Trump Should Be TERRIFIED Of Impeachment…

Date: January 20, 2021

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“Osita Nwanevu joins Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew to discuss the importance of impeachment.”

I don’t usually pay attention to Sam Seder…but he seems to have mellowed a bit…and the show seems to have improved since he got a new co-host.

Sam said something I could not agree with more…”My generation has been [as relates to political power] jumped over, and power is being handed to the millennials”…

…As a Gen X…our time politically has not honestly even begun…The boomers backed by money and established power, have been hogging everything and blocking younger generations.

…I don’t like what I am personally experiencing out of millennials…I think they will be more a danger and threat, than what we are living through right now.

We’re largely talking about authoritarians, who ostracize anyone not like them…They are the last people anyone wants in power.


Maps, LGBT, and strategic erasure…


Date: January 20, 2021

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“Around 2018 I already started saying “maps aren’t LGBT, unless they’re not cis/not straight”. But even with a modifier, this didn’t sound right. Why? Because almost every map I knew was either queer, or trans, or both.”

I’ve come to see LGBT as being a social and political branding.

As George Carlin would say…”It’s a big club, and you’re not in it.”…

…Though, I would personally tailor it…”and you’re not invited.”

As a practical matter, many of us [myself included] would belong in it, if the LGBT were honestly concerned with ALL homosexuals, and ALL sexually queer.

…They are not…

As it happens, the LGBT [and IGLA] have become an assimilation and domination movement.


Lord of the Rings is DOOMED – Amazon Series Going FULL Game of Thrones…


Date: January 20, 2021

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“It looks like Lord of the Rings on Prime is going Full Game of Thrones, just not in the way some will think. A plot synopsis was released late last week telling us what direction Amazon is taking this series, and that direction is Game of Thrones. Based on everything we have seen from Doctor Who to Star Wars, we can comfortably assume this show may be a disaster. If it is not that will be a pleasant surprise.”

I’d be willing to give it a chance…if it ever comes out on DVD.

I don’t consider another “Game of Thrones” syle show to be a bad thing…Even the last few seasons were not bad…They just abandoned the pacing of the previous seasons…leaving people feeling cheated.


Daggerfall Unity Remaster in 2021 ► Graphics Mods & Elder Scrolls Gameplay in Hammerfell & High Rock…


Date: January 19, 2021

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“The classic Elder Scrolls game Daggerfall is now running on Unity and the graphics mods have overhauled the game! Let’s play some of this old school RPG set in Hammerfell and High Rock and see how the gameplay is both weird and unique. To see Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim remastered with mods check out the full 202X playlist here:

0:00 | Intro
4:16 | Character Creation
18:19 | Cinematic
21:24 | Starting Dungeon
51:04 | Wilderness & First Town
1:01:55 | Daggerfall Questing
2:25:30 | Conclusion

Daggerfall Unity Download

D.R.E.A.M. Mod Nexus Page (Other mods and settings explained on this page)

This looks so good!

I really miss playing this game.

It’s wrong that you can automatically fast travel, though…A major part of the game, was the exploration and advancement…You always had to travel manually on foot, horse, etc, to any destination before it became available in fast travel. You get to discover the world this way.