Paul Romano…

Date: May 09, 2017

01) How can this be Really Happening?

About eleven minutes in, is where things start getting revealing…Things go deep into “pizzagate” territory.

Probably fifteen or more years back, someone brought a link to a website [and book, I believe] to BoyChat…I wish I could revisit that post, but it is certainly not online.

They offered it to get response…likely hoping to get signs of thought “outside the echo chamber”…And I never thought ill of them for doing this…But at the same time, I could sense that the guy they were bringing attention to had something at least subtly off about him…He was offering a different perspective…Not one entirely without merit…But one that’s very skewed, from a career of working with severely abused children…In short…he was operating from a fringe, himself…And how he was going about making all these broad spanning proclamations that he just “knew from experience”, was troubling to me.

I don’t know if I ever verified any connection or not…but this Paul Romano guy, totally reminds me of the guy I was just referencing.

You know…”This is what I’ve interpreted, out of what I’ve seen”…therefor…”This is how life works”…and…”This is how you must think, and what you must conform to”…and…”Pop psychology this”…and…”Pop psychology that”…and…”Here are my spiritual, moral ideas, for good measure”…Oh! And “I’m authoritative”…And “pedophiles” and early life human sexuality get demonized, every step of the way.

There are some things here, I think warrant a response…And that’s one thing I do like about people like this…They offer a more rare, precise set of hard ideas and questions, to chew on and respond to…I don’t believe those things should be glazed over, or ignored…

…But I see that I have responded to this guy in the past…

Is Pedophilia “Dark Energy”?…

I’m not convinced you can sincerely hold a productive dialogue with people like this…

When I respond to people like this…it’s far more about pointing out the shortcomings in what they are claiming.

Apparently he believes in “Celebrity Blood Sacrifices”, as well…

I’m not going to say anything else, right now…Except that responding to people like this, is like shooting fish in a barrel…

Most people should have enough common sense, to see through what this guy is trying to sell.

…Other’s comments are welcome, of course.

Michael Nugent discussing the Stephen Fry blasphemy case with Matt Cooper on Today FM…

Date: May 09, 2017

01) Michael Nugent discussing the Stephen Fry blasphemy case with Matt Cooper on Today FM

“Atheist Ireland’s Michael Nugent discusses the Stephen Fry Blasphemy case on Today FM’s the Last word with Matt Cooper. Programme aired on the 8th of May 2017.”

Michael Nugent discusses the Stephen Fry blasphemy investigation on Newstalk’s the Pat Kenny Show:

It is dead wrong for any state to grant the veneer of validity to outrage over “blasphemy”, by setting the force [and presumed social order] of law behind it.

Those are not laws that are doing good…Those are laws that are doing ill.

Michael Nugent discusses religious violence on BBC radio Ulster…

Date: May 09, 2017

01) Michael Nugent discusses religious violence on BBC radio Ulster

“Michael Nugent discusses the question “Is religion inherently a force for good, or is it intrinsically violent?” on the Sunday Sequence on BBC Radio Foyle 30th of April 2017. Also taking part are Professor Gordon Campbell from Union Theological College and Dr Raied Al-Wazzan from the Belfast Islamic Centre.”

French President’s Wife Would Be On The Registry In The USA…

Date: May 09, 2017

01) French President’s Wife Would Be On The Registry In The USA

“Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron was just 15 yrs old when he began to fall in love with his 39 yr. old married drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux. Macron was attending “La Providence”, a Jesuit school in Amiens in Northern France. Trogneux was married to a banker and had 3 children. Neither will say exactly when their romance bloomed but there are photos of Macron kissing his future wife on the cheek when he was just 15. Trogneux says exactly what you’d expect an uninhibited french woman to say “nobody will ever know at what moment our story became a love story. That belongs to us. That is our secret.”

Why I Left White Nationalism: Derek Black with Dr. Marcia Chatelain…

Date: May 09, 2017

01) Why I Left White Nationalism: Derek Black with Dr. Marcia Chatelain

“Derek Black grew up in the white nationalist movement and now speaks out against it. His father, Don Black, is the founder of Stormfront, the internet’s largest white nationalist website; his godfather is former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke. As a child, Derek was brought up in the center of the white nationalist movement and some even nicknamed him “the heir.”

After being raised in this community however, Derek began to change. Upon attending college and being embraced by a circle of diverse friends, Derek was forced to reconsider the world-views and beliefs which he had once held so passionately. Derek no longer believed in white nationalism and disaffiliated himself from the movement and values of his childhood. Derek’s story has been featured by The Washington Post and he also authored a recent op-ed in The New York Times.

In a conversation with Dr. Marcia Chatelain of the Georgetown University History Department, Derek discussed about his experiences with the white nationalist movement, why he chose to leave it, and what can be learned from his story, along with other topics.

The conversation took place on January 26th at 7:30PM in Copley Formal Lounge.

The Lecture Fund is thankful for the support of our co-sponsors, The Hoya, Georgetown University Black Student Alliance, SOCA, and The Jewish Student Association.”

Atheist Ireland’s John Hamill on Sky News discussing blasphemy charge against Stephen Fry…

Date: May 08, 2017

01) Atheist Ireland’s John Hamill on Sky News discussing blasphemy charge against Stephen Fry

“John Hamill and David Nash discuss the Irish blasphemy law and the garda investigation into Stephen Fry over his comments on Gay Byrnes’ Meaning of Life. Report aired on the 7th of May 2017.”

