Louis CK Accused Of Séxüal Misconduct (He Responds At The End)…

Date: November 13, 2017

01) Louis CK Accused Of Séxüal Misconduct (He Responds At The End)

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It’s possible Louis CK is an exhibitionist…But, yes…it likely is a thing, that some people get off on shocking other people.

…Just like some people get off on aggressively forcing people to be involved, specifically when those other people don’t want to participate.

One of the problems, is that so many people don’t understand the nuance in human sexuality…and they think that just because certain power imbalances might exist, somehow this means the power imbalance, itself, and the potential to abuse another person, are the sexual turn on.

A genuine sexual magnetism can exist, without it having any care about power differences.

Verizon & Comcast Urge FCC to Block States From Passing Net Neutrality Laws…

Date: November 13, 2017

01) Verizon & Comcast Urge FCC to Block States From Passing Net Neutrality Laws

“Knowing that states will most likely respond to the FCC’s upcoming vote to rollback Title II net neutrality protections by passing their own laws, Comcast and Verizon are preemptively urging the FCC to keep states from doing just that. It’s a complete corporate takeover of the internet in America that Chairman Ajit Pai is enthusiastically championing.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/11/06/how-verizon-and-comcast-are-working-to-ensure-states-dont-pass-their-own-net-neutrality-bills/

What Tom Hanks has to say about the Weinstein scandal…

Date: November 13, 2017

01) What Tom Hanks has to say about the Weinstein scandal

“In an interview with PBS NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown about his new book of short stories “Uncommon Type,” and his work, actor Tom Hanks also addressed the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

He said that kind of behavior is happening in “every other corner” of his industry, and many other industries across America, particularly by people in positions of power. But the Weinstein allegations represent a tipping point for Hollywood, he said.

“The dam has burst here in a big way, and it is not just the halls of places like Harvey Weinstein’s office where this was standard operating procedure,” he said. “Don’t be surprised if, you know, there’s going to be a sign in front of every one of the studio gates that will say, ‘all people entering this studio will obey this code of ethics, or they will be escorted from the premises,’ and that will all be about sexual harassment, and sexual predatory behavior.”

Red Pill Black and Blaire White Talk Social Autopsy and Much More (Live Debate)…

Date: November 11, 2017

01) Red Pill Black and Blaire White Talk Social Autopsy and Much More (Live Debate)

“Candace Owens (Red Pill Black) and Blaire White join Dave for a heated debate about the recent controversy surrounding Candace’s website ‘Social Autopsy.’ “

Watch as much as you can take of it…but know, once you get fifteen minutes in…you’ve got a sound idea of how things flow from then on.

Well…okay…The last ten minutes of Q&A, are actually what this should have been…It’s a weak bit of redemption…I expect most people stopped watching, at least an hour before this point in the video.

a) Candice needs to stop relentlessly monopolizing the “debate”, and relentlessly evading the questions, with constant interruption and talking over everybody with an endless wall of words.

b) Candice needs to answer straight forward questions, with straight forward answers.

c) Candice needs to stop being so hyper and hostile, in a setting which is supposed to be a structured debate…Her behavior has destroyed not only all possibility of debate, but any chance at dialogue. This is not the kind of behavior I’d expect, coming from someone with goodwill intent. It’s deflection and derailing.

d) Dave is straining to maintain control…and it looks like he nearly has to “pull teeth”, just to get what meager crumbs of consensus out of this mess that he can decipher.

…What a mess.

I would have liked some clear answers, to what few questions actually got through all of the motor mouth noise of Candice…But even those responses are dodgy…they’re denials…but unclear…and they make Candice look like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about…[a point she finally admits to, regarding a few things, very late into the video]…

It seems her defense, is that she never intended for “Social Autopsy” to be used as a doxing website…even though it was an aggregator, for bringing together a curious collection of people’s identifying information [where they presumably would not want it, and may reasonably feel threatened by it], including that involving their financial livelihood…Why, exactly, does anyone need to know where a person works?…Why put something like that out there, when you know the internet is rife with people who would abuse it?

She also claims that everything collected is already available on the internet…but doesn’t address that the “Social Autopsy” website was designed and promoted, as a place where the outed targets own friends and workmates, can nark on them…This does not require that the outed person have any of their own personal, self identifying information online, anywhere.

Candice continues to refuse acknowledging “Social Autopsy” to have been a doxing website…despite that, functionally, that is exactly the purpose it would have served…Whether the consequences were dire to anyone doxed, or not…that’s exactly what it would have been…no matter how much Candice wants to dodge the question.

Candice claims to have pulled the plug on “Social Autopsy”, because she came to realize how it might be abused…Though, it seems she was still vigorously defending it when it’s funding campaign got killed by the website hosting it…Both the development of “Social Autopsy”, and signs of life on her “Degree180” website [seemingly, a kind of web magazine, which little more than got off the ground…it’s first published item being in mid 2015…it’s last in late 2016.], curiously came to a screeching halt…Did she not have the money to pay her editor and writers?

I don’t see what the big deal is, in conceding to the things people are saying about “Social Autopsy”…especially if Candice wants to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

The fact that she refuses to do so, and employs these tactics, is a bizarre way to get beyond all the controversy and move forward…She’s really crippling herself, here.

You want to know why I don’t do live media, or even just previously recorded media with other people?…This “debate” is one example why…It’s leaning a bit more on the extreme side [though things could get worse]…But this is a good example, of how discussion of controversial issues can quickly go very wrong, and end up being sabotaged into virtual uselessness, by one bad actor.

I’m convinced, at this point in time…that the only setting in which a MAP can have an orderly, respectful and meaningful exchange of ideas and dialogue, is amongst other MAPs, who understand where they are coming from, and have no qualms about allowing MAPs [and children and youth] to speak their mind and tell their life stories.

The problems with being a MAP who does media, aren’t based in an unwillingness to appear in media…even though there are a number of valid reasons, for such unwillingness…

…They’re based on a range of variables, gambling on whether the end product will have been worth the risks taken…You have to place incredible faith in people, that they aren’t bad players, who are going to use any number of methods to smear you, take you out of context and give a false representation of you.

I agree with the NAMBLA approach…in that it’s better to not open yourself up to the many dirty tricks, which are known to happen to people with taboo views and/or experiences…It’s best to be cautious, and deeply scrutinize the people who want you on their media…It’s better not to give people something they can exploit in a dirty, underhanded manner [or even just to accidentally misspeak, or poorly speak], than to accept merely because you want a public platform on which to speak.

This is the primary reason why I have only spoken on my own, personally produced media [meager as it may have usually been]…I know what the end item is intended to be, and I know what the end item is, before it gets published…The message is pure and unfettered.

…Though, over the years…I would have loved to have had a friendly someone to bounce ideas off of, and have genuine conversations with.

Blaire White’s RedPillBlack Rant (Candace Owens):

You know…I want to like Blaire White [I’ve been aware of her for quite a while, and have watched some of her media]…I want to believe the interview she asked me to do with her several months back, was a good faith offer…

…But given her comparison of MAPs [and people open minded towards us] with cockroaches…and considering videos like this one…

…I think I made the right decision, in declining the offer.