Trump Would Really Love to Negotiate Some Sort of Nuclear Deal with Iran…

Date: July 03, 2019

01) Trump Would Really Love to Negotiate Some Sort of Nuclear Deal with Iran

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Russia: Where keeping child porn is legal [2011-2015]…


Date: July 01, 2019

01) Russia: Where keeping child porn is legal

“In Russia, possessing child pornography is not a crime and laws that govern child exploitation are weak. Government authorities say the majority of sexual crimes against children are never reported or investigated.

Those are among the reasons that even the Russian government admits the country is a world leader in the production of child pornography.

For the first time people will be held criminally responsible for storing child pornography even if they don’t distribute it. To this day, you can’t punish anyone for that” in Russia, [Elena] Mizulina said. The bill has now passed its second of three readings in Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of the legislature.”

I’ve been saying for years, that there remains various places where having child pornography is still legal…even today.

I have to admit, though…I did not realize Russia was one of them.

I mean…I’ve done enough reading to know, Russian boys are really hot in this arena…and Russian boy sites have been quite numerous…and legendary…

…but I always thought that was an organized crime, sort of thing…like, the Russian mob greasing government palms, to ignore what they were doing…

I didn’t realize you could openly own the content…

In fact, I thought Russia had draconian pornography laws, in general…

…I guess you learn something new, every day.

Thanks to feinmann0!


Chris Hayes STUNNED By Republican’s Inhumanity…

Date: July 01, 2019

01) Chris Hayes STUNNED By Republican’s Inhumanity

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection is turning away donations of toys, soap, toothbrushes, diapers and medicine for migrant children housed at the border, the Texas Tribune reported Monday.

Texas state Rep. Terry Canales (D) tweeted a letter Saturday to CBP, offering “the full support of the Rio Grande Valley community” to care for migrant children in custody. He told the newspaper that Border Patrol officials told his office they do not accept donations.

“The whole situation is disgusting, but I’m always hopeful that the better part of us as human beings will shine through,” Canales said. “Those children feel like the world has given up on them, and we have to fight for them.”


Oh…those “paragons of child protection”…

…They lose their minds over what laws and penalties other countries have in place to stop conduct, most peculiarly where it comes to moralistic sexual prohibitions on relations and pornography…

…but children actually start needlessly dying, while in the care of the richest country in earths history…

…Supposedly…the USA is a moral civilization…

…where children can openly die, if it serves the political ambitions of those with enough personal wealth and power.

How dishonest and integrally bankrupt do you have to be…in order to see people like this, as being morally superior to Child Lovers?

In The World I Live: “Homosexual” Means…


Date: July 01, 2019

In the world I have lived my entire life, the word “homosexual” is used to acknowledge that one is sexually oriented towards people of their own sex.

People call themselves “homosexual”, when they recognize and accept this orientation in themselves.

It has never been a requirement, that anyone identifying as “homosexual” currently be sexually active, or have a history of sexual activity, in order to identify their orientation as homosexual.

This seems to be getting turned on it’s head by a minority, and turning into a stumbling block for some…as there appear to be people trying to redefine the “sexual” part of this term, to indicate that someone is, or has been, sexually active.

Somehow, the term “gay” has been segregated into “the identity”…while “homosexual” has been segregated into “the activity” [aka “I’m sexually active”]…and it seems this is the modern way some people are trying to…

…hell…I don’t even know what they are trying to do, because it seems so convoluted and needless.

It’s a hair that never made any sense to split, in the first place.

“Homosexual” is a social demographic, sexually oriented towards their own sex…

“Gay” is a social and political identity, for people to push back through…but gays are still homosexual…

For those who are homosexual…does anyone disagree with me…when I say you […I…We…] discovered you were homosexual, because homosexual is your sexual orientation?…because that is what turns you on?…

Did anyone try to strip you of the term “homosexual”, on account of the fact that you haddn’t yet gone to bed with someone of the same sex?

…I mean, maybe some people did treat you like that…but was it correct for them to do so?

No…it certainly was not.

Is there even a term for homosexuals who’ve not yet become homosexually active?

If there is…that’s complete news to me.

Anyone who recognizes they are sexually attracted to the same sex, can identify as homosexual…even if they’ve never had sex with anyone of the same sex…

There doesn’t seem to be this big conflict among the masses, between “gay” and “homosexual”…

…like there has been this really curious thing being brewed up, between “MAP” and “pedosexual”.

It’s something that has been getting pushed in more recent times…I’ve noticed by MAP’s who identify as “anti contact”, or “NOMAP”.

It’s a hair not in need of splitting…

…And it’s saddling “pedosexual” with an incorrect definition…while at the same time, strongly implying things about other MAP’s [IE: that they are sexually active in a criminal capacity] which have a high likelihood of being false…

…That is treading into dangerous territory.

This is among the reasons, why I so strongly discourage this type of behavior…

…Stop trying to re-define and “other” our old terminologies!…particularly when you don’t even understand their history or meaning.

“Pedosexual” is an excellent, wonderful old term, from our past and present.

It solely designates a sexual orientation.

For those MAP’s who find it does not accurately define their own orientation…they can use a different term they like…

…But “pedosexual” has never deserved being sullied or scorned.


MAPs irl Episode 6…


Date: July 01, 2019

01) MAPs irl Episode 6

“For their Pride Month special, the hosts discuss their relationship with the larger queer community and how their attractions affect this relationship. Impassioned speeches about pride are delivered, and the hosts aren’t afraid to get controversial. Then things get just a little bit nonsensical.”

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