Any place with a blasphemy law, is not a civilized place.

Verdict expected in blasphemy case against Jakarta’s Christian governor…


Date: May 08, 2017

01) Verdict expected in blasphemy case against Jakarta’s Christian governor

“An Indonesian court is expected to decide on Tuesday whether Jakarta’s Christian governor is guilty of blasphemy against Islam, in a trial that is widely seen as a test of religious tolerance in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.

The government has been criticized for not doing enough to protect religious minorities but President Joko Widodo, a key ally of Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, has urged restraint over the trial and called for all sides to respect the legal process.”

So, this guy could be sent to prison for up to five years, for criticizing his opponents use of the Qu’ran during his campaign?

Why on earth does the second largest religion on this planet need protection from criticism?

Once you’ve gotten this big…unless you’ve got something to hide…criticism isn’t really going to bring your faith crashing to the ground…Certainly no time soon, anyway.

One would imagine that Muslims have enough faith in their own faith, to remain unshaken in the face of criticism…Yes?

…Or, maybe not…

…And maybe that’s the real issue?

Is Islam honestly so fragile?


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M.A. Voice: Issue 21 – May 08, 2017…


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Date: May 08, 2017

01) Ender Wiggin: To Fantasize Or Not To Fantasize? – Should pedophiles fantasize about children?

02) leonard sisyphus mann: Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons: An Interview With Tom O’Carroll – Part 1

03) leonard sisyphus mann: Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons: An Interview With Tom O’Carroll – Part 2

04) Edmund: Review of Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice
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05) Sick Rose: Stephen King, BL, and Hearts in Atlantis (book)
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Other Issues

We should have had something very substantial by now…


Date: May 07, 2017

This person is correct in asking for these numbers and statistics…

…And this specific issue touches on the genesis of my own entry into activism…

The problem is…we literally cannot get the research done, which would ultimately give us this kind of information…

…And the disgusting thing is…a willing and consequential group of MAPs has been out here, able and willing to engage in such research…Or, at least it used to be, at one point in time.

They wont do the research…Nobody will touch it, because it’s to much of a social “hot button” issue.

We were actively trying to get a series of research studies off the ground, almost twenty years ago…Many people, myself included, took personal risk in order to “put our money where our mouth was” and participate…It was my first act, in putting personal skin onto the table.

The only thing we needed, was an unapologetic, clear breakdown in how MAPs exist and live in this world, and their impact upon it…given through an unbiased, scientific analysis.

Yes…this would have been a long road…It would have taken many studies…and decades…and many more MAPs to join in…But we needed to get the ball rolling.

…We should have had something very substantial by now.

We have been denied this specific thing for decades…Leaving us without the ability to point towards empirical research…It’s kept us debased, as a social group.

Many of us MAPs have always been willing to accept the findings, of accurately performed research on us [and on human sexuality, for that matter]…But regardless of how long or hard we have fought for this one, basic thing…we are still being locked out and denied it, after two freaking decades…

If you understand the long history behind this…If you understand our sincere motives behind this…

…If you understand that most of us lived a life, being habitually kicked like a dog by society…just to be kicked like a dog all the harder, when we surface and attempt to do something objectively good…

…then maybe you can begin to understand the pure frustration [and at times, anger and rage] many of us MAPs feel, whenever somebody brings this up.

Naysayers and fanatics keep demanding proof…but it’s exactly these same sorts of naysayers and fanatics, who work tirelessly to guarantee no such proof will ever have a chance to materialize.

Many mentioned MAPs have died or scattered to the winds…Some have joined “Virtuous Pedophiles”, where some stepping into the realm of research has taken place…Though this is more of a step to the side, than it is a direct march towards the research I am talking about…the likes of which would render the statistics we need.

Even in their imperfection…I value “Virtuous Pedophiles” for what they are…They do provide some positives, within the wider MAP community…and amongst the broader social dialogue…Plus they act as a kind of alternative, for those of us with different views to bounce ideas off of…stay a bit sharper, and more well grounded…

…But “Virtuous Pedophiles” still functions below the glass ceiling…I don’t believe they represent a credible path, in getting the research done which needs to be done.

We MAPs are still largely floundering around out here, making noise and trying to rile up something that is going to shatter the glass ceiling.

Truth is…many of us MAPs want to give Charlie_Marler those definite numbers…We wanted to be able to give these numbers [and more], twenty flipping years ago…

…The fact that we cannot, despite our efforts, is a massive slap in the face.

I have learned an invaluable lesson in all of this…Social research is far more about politics, and who can pull the dirtiest tricks to seize control of the field…than it will ever be about the pure search for truth.


BF220: Jeffrey Marsh…

Date: May 06, 2017

01) THE BEARDED FRUIT PODCAST – BF220: Jeffrey Marsh

“On this supersized episode of Bearded Fruit, we talk with LGBTQ writer, activist and icon Jeffrey Marsh. We talk about growing up in a small farming town in Pennsylvania. We wonder what Saturn thinks of us. And we get a healthy dose of the incredible kindness, love and generosity that makes Jeffrey Marsh an indelible icon for the queer community.”