Marijuana Blamed for a Homicide…

Date: May 20, 2016

01) Media Praises Wrongful Death Suit Against Pot, Says Weed Made Loving Husband a Homicidal Maniac

“On April 14, 2014, Richard Kirk — crazed, after having consumed part of a tootsie roll-sized piece of cannabis candy — murdered his wife in cold blood while the couple’s three young sons were in the home. Or, that’s what Kirk’s defense attorneys would like to convince you happened that night — that a tiny portion of marijuana candy fueled an insanity and rage so intense, the low level of THC coursing through his blood caused him to slay his wife, Kristine.

Absurd as that is, it isn’t the worst aspect of this case. In response to the allegation cannabis candy caused Richard to, essentially, experience a psychotic break, Kristine’s surviving sons have now brought a wrongful death lawsuit against two marijuana businesses — the first of its kind against the billion-dollar legal pot industry. They claim the cannabis edible “should have carried a warning label that included dosage instructions and side effects — including hallucination, paranoia, and psychosis,” as CBS News explained.

Unsurprisingly, the case has created a firestorm of controversy — and fresh accusations the legal marijuana industry has been scapegoated to excuse an individual responsible for murder.”

02) Was hubby high on pot when he allegedly killed wife?

“Colorado authorities say they are investigating whether marijuana caused a father of three to hallucinate before he allegedly shot and killed his wife Monday night in front of their children.”

…I’m guessing it’s the “train wreck” [or Jerry Springer] element…

…Beyond that, I am at a complete loss as to how Nancy Grace continues to be kept on television [or in the media].

This specific story is just sad…Nancy will grasp at anything…no matter how outlandish…shamelessly…just to keep her forceful assertion that “marijuana is dangerous” at the forefront.

She is jumping on top of this story with such fervor, almost certainly because it stokes her own bias.

Nancy is not a human being, with whom you can have an intelligent conversation…I’m convinced of that much.

I shudder to think that anybody considers this broadcast to be news…or informative…or entertaining…

As to the actual story…let’s get real…

…Maybe this guy was in circumstances at the edge…and an irresponsible consumption of marijuana pushed him that extra nudge…But you’d have to be a fool, not to believe there were things going on in that home, just under the surface…or at least in this guys head, which were highly abnormal…

…Even if it could be shown the marijuana “did it”…this would be an extreme freak case.

My condolences to the children, and other family and friends of this slain woman.

More on the Nevada Democratic Convention Debacle…

Date: May 19, 2016

01) Hillary Supporter Reveals Corruption At Nevada Democratic Convention

“A Hillary Clinton delegate in Nevada, explains just what went on inside the Nevada Democratic Convention.”

02) The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) – 05/18/16

Things develop [or become less veiled], concerning the issue discussed in a previous post.

The people running the Democratic party…we may very well be witnessing them [quite unintentionally] destroying their party, as they cling to control of it.

I have to agree with a commentator I read the other day…in that I, also, am pleased to see this finally coming to the surface.

It’s undeniable what the Democratic party has become…what it is…

…The only real question, as I see it…is whether anything remains that is worth being salvaged.

It looks to me like a sinking ship, at the moment…right alongside the Republican party.

Nevada Democrats Screw Over Bernie Supporters (VIDEO)

“The establishment of the Democratic Party is doing everything they can to silence Bernie Sanders supporters. The recent convention in Nevada is another example, as the party voted in new rules, by ignoring Bernie Sanders voters.

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday again won Nevada at the state Democratic convention, after her opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, scored a surprise delegate victory out of the county conventions last month.

There was palpable tension between the two camps throughout the day at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, with Clinton supporters barely outnumbering those supporting Sanders among the more than 3,400 conventiongoers. Still, a 33-person delegate lead was enough to sway the division of a dozen delegates who were up for grabs Saturday in her favor.

Who would win the majority of those delegates remained uncertain going into Saturday because Sanders was allotted more delegates to the state convention. In April, Sanders had turned out more of his supporters to the county conventions — even though Clinton had won the popular vote in the February caucuses — thus allowing him to send more delegates to the state convention.”

This is Post 1000…

Date: May 16, 2016

593_This is Post 1000

593_This is Post 1000_1000-Posts

I’m pleased to announce, that the post you are reading is the 1000th post to be published, on the wordpress incarnation of Our Love Frontier.

This is a milestone, which I felt compelled to mark.

