Super Tuesday Belongs To Bernie Sanders…

Date: February 28, 2020

01) Super Tuesday Belongs To Bernie Sanders

“Bernie holds a 2-1 lead in California according to new polling!

Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken a commanding lead in California’s Democratic presidential race, ahead of his nearest rival by 2 to 1 and on track to win a majority of the huge trove of delegates at stake in the state’s March 3 primary, according to the final UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll of the contest.

The findings of the poll, conducted for the Los Angeles Times from Thursday of last week through Tuesday, help explain why Sanders’ rivals have done most of their recent campaigning elsewhere among the 14 states that vote in the March 3 Super Tuesday contests. Their schedules tacitly admit that they don’t expect to catch Sanders here, in a state with one of the nation’s most liberal Democratic primary electorates.


Nate Silver: Bloomberg is COLLAPSING!…

Date: February 28, 2020

01) Nate Silver: Bloomberg is COLLAPSING!

“Nate Silver says Mike Bloomberg is falling in the polls.

FiveThirtyEight Editor-in-Chief and influential political statistician Nate Silver said presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is in “a lot of trouble,” Wednesday, after dropping in national and state polls following his two subpar debate appearances.


Bernie Sanders criticizes the media and makes bold prediction about South Carolina…

Date: February 28, 2020

01) Bernie Sanders criticizes the media and makes bold prediction about South Carolina

“At a campaign event in South Carolina, a day before voters go to the polls in the Palmetto State, Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders made a bold prediction about his chance of winning the state.”

Lets Talk About Death & Dying with Caitlin Doughty…


Date: February 27, 2020

01) Lets Talk About Death & Dying with Caitlin Doughty

“Let’s Talk About” is a series of conversations hosted by the Sacramento Public Library. The series features important topics that are often unspoken or taboo.

In this conversation, we shake the taboo off of Death & Dying with modern mortician and author of “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” Caitlin Doughty. Joining her is volunteer law enforcement chaplain Jenny Ebinger.

This event took place on May 15, 2016, at the Central Library.”


Sanders & Socialism: Debate Between Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman & Socialist Economist Richard Wolff…

Date: February 26, 2020

01) Sanders & Socialism: Debate Between Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman & Socialist Economist Richard Wolff

“As Bernie Sanders’s runaway win in Nevada cements his position as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, the Democratic Party establishment and much of the mainstream media are openly expressing concern about a self-described democratic socialist leading the presidential ticket. His opponents have also attacked his ambitious agenda. Last week during the primary debate in Las Vegas, Bernie Sanders addressed misconceptions about socialism. Invoking the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Sanders decried what he called “socialism for the very rich, rugged individualism for the poor.”

For more, we host a debate on Bernie Sanders and democratic socialism, featuring two well-known economists. Paul Krugman is a New York Times op-ed columnist and author of many books, including his latest, “Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future.” One of his recent columns is headlined “Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Socialist.” Richard Wolff is professor emeritus of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and visiting professor at The New School. He is the founder of Democracy at Work and hosts the weekly national television and radio program “Economic Update.” He’s the author of several books, including “Understanding Socialism.”