Adult bullying: The epidemic no one talks about – Kevin Ward…

Date: December 07, 2019

01) Adult bullying: The epidemic no one talks about – Kevin Ward

“Bullying doesn’t stop when childhood ends. Schoolyard bullies often become bullying adults, but there is a way to stop them in their tracks.

Kevin Ward considers himself still a shy country boy and a recovering victim of bullying. Today he is an author and speaker who trains real estate agents how to make money and have a life.

“Most important, I help people find the courage to stand up and fight for their dreams.”

Horny Duck Who Can No Longer Ffff…

Date: December 07, 2019

01) Duck has ‘traumatized’ penis removed after non-stop sex

“Dave had too many duck buddies.

The UK-based quacker was forced to have his “traumatized” penis surgically removed after it became infected due to his insatiable sex drive. Dave reportedly engaged in fowl play with flocks of lady ducks on the reg.

Dave’s owner, Josh Watson of Torquay, Devon, said his “nymphomaniac” pet would “mate with his female companions” Dora, Edith and Freda “between five and 10 times a day” — even when it wasn’t mating season.”

That poor baby!

Sexual hygene is vital!

BBW Trash Can – December 06, 2019…


Date: December 06, 2019

01) LINK

Match 1: Reggie Dog & Merve Studd VS ATOM & Max Kenton – 74%

Main Event:

Match 2: T Baggins VS Screaming Wolf – 73%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Reggie Dog & Merve Studd Loss: ATOM & Max Kenton
Main Event Match: Screaming Wolf Defeats T Baggins

Show Referee: Rex RamRod

Landmine Death Matches!

BEST RANKED MATCH: Reggie Dog & Merve Studd VS ATOM & Max Kenton – 74%



Alleyway home in Toronto makes room splitting into 5 levels…


Date: December 05, 2019

01) Alleyway home in Toronto makes room splitting into 5 levels

“Toronto is the fastest growing city in North America, but rather than simply grow up and out, city planners are relaxing zoning on its 250 kilometers of laneways so owners can turn garages and sheds into small downtown homes (limited to 8 meters wide (26 feet)).

Zeke Kaplan’s home had a 100-year-old shack occupying the lane before he began construction to convert it into a modern 2 bedroom home. As a contractor, he was prepared to bore through the backyard to connect services from the main house all the way back to the small secondary unit.

The new dwelling had to match the old footprint so Brock James (LGA Architectural Partners) cut levels into the space to create essentially 5 different floors making it all feel larger. Everything serves several functions: the stairs connecting the kitchen and living room are also storage and seating area; the entryway coat rack also serves as kitchen cabinets.



DOJ, FBI Executives Approved Running a Child Porn Site…


Date: December 04, 2019

01) DOJ, FBI Executives Approved Running a Child Porn Site

“A court transcript shows that running Playpen as part of a child pornography sting was approved by the higher levels of each department.

Defense lawyers have claimed that in operating a child porn website, the FBI itself distributed illegal material, and critics have pointed to the ethical issues around running such an operation. That higher levels of the FBI and Department of Justice were involved in the decision to proceed with the sting may not be surprising, but the transcript shows that the FBI’s move was deliberate and ultimately seen as appropriate by the agencies.

“It was done with the approval of executives in both the FBI and the Department of Justice,” FBI Special Agent Daniel Alfin, who worked on the investigation dubbed Operation Pacifier, said during an evidentiary hearing late last year, according to the transcript.

The transcript relates to the FBI’s investigation of Playpen, which was at one point the largest child pornography site on the dark web. In February 2015, the FBI seized the site, but instead of shutting it down, decided to run it from a government facility for 13 days.

Aside from legal issues concerning hacking suspects across the United States and elsewhere on a legally dubious warrant, many are unsettled by the FBI running a child porn site in the first place.

One defense lawyer has made a “conservative estimate” that the FBI distributed around one million images of child abuse while the agency ran Playpen. (According to Alfin’s testimony, much of the material linked to on Playpen was actually hosted on other websites.)

Corey Rayburn Yung, a professor at the University of Kansas School of Law, previously wrote that the FBI “actively participated in the revictimization of those depicted in child pornography with no possibility of controlling distribution. Such conduct is immoral and inexcusable.”

The deliberations on whether to keep Playpen running involved “several individuals and levels of management from both organizations,” Alfin said. The FBI General Counsel James Baker was also aware of the operation, Alfin said.”

More just another stark look at the realities of the “child porn” world, than any common sense, insightful voices.

The FBI is the largest known collector and trader of “child pornography”, on this planet.

This has been known for a very, very, very long time.

They lock people up in cages for decades, for the exact, literal same thing they do, themselves.

Of course, there have been other cases like this in the past.

The FBI did not get it’s status as the number one collector and distributor of “child porn”, by one sole instance of this.

The ludicrousness of being THE juggernaut in a field they claim to want to destroy, is lost on many.


8 Signs you are a “Shallow Person”…


Date: December 04, 2019

01) 8 Signs you are a “Shallow Person”

“This video answers the questions: What is the definition of a shallow person? What does it mean to be a deep person? What is shallow affect?


There are two types of narcissism: With grandiose narcissism we see characteristics like being extroverted, socially bold, self-confident, having a superficial charm, being resistant to criticism, and being callous and unemotional. Vulnerable narcissism is characterized by shame, anger, aggression, hypersensitivity, a tendency to be introverted, defensive, avoidant, anxious, depressed, socially awkward, and shy.


There are two types of psychopathy: Factor 1 (primary, interpersonal affective) and Factor 2 (lifestyle, antisocial) psychopathy. Factor 1 psychopathy has characteristics like grandiosity, pathological lying, manipulation, a superficial charm, callous, unemotional, low neuroticism and lack of guilt or remorse. Factor 2 psychopathy has a parasitic lifestyle, being prone to boredom, sensation seeking, impulsivity, irresponsibility, a failure to have long term goals, poor behavioral controls, and criminal versatility.”


Elizabeth Warren Losing Ground in Polling, What’s To Blame?…

Date: December 04, 2019

01) Elizabeth Warren Losing Ground in Polling, What’s To Blame?

“Elizabeth Warren has had some missteps with her campaign lately. Cenk Uygur, Emma Vigeland, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

In mid-November, a few dozen of the country’s most influential advocates of Medicare-for-all were reviewing details of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan to finance the proposed government-run program when they learned that she had unexpectedly changed her position.

Warren (D-Mass.), who had excited liberals when she initially embraced a Medicare-for-all idea first proposed by rival presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), was suggesting a more centrist idea: to delay enactment of the single-payer system and, in the interim, give consumers the choice to opt in. The change might have seemed insignificant to most Americans, but to many in the suburban Washington conference room, Warren’s new stance marked an abrupt retreat, according to several people in attendance.