While admittedly most of the content I share on Our Love Frontier is no longer solely created by me…and this greatly expands the volume of posting…it’s still relevant, that this blog [at WordPress] has reached 1000 posts…

…I’ve never been even close to this point, before…

…Not with In Self Defense…Not with Project C.E.L.I.B.A.T.E…Not with The Expressions Forum…Not with the past two incarnations of Our Love Frontier…

Another huge mile stone is soon to arrive…and today, I am both happy and proud, to have fought the good fight.

Hillary Clinton stands by her defense of 1975 Rapist of twelve year old child…

Date: May 11, 2016

01) Twitter Video: Hillary Clinton stands by her defense of 1975 Rapist of twelve year old child

02) Twitter tweet this was shared in

I have to agree with the response of @rabbitaway, here and here

The charges sound quite heinous…which demands a lawyer be present to do everything in their power, to make the prosecution prove guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. This process is all about throwing up as many obstacles as possible, to stop them from making their case against the defendant.

I don’t like the idea of Hillary as president…but this type of media goes a step too far.

Anyone put on trial for such a thing, should have a lawyer who fiercely defends them…It’s a vital part of the checks and balances of our “justice” system, which is supposed to be a built in element of the process…Hillary did what she was supposed to do.

This has nothing to do with who is guilty or innocent…It’s the way the system was designed to work…

Ugly matters often demand ugly paths of resolution, in order to retain integrity…Which is why, while often nobody likes watching it, it is vital that the accuser face the accused…It’s the only way to most clearly inventory, just what took place.

As a bit of an aside…however delicate and emotional the circumstances may be…the trend in recent years to video record statements from children, and offer those taped statements as testimony evidence, while the child [the presumed accuser] is nowhere present in the courtroom, has been especially concerning…Because it side steps so much of the process.

No…nobody wants a small child recounting all the details of a rape, in front of a crowd of people…But if they’re being video taped talking about just exactly that, and this video is going to be played in front of the same crowd…it’s already being done to them, they just don’t necessarily know it…[where are the anti child porn like arguments, and concern about the child’s dignity and emotional stability, when this is going on?…Oh yeah…This fits the social narrative…Child porn does not]…

It seems rational to me…that if the charges and consequences are severe…if they’re going to be parading the child’s experience in front of others, no matter what…then the child should be present in the courtroom, for live cross examination.

Relevant article on Snopes

“Hillary Clinton’s role in a 40-year-old rape case became the focal point of a viral meme in 2016, but the claims were only partially accurate.

Claim: Hillary Clinton successfully defended an accused child rapist and later laughed about the case.

WHAT’S TRUE: In 1975, young lawyer Hillary Clinton was requested as lawyer for the defense in a rape case involving a 12-year-old girl; Clinton reluctantly took on the case, successfully challenged mismanaged evidence, and entered a plea bargain for the defendant.

WHAT’S FALSE: Clinton laughed about the unreliable nature of polygraphs, not the case’s outcome; Clinton did not volunteer to be the man’s lawyer; Clinton did not claim the complainant fantasized about being raped by older men; the case did not go to trial.”

In cases such as these, it is critical that we are crystal clear and honest.

I don’t just say this out of my personal disgust, over the lackadaisical manner in which the rights of the accused are often approached…

…I say this, because it is the only decent and humane path to move forward in.

If we reject this path…then we are neither decent nor humane.

Author Louise Erdrich On ‘LaRose’…

Date: May 16, 2016

01) On Point: Author Louise Erdrich On ‘LaRose’

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“A Native American man out hunting aims and fires to take a deer near his neighbor’s property line. Instead, he finds a boy, the neighbor’s 5-year-old son lying covered in blood. The boy dies. The hunter gives his own son to the neighbor family to try to make good the loss. The “old way,” he says. But novelist Louise Erdrich reminds us nothing is simple when old ways meet modern life. This hour On Point: Louise Erdrich on her new novel LaRose, and the Native American way in modern America.”

Is Joe Biden Going to Jump Into Presidential Race Now?!…

Date: May 15, 2016

01) Is Joe Biden Going to Jump Into Presidential Race Now?!

“In a recent interview Joe Biden said he would have liked to have had Elizabeth Warren as his running mate had he entered the Presidential race. Why is he talking about this now?…

…”Joe Biden took months to decide he wouldn’t run for president — but he was sold on Elizabeth Warren as his running mate from the start, people familiar with the situation told POLITICO.

And he still thinks the Massachusetts firebrand would be Hillary Clinton’s best choice to replace him as the nation’s No. 2 in January 2017…

Warren, a freshman senator from Massachusetts, who supports breaking up the big banks and re-imposing 1930s-era Wall Street regulations to prevent another global financial crisis, was Biden’s “only real choice,” according to an official he spoke to at the time.

