…How many times have we seen special interest [even government] groups cherry picking statistics, surveys and studies, while coyly ignoring what doesn’t fit their existing social narrative?

How many times have we seen these kinds of exposure articles, which lay the facts out for anyone to comprehend…while the majority of people ignore them?


…We see, yet, still, endlessly, again…the sound facts do not resemble, the claims of the uninformed.

Sex trafficking [aka sex slavery] is barely even existent, in the United States…

…But, people are obsessed with the urban legend of it all…and imagine it’s rampant…Therefor, we are trapped in a world of extreme rules and phobias, built around statistically false “dangers”.

This is the danger, of an uninformed and ignorant society.

This Is Sex…

Date: September 25, 2017

01) CNN: This Is Sex with Lisa Ling

“As the mother of two little girls, one of whom is 4 years old and constantly asking about how Mommy and Daddy made her, I know that I don’t want to impart fear and shame onto my daughters when it comes to sex. I want them, one day, to be able to enjoy it, while knowing that not being careful and communicative can have dangerous emotional and physical consequences.”

Sex education in high school.

Not saying I agree with everything presented here…but, it’s interesting because of the uproar it’s causing…

…for having the audacity to cover such topics as anal sex.

You want something to get offended over?…consider this…

…When I went through the brief and barren phase of “sex education” offered through my religious school…I don’t even recollect a competent explanation of “penis in vagina” mating, between humans…There may have been a tiny blurb thrown in there, before they brought it to a close and slammed the door shut on it [literally, forever]…but I don’t actually recall it.

No…I got treated to a long essay on how whales in the ocean make babies…As if a massive, protracting penis, under water, in the middle of the ocean, does a whole lot of good for clarity…

…What?…did they expect me to start having sex with ocean whales?

One could almost read promotion of zoophilia into this practice.

I was floored, when I saw the sex education text books, that my cousins got to learn from…They were a lot like porno magazines.

My younger cousin once lied to me, and even claimed that they allowed them to have sex with sex dolls, in the class…

…I didn’t believe him, though.

Many of the people so up in arms, about coherent and real information about sex being presented to teenagers…imagine that the insane religious crap I got served up as a teen, is acceptable…or at least preferable, to competent sex education [the kind that could actually help their lives].

What’s so sad…is that I was having regular, frequent, amazing sexual experiences, at least a couple of years before I even got this laughable ridiculousness dumped in front of me.

By twelve or thirteen…I probably could have taught the arrogant people trying to “teach me”, a thing or two about sex.

I’m just amazed at the saturation of ignorance that exists…

…I still remember the talks dad had with me in the car, on our way to and from wherever…

…It’s very awkward, when someone is trying to tell you something which they imagine is a revelation to you…And you’re setting there, knowing that you have a substantial sexual history already behind you…which you’re never going to tell them about…It’s all so ridiculously redundant.

…Why was the social atmosphere such, that nobody could honestly talk about the truth, and what was happening?

…That probably would have actually been useful.

Sexual relationship at 11 years: Pontoise prosecution does not prosecute for rape…

Date: September 25, 2017

01) Relation sexuelle à 11 ans: le parquet de Pontoise ne poursuit pas pour viol

You need an account to read the full article…But what is freely available, is worth note.

“In the Val-d’Oise, an 11-year-old had sexual intercourse with a 28-year-old stranger. She followed him, then went through the act without protest, which made the prosecution say she was willing. On Tuesday, the man will be tried for “sexual interference”, not for rape. A French specificity.

On April 24, 2017, Sarah, aged 11, enrolled in a sixth grade in Val-d’Oise, agreed to follow a 28-year-old man who approached her in a square. He leads her to a building where they will have two sexual relations, the first in the stairwell, the second in an apartment. These facts are not disputed. But it is the way in which they must be qualified. The individual will be tried on Tuesday 26 September in Pontoise for “sexual abuse of a minor of 15 years”, despite the complaint of “rape” that had been filed. The public prosecutor considers that Sarah was willing. Despite his very young age.”

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