Mike Bloombergs Selective Debate Highlights [Oh, No! This “Isn’t” Deceptive At All!]…


Date: February 21, 2020

01) Mike Bloomberg at Tonight’s Debate – Mike Bloomberg for President

“As an entrepreneur, mayor, and problem-solving philanthropist, Mike has taken on the toughest challenges and gotten big things done.”

It seems Mike Bloomberg has been releasing these brief snippets of the Nevada debate…which make it seem like he did good, while ignoring the real life thrashing he took.

Interesting that this video is both unlisted, and the comments are turned off…

…Gee…I wonder why?…

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Progressives Strike Back After Pete Buttigieg Dirty Tricks…

Date: February 21, 2020

01) Progressives Strike Back After Pete Buttigieg Dirty Tricks

“Pete Buttigieg calls Bernie Sanders grassroots support “dark money.”

Disgraceful that Buttigieg continues to smear groups like ours, led by immigrants and people of color—all to boost his own fundraising.”

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg came under fire from progressives after claiming in a series of tweets Thursday evening that his rival for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination Sen. Bernie Sanders is being backed by “nine dark money groups” and likening the Vermont senator to billionaire Michael Bloomberg.


‘Grenell Is An Internet Troll:’ Rep. Cicilline On Trump’s New Acting Intel Chief…

Date: February 21, 2020

01) ‘Grenell Is An Internet Troll:’ Rep. Cicilline On Trump’s New Acting Intel Chief

“Congressman Cicilline (D-RI) comments on President Trump’s new pick for Acting Director of National Intelligence: “Richard Grenell is basically an internet troll. He’s a loyalist to the President, and he is not qualified to hold this position even for a single day.” Aired on 02/20/20.”

‘HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND’ – Five-year-old autistic boy ‘registered as sex offender’ for hugging one classmate and kissing another on the cheek…


Date: February 20, 2020

01) Five-year-old autistic boy ‘registered as sex offender’ for hugging one classmate and kissing another on the cheek

“Nathan’s devastated family say a teacher accused him of “sexual activities” at East Ridge Elementary in Tennessee.

They claim they were told Nathan has been “labelled a sex predator” and will have it on his record forever.

His guardian, Summery Putnam, said she received a call from the school near the start of September that made her “sick to her stomach”.

She told ABC7:”First of all, I didn’t understand… He’s a five-year-old, he’s a child.

“The teacher called me. She said, ‘You need to have a talk with Nathan about boundaries.'”

Ms Putnam said the teacher also accused her son of “sexual activities”.

“I talked to him. I said, ‘You can’t hug children.’

“He said: ‘Why?’

“I said, ‘Because, Nathan, it’s not allowed.'”

“To bring something like this against a child, a special needs child, that really doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong.”

When anything, including the “sex offender register” becomes this vile and unhinged…it is time to end it…completely.

This is not about any form of justice.

In fact…it sounds like they are trying to use it to ruthlessly punish a small child, for being a small child…

…hell…possibly for even being a decent, loving human being.

How does evil aggression like this, come out of a small child’s hugging and kissing?

Do they want us to all grow up isolated, and maladjusted?…

There is research involving this type of deprivation, and the serious damage it causes…

…They want a world like this?!

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