Don’t You Care It’s Been Proven, Sex Releases Chemicals Into A Child/Youth’s Body, Which Causes Damage to the Child/Youth’s Developing Body?…


Date: February 04, 2019

“Don’t You Care It’s Been Proven, Sex Releases Chemicals Into A Child/Youth’s Body, Which Causes Damage to the Child/Youth’s Developing Body?”

This is one of the newer claims being pushed, by people searching for their “holy grail” of condemning early life sexuality…or, strangely…intergenerational, sexual relationships…They seem to be mostly obsessed with the latter, while private and “age mate” sexual experiences are accepted as normal and healthy…[Answer that puzzle for me, please, all of you “know it all”s out there]…

Where it comes to demonized, politically volatile issues such as early life human sexuality…fields of research such as this, have given us absolutely no reason to trust them…

…In fact…just the opposite is true…and there needs to be a massive house cleaning, in this field of research.

So…we know without question…we cannot even trust them to get basic, “No Duh!”, common sense facts straight about sexual relations during childhood…We know that they actively conceal and mislead, where it comes to representing these things…We know they are, effectively, an enforcement
arm of the government…and that they are overwhelmingly pushing an agenda, of stern, social conformity…

…Are we supposed to be shocked, when they ignore the masses of people who’ve had lots of sexual relations, or even just masturbated like utter hell, during their childhood and teen years, who all turned out just fine…and pull this “chemically stunted development” B.S. out of their own rear ends?

You want me to give even the slightest of credence to this obvious flimflam?…

The field of research needs to be flushed of it’s dogmatic malcontents…

…Then, the question at hand needs to be vigorously tested and studied…

…Then, if any substantiation is found…it needs to be determined how, if at all, this affects sexual content in reasonable moderation…

…It also needs to be established, by what path children and teens who masturbate regularly [sometimes more than once a day], are immune to this alleged “chemical damage”…and why they are not far more concerned about that method of releasing these sex chemicals into the body, as it is clearly far more common and prevalent.

You see…people [including “the professionals”] run into a problem, when they start trying to pass this stuff off in front of people like me…Because I am not inexperienced…I am not uneducated…I am not uninformed…I am not stupid…and I recognize their glaring double standards.

This supposed “sex chemical damage” is just another one of their instances, of language and psychological manipulation.

Don’t fall for it…It’s an absurdity, on it’s face.


Leftist Celebrities And Media Face MASSIVE Covington Lawsuit…

Date: February 03, 2019

01) Leftist Celebrities And Media Face MASSIVE Covington Lawsuit

“Leftist Media And Celebrities Face MASSIVE Covington Catholic High School Lawsuit. The lawyers representing Nick Sandmann have sent over 50 letters as the first step in libel and defamation cases in the MAGA hat / MAGA Teen incident in Washington DC.

Many leftist and far left personalities produced false statements or encouraged people to harass the Covington Catholic High school students following their incident with Nathan Phillips, the native american who lied about what happened in DC. These individuals can expect letters as well as major news outlets.

The media uncritically parroted activist rhetoric and falsehoods and will now face the repercussions of publishing fake news.


I think this could set a very good precedent.

New Mexico Lawmakers Weighing Physician-Assisted Death Bill…


Date: February 03, 2019

01) New Mexico Lawmakers Weighing Physician-Assisted Death Bill

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“New Mexico could become the eighth state to allow physician-assisted death for the terminally ill, as lawmakers consider an aid-in-dying bill.

About 20 years ago, a similar law went into effect in Oregon. At the time, University of New Mexico School of Law professor Robert Schwartz was concerned with the bill’s ethics and gray areas.

“I was concerned about how they would play out,” Schwartz tells Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd. “But we have many years of experience — now 20 years in Oregon, many years in Washington, now some years in California and elsewhere, eight jurisdictions that allow aid in dying — and we can see that none of these worries have in fact come to fruition.”

Many of the worries now, he says, aren’t being based in fact. While it was wise to move slowly to implement the law in Oregon when it was first introduced, gathering data along the way, Schwartz says lawmakers should be obliged to use that data now in New Mexico.

“We can see that we really just haven’t had the problems that some thought would come with [an] aid in dying statute,” he says.”


Free 2019 Calendars – Printable PDF Templates…

Frontier Tool Shed

Date: February 03, 2019

01) 2019 calendars as free printable PDF templates in 17 layouts

“Multi-purpose PDF calendars 2019 for the United States – practical, versatile and free to download and print. These templates are suitable for a great variety of uses: holiday planner, trip planner, journey planner, travel planner, yearly overview, yearly planner, company calendar, office planner, holiday calendar, school calendar, college calendar, university planner, annual holiday chart and leave planner, attendance calendar, shift calendar, shift planner, yearly calendar, custom calendar, family planner, period calculator, ovulation calculator, pregnancy calendar, simple project management tool, team collaboration tool, EMM, ERP, SCM, PLM, CRM, HR, reporting, to do list, task management, appointment calendar, appointment planner, desktop calendar, wall calendar, wall planer, blank calendar, as time sheet, time management tool or time tracking software, for process management, process optimization, help desk administration, business administration, business intelligence and analytics, automation, forecasting, finance, accounting, financial planning, tax planning, sales & marketing, customer service, customer relationship management, process & supply chain management, data analysis, availability and booking, as pocket calendar, advertising calendar, community calendar, staff planner, employee scheduler, employee absence tracker, people planner, vacation planner, annual journal, events planner, scheduler, shared scheduling, date calculator, yearly record, work schedule, wedding planner, fiscal year planner, register or report and many more…”

Well…shame on me, for being so late on posting this…but, it’s still a very young year…So…Better late than never.

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Masturbation Cannot Cause Erectile Dysfunction…


Date: February 03, 2019

01) Can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

“No, masturbation cannot cause ED — it is a myth.

Masturbation is natural and does not affect the quality or frequency of erections.

Research shows that masturbation is very common across all ages. Approximately 74 percent of males reported masturbating, compared to 48.1 percent of females.

Masturbation even has health benefits. According to Planned Parenthood, masturbation can help release tension, reduce stress, and aid sleep.

A person may not be able to get an erection soon after masturbating. This is called the male refractory period and is not the same as ED. A male refractory period is the recovery time before a man will be able to get an erection again after ejaculating.”

At times like these…I’m reminded of the old ribbing everybody gave to a boy [even from other boys], that “if you don’t leave it alone for a while, you’re going to end up tearing it off!”…

…I expect that could cause some form of erectile dysfunction…

…Not that I’ve ever seen any credible display, of this actually happening.

…I should hope, that it never has!


Executions (1995)…


Date: February 03, 2019

01) Executions (1995)

“Executions” is a documentary showing real footage of the many different methods humanity has used through-out history for capital punishment. During the film, the makers point out how unjustifiable the death penalty is in every situation, so they do take a staunch stance against what they’re presenting. Footage from live executions are shown in detail. —Kerryn Wedgwood”

This is extremely graphic…So, watch at your own discretion.

…It’s an important documentary to watch, however.