#Dick-gate and the 1 MILLION DOLLAR feminist LOL-suit…

Date: October 01, 2016

01) #Dick-gate and the 1 MILLION DOLLAR feminist LOL-suit

“Richard Carrier….. vigorously pushes for draconian sexual harassment policies.
Richard Carrier smears Michael Shermer, wall to wall over some ‘tumblr’ accusation of rape (he mentions it ~100 times in his blog post), then of course gets MASSIVELY butthurt when he merely gets accused of sexual harassment.
Richard Carrier then goes ballistic and says hes gonna sue almost EVERYBODY….. for about TWO MILLION dollars.

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Links for the SWORN LOLsuit
Carrier Lolsuit https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5dd6fnybataueu/CarrierLawsuitModi.pdf
Skepticon Response: http://docdro.id/eUs7E9S
Richard Carrier Affidavit: http://docdro.id/Padl5q0
Dana Carol Fredsti Affidavit: http://docdro.id/IvzLsVD
David Fitzgerald Affidavit: http://docdro.id/IYxozQD
Spencer Hawkins Affidavit: http://docdro.id/WqX5URS
Heina Dadabhoy Emails: http://docdro.id/VYtvKAz
Lauren Lane Emails: http://docdro.id/TKBmJXe

I don’t think ill of Richard Carrier…He’s done some noteworthy things, over the years. I’m pretty sure I have a link to his website [and/or blog], waiting to be added to my Atheist Links website…And it will go up there, someday…when I get the time and inclination to work on that sort of thing.

…It’s just sad to see him get mired down into this SJW drama…and get bit by it.

That is not a good road to be traveling down.

When you’re hanging around with people who have no [or few] qualms about eating their own at any opportunity…you might want to contemplate hanging out with a better quality of people…ones who aren’t obsessed with judgment and attacking…ones that display a level head, and show a bit of loyalty.

It’s October 2016!…


Date: October 01, 2016

…And this month is getting it’s own post series.

You will only see this sub-blog during the month of October.

It will feature something in the general theme of Halloween…It may be short…It may be long…It will likely be media…And this year, you are going to get a lot of CreepyPasta…

If you don’t know what that is…it’s creepy/horror/ghost stories, written and narrated by people who do this as a hobby…Some people are quite good at it…I’ve not listened to every single bit, of every single one of them, yet…But I expect them to be fun.

If you don’t like this sort of thing, then just skip over these posts…No, I do not believe in these kinds of things [ie: paranormal]…but I love this time of year, and I like to get into the spirit of the season…and I love a good “ghost” story.

There may be as many as one of these a day…but I’ll try to limit it to no more than 31, in total.

Looking Back to October 2015:

I posted links to three Libravox audio books last year.

Librivox Free Audiobooks: Dracula…

Librivox Free Audiobooks: Frankenstein (Edition 1831)…

Librivox Free Audiobooks: Grimm’s Fairy Tales (version 2)…

I’ll try to salt in a few more audio books this year, also.

Other things posted…


History of Halloween…

I hope you enjoy this series and have fun with it…Of course, normal blogging activities will also continue as normal during this month.


Knotts pulls Fear VR after complaints it stigmatizes mental health…

Date: September 28, 2016

01) Knotts pulls Fear VR after complaints it stigmatizes mental health

“Halloween is the best time of year to test your mettle and see how scared you can get…and Knotts Scary Farm has always been a great place to do that…hell all haunted houses are a great way to do that. But its sad to see the company bend at the knee about their Fear VR: 5150 experience because of a few emails. But this was Knotts own fault, they gave in to demands a few days ago, and then they did this. All it does is prove that if you give in to the perpetually offended once, they’ll take you for everything you have.”

Perpetually offended, for somebody else…Never appeased…Always looking to find something to be offended over…

…My goodness…

…Matt could just as well be talking about people who make up the sex abuse industry.

But then…like I’ve been saying for some time now…the sex abuse industry is just an older manifestation, of the “social justice warrior” mentality plaguing us all the worse today.

…It’s just moved beyond the confinements of it’s traditional obsessions [IE: what’s going on in everybody’s bedrooms and underwear].

The “normal people” are getting an unwelcome taste, of what MAPs have lived with much [or all] of our lives…and predictably…they don’t like it anymore than we MAPs have liked it.

No matter how it manifests…it’s all encroachment…it’s all abusive…it’s all diminishment and degradation, for someone else’s ego tripping…it’s all trouble causing stupidity…and it all just sucks.

Moral outrage should never be conceded too…And there should absolutely never be laws written, for the purpose of backing it up.

Hell…there needs to be laws against it, wherever it evolves into encroachment upon other people.

Like Monkeys at the Zoo…


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Date: September 29, 2016

01) ‘Child pornography’: US photographer’s exhibition in Moscow closes after controversy, protests

I read this news a day or so ago.

“Earlier, a man made it to into the building posing as a journalist and sprayed several of Sturges’s works with a mix of urine and acetone. The perpetrator was detained and charged with hooliganism.”

It is highly informative…whenever responses of the outraged, devolve to the level of throwing their own, bodily waste…when they encounter something they don’t like.

…Does this guy belong in a zoo exhibit, along with the other species which do the same?

I suggest…his actions are far more nasty, dangerous and offensive, than anything in that museum exhibit ever could have been.

Pictures and paintings of the naked child [or youth], have a long and deep history in the world of art…every bit as much, as that of naked adults.


Policy Issues Nearly Absent In Election Coverage – Harvard Study…

Date: September 27, 2016

01) Policy Issues Nearly Absent In Election Coverage – Harvard Study

“”Years ago, when I first started teaching and was at Syracuse University, one of my students ran for student-body president on the tongue-in-cheek platform “Issues are Tissues, without a T.”

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