DOJ, FBI Executives Approved Running a Child Porn Site…


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Date: June 29, 2017

01) DOJ, FBI Executives Approved Running a Child Porn Site

“The FBI decision to briefly run a large dark web child pornography site was done in close consultation with the Department of Justice, and was approved by executives from both agencies, according to a court transcript reviewed by Motherboard.

Defense lawyers have claimed that in operating a child porn website, the FBI itself distributed illegal material, and critics have pointed to the ethical issues around running such an operation. That higher levels of the FBI and Department of Justice were involved in the decision to proceed with the sting may not be surprising, but the transcript shows that the FBI’s move was deliberate and ultimately seen as appropriate by the agencies.

“It was done with the approval of executives in both the FBI and the Department of Justice,” FBI Special Agent Daniel Alfin, who worked on the investigation dubbed Operation Pacifier, said during an evidentiary hearing late last year, according to the transcript.

The transcript relates to the FBI’s investigation of Playpen, which was at one point the largest child pornography site on the dark web. In February 2015, the FBI seized the site, but instead of shutting it down, decided to run it from a government facility for 13 days.”

“Do as I say!…Not as I do!”

There is no true rule of law, where the people who claim to enforce the law, enjoy living above [outside the reach of] that very same law.

…This is legal anarchy…it is justice anarchy…it is anarchy, on the back of identity politics…

You want to know why I am so disgusted with the USA?…

…It’s because those with power, do anything they please…even when it’s the literal, exact same thing that could get a “nobody” like me, thrown into prison for the rest of his life…

…But they have their magic excuses to hide behind…to shelter them from all consequence.

The people allegedly keeping the justice, are the filthiest criminals of them all.

That is reality…

…So much of what is believed to be true…is not even true.

I am a far better quality of human being, than the people of the FBI ever will be.

…They are not heroes…they are Judas.

Peter Hooper gives his comment.

Thank you, Peter, for sharing this with me.


HyperNormalisation and Gaming…


Date: June 27, 2017

01) HyperNormalisation and Gaming

“Hypernormalisation and Gaming

We see this method throughout our history. Tiny changes justified which take away from us to give to those who are supposed to serve. When my trance had been broken, and I started to look at the world through a critical eye, I started to see the lies we were being told and sold.

It was crazy to me what we had come to accept in life. That the rich are allowed to get richer while the poor become poorer. Christians who believed in charity would vote for those who vow to get rid of welfare programs. That we would live in places where smog hangs over our heads and chokes us in our sleep and deny that pollution is a problem we should curb.

The effect seemed to be that while we would fight for a while for what we believed to be right:

in time we would give up as apathy would set in, or another tragedy would happen just in time to take our attention away from what was important to us just days ago. The will to fight wanes due to the fact that even terrifying truths can be seen as normal through time and exposure.

I saw all of this through those new eyes.”


Jane Sanders Confronts Wolf Blitzer Over CNN & Media’s Bias…

Date: June 27, 2017

01) Jane Sanders Confronts Wolf Blitzer Over CNN & Media’s Bias

“Since the Virginia attack took place, the media has rushed to pin blame on Bernie Sanders and progressives. For example, CNN has been pushing the narrative that Bernie Sanders’ rhetoric may be inadvertently inciting violence against Republicans. In an interview with Jane Sanders, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked whether Bernie was to blame for the attack in Virginia, and she quickly confronted him over his—as well as the aggregate media’s—bias. In this segment we discuss the clip in question and also profile the media’s bias with respect to sensationalism and he-said-she-said politics.”

Elizabeth Warren & Jeff Merkley Come Out Swinging for Single-Payer Healthcare…

Date: June 27, 2017

01) Elizabeth Warren & Jeff Merkley Come Out Swinging for Single-Payer Healthcare

“Published on Jun 26, 2017

The most effective way to challenge Republicans on their atrocious healthcare proposal is to counter with single-payer. It’s a way to garner public support and get the American people on your side; however, Senate Democrats have been reluctant to do so seeing that they’re influenced and bankrolled by the health insurance industry. Two progressives senators are finally living up to their ‘progressive’ titles: Elizabeth Warren and Jeff Merkley. They recently came out swinging for single-payer, which is a HUGE victory for progressives!”

Bernie & Elizabeth Discuss the Republican Healthcare Bill (Full Clip):

How Zoology Disproves Noahs Flood…


Date: June 27, 2017

01) How Zoology Disproves Noahs Flood

“This is part of a series of videos explaining how different fields of study refute the Noachian deluge. This fifth episode deals with the numerous issues associated with assembling all the animals that have ever lived and holding them in a stone age box for a year.”

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Date: June 26, 2017

01) Maker Studios Is Shutting Down Blip Next Month

“July 20, 2015:

Disney-owned Maker Studios will shut down its web video portal Blip next month. Blip informed its users Monday that it will shut down on August 20, and encouraged them to export their videos.

Founded in 2005, Blip was a pioneering online video site that was home to many of the first video bloggers. Blip initially pitched itself as a more community-focused alternative to YouTube, and at one point had around 900,000 video publishers on its platform.”

I just became aware of the fate of, while reposting some of my 2009 Baywords posts [a process I’m chipping away at]…

I did not know that was entirely shut down.

During that time period [2009-ish], was to me, what Vimeo is to me now…an important, second media base, to act as an alternative to YouTube [where censorship has become next to intolerable]. was a good service…I liked it there…My account was probably three or four years old, when they decided to haphazardly stop serving a large chunk of their user base…and they started pruning away accounts that “weren’t professionally produced”.

I never understood why they closed down accounts, as opposed to disabling the video upload [etc.] feature…It forced you to lose everything, including subscriptions to channels you were keeping track of.

This alienated a lot of’s user base, and I’m sure caused a lot of bad will.

Very, very bad misstep on their part…and they apparently never recovered…being left easy pickings, for a larger corporation to snatch up and devour, however it pleased.

In some ways…I’m sad about this… was a good service, originally…And I’d like to still be able to embed [or at least share] their videos on my blog…But, bad decisions ran into the ground.

YouTube needs one hell of a lot more serious competition [and we, the people, need a lot more options]…which is why this type of thing is so depressing to see.