Fake Republican Wins Vermont Republican House Primary…

Date: October 21, 2022

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“Liam Madden is not your typical Republican House candidate. For one thing, the former Marine from Vermont has refused to pledge to caucus with Republicans if he wins, and the party has returned the favor but refusing to support him in his run. Yet Madden won the Republican primary and is facing a progressive Democrat in November while running against the two parties, against the oligarchy and against the sclerotic political system that squelches voices representing everyday Americans in favor of the wealthy, the powerful and the well-connected.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Madden about his positions on key issues and how he would reform politics to become more representative of the people’s preferences.”


Why Was Baking The Most Deadly Job In The Victorian Era?…


Date: October 20, 2022

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“Four 21st-century bakers bake their way through the era that gave us modern baking as we know it – the reign of Queen Victoria. Experts Alex Langlands and Annie Gray join them to tell the incredible story of our daily bread.

The bakers have left the rural bake house and the golden age of baking behind, this time it’s the 1870s and they’re moving into an urban bakery in the midst of the Industrial Revolution.

Their new bakery is totally authentic and it boasts two coal-fired ovens. At this time it is coal that fuels Britain’s epic industrial expansion and bread that feeds its ever-expanding urban workforce. A growing middle class start demanding ‘fancy breads’ for breakfast and so the bakers must now bake through the night.”


“PayPal Banned Me for Stating Basic Biology” – Colin Wright…


Date: October 20, 2022

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“Colin Wright is an evolutionary biologist, journalist and the founding editor of Reality’s Last Stand, a publication dedicated to free speech, science, and reality: https://www.realityslaststand.com/


…I’ve noticed that a lot of people keep claiming [or at least strongly implying], that parents are sending their young/small children to undergo major surgical procedures [IE: from this episode, “testicle removal”], all in the pursuit of affirming some “gender identity” they believe their child has…

…While at the same time, hospitals having the finger pointed at them are adamantly denying that any such surgeries ever take place there…and even condemn such procedures as unethical…

…We should also consider the legal nightmare any hospital is placing itself into, by performing that type of an elective procedure on legal minors…who can later claim it was never their decision and sue that hospital into oblivion…Hospitals have their lawyers and legal consultation…They’re not going to do something that insane…Are they?

Does anyone even have any concrete evidence, that these events are happening?…It’s a serious question, because I’m tired of people making these claims while entirely failing to substantiate them.

…This just keeps feeling and smelling more and more like a dehumanization campaign…like a lie made, to alarm and enrage a large portion of the population.

I’m not saying what happened to this guy is right…from what I gather, it is not right…What I am saying, is that it’s time for these accusers to put up concrete evidence…and if they don’t have any, then stop spreading demonizing gossip.

I strongly suspect this specific accusation is nothing more than a lie, created and spread by the christian identity nationalist movement…possibly latched onto spurious connections with botched circumcisions, and other botched procedures.

The puberty blockers are their own issue…and possibly a serious problem…I don’t know enough about them to make comment…But this whole thing about “chopping off breasts, penises and testicles, to change the sex of young/small children”…I don’t believe that for one second…not without rock solid proof…

…I’ve been waiting all this time…So, where is it?

Why are people being allowed to make this claim, without any push back or deeper inquiry?…Why isn’t anybody challenging it?

…People are acting like, “somebody made the claim, so there you go!”…and that’s bullshit.

This should not be going unchallenged.

It’s shocking that nobody is demanding proof.

Once again…disappointed in Kisin and Foster.


The Strange TINY Car Built By A Scooter Company…


Date: October 20, 2022

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“Jack heads to Turin to do battle with Northern Italian traffic in one of the most hotly anticipated new cars of the year – except it isn’t really a car at all. The latest creation of the inventor of the folding kick scooter, the Microlino is half microcar, half fashion statement on wheels, and one of the most joyous vehicles we’ve ever featured on the channel. Think cars are getting too big and too serious? Take a look at this.

00:00 Ciao!
1:07 Recognise the badge?
2:38 Exterior walkaround
5:34 Jack vs Turin
7:43 Charging and construction
8:57 Making friends
11:35 Interior and boot
16:51 It’s a driver’s car??
19:51 Sustainability at its core
21:07 Final thoughts?”


Thunderbolt’s next spec triples bandwidth to 120Gbps – with a catch…


Date: October 20, 2022

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“Intel announced further details about the next generation of Thunderbolt today. The company wouldn’t commit to a name for the upcoming specification or a release date for what we hope will be called, simply, Thunderbolt 5. However, we do know that the next Thunderbolt will support up to 80Gbps bidirectional bandwidth and be able to transmit data at up to 120Gbps.”


The Hand Ripped Noodles Everyone Should Know How to Make…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: October 20, 2022

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“This dish is known as Hot oil-seared Biang Biang noodles. The noodles are stretched than bounced on the work surface. In Chinese, this sound is known as biang, hence the term biang biang noodles. The oil-seared preparation is popular street food in Xi’an China, which was made well known in the states by Xi’an famous foods through the spicy cumin lamb noodles, but there are lots of variables with how you can potentially prepare it.”

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