Reich at Home: Alarming Lockdown Protests, Unemployment Benefits in Limbo, Mixed Families Ignored…

Date: April 21, 2020

01) Reich at Home: Alarming Lockdown Protests, Unemployment Benefits in Limbo, Mixed Families Ignored

“Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is discussing the latest coronavirus developments, including how most of the promised $600 weekly extra unemployment benefits remain stuck in state offices overwhelmed with claims, what it will actually take for the economy to “reopen,” how American citizens in mixed status families are not receiving the economic stimulus, and the dangerous, right-wing protests against stay-at-home orders popping up across the country.”

John Sydney Mcnair: Accepting the Sexual Self…

Date: April 21, 2020

01) John Sydney Mcnair: Accepting the Sexual Self

“As a Pagan magician and former student of a Tantric teacher I know the psychological damage which can result from not accepting our sexuality in its totality. This damage can certainly lead to the psychological and physical damage of others, especially those with whom we have close relationships. Having control over sexual energies is therefore of paramount importance, not only for one’s own physical and psychological health but for that of others.”

Richard D. Wolff – Is the Coronavirus the end of Capitalism & the Revival of Socialism?…

Date: April 21, 2020

01) Richard D. Wolff – Is the