Biden — who told an interviewer on Tuesday that he considered running for president because he believed he was “the best” person for the job — took his hat out of the ring in late October 2015, citing the stresses on his family following the death of his son Beau.”

The Right to Choose…

Date: May 14, 2016

01) “Quiverfull” Cult Plans Arranged Marriage Camp For Teens

“The religious cult associated with TV’s Duggar family, known as the “Quiverfull” movement, is having a retreat for people who want to set up arranged marriages for their teenage children. Quiverfull patriarch Vaughn Ohlman has a website promoting marriage for “Truly True Christian” children…

…A group of ultra-conservative Christian men are planning to meet up in Kansas later this year to arrange marriages for their pubescent daughters … and they don’t believe their daughters’ consent is actually necessary.

Quiverfull patriarch, Vaughn Ohlman, who runs a websitepromoting early, “fruitful” marriage for Truly True Christian™ children, has announced plans for a “Get Them Married!” retreat where fundamentalist fathers will find, and TAKE, suitably submissive young brides to bear many babies for their adolescent sons.

The weekend retreat, which will be held in Wichita this coming November, is “designed to bring together like-minded families (and their unmarried young men and women) who are committed to young, fruitful marriage and to help them overcome the barriers which have kept their children unmarried.

Read More:

My stance on this issue:

It’s one thing to have an important, yet passing, relationship, where perhaps parents would be the ultimate decision maker…Parents can choose where you go to school, for example…and hence, the school teachers in your life…

It puts a sour taste in some MAPs mouths when I say this…but, I largely consider a MAP with child relationship, to be subordinate to the parent with child relationship…in that the parent(s) must be in the know, and on board, approving of the relationship…Otherwise, it is beyond happening…

Admittedly…that’s more of an ideal, and something I would put forward as a social model inclusive of MAPs…And I would not judge to fiercely, someone who’s had fully consensual, human to human relationships, just because they are frowned upon or didn’t happen in the most ideal of setting.

In fact…the MAP and child [or teen] relationship needs to be shielded from the bile and fury, and judged in a pragmatic manner…Which is to say, it deserves far, far more open minded leeway, than what it is getting today.

Parents are still vital…And considering that MAP with child [or teen] relationships are likely to give way to other intimate relationships, later in life…I don’t see it in quite the same light, as bonding two kids together “for life”…and expecting them to make lots of babies together…

…Not to forget the ultra religious element, but just focusing on the pre-arranged relationship…and trying to force two people together, for the rest of their lives…and forcing them to turn into a baby factory…

Let me be clear…

…There has always got to be a foundation of natural choice and natural desire, on the part of the child or teenager…Without that…arranging this kind of a thing…it’s indistinguishable from forcing your own child, into a life of serial rape…and handicapping their horizons, frankly.

MAP with child [or teen] relationships are transient by nature, because they are not age peer relationships…The participants are in different stages of life…The elder is likely to die much sooner than the younger…And they’d not make good life partners, because of this…What the MAP brings to the table, is knowledge and experience a child or teen cannot get from age peers…It’s life experience they can grow on…Once they are done growing on it, they can spread out and make more relationships, as they grow older.

…So, the MAP is important [as are other transient relationships]…but the MAP is not someone who the child [or teen] is chained to, for life.

It’s a different style of relationship, from that of marriage…

…I really get a bad feeling about it, when parents presume a right to force their children to marry.

Ralph Nader: Clinton is ‘Going to Win by Dictatorship’…

Date: May 14, 2016

01) Ralph Nader: Clinton is ‘Going to Win by Dictatorship’

“The 2000 Green Party presidential candidate is a fervent Bernie Sanders supporter, and he insisted that the race for the Democratic nomination was rigged in her favor. “Twenty-five percent of superdelegates are cronies, mostly,” he said in an interview with U.S. News. “They weren’t elected. They were there in order to stop somebody like Bernie Sanders, who would win by the vote…

…the vote tallies would have been different if more independents had been allowed to vote in the Democratic primaries.”

It may be true that Clinton has been getting more votes in general [as one Twitter user pointed out to me, a few weeks back]…But there have also been a lot of shenanigans going on, skewing the very ability of many people to even participate in these primaries.

Like Nader says…if the full force of Sanders supporters had been allowed to vote…things would have been quite a lot different, from how they currently stand.

The contest has been rigged all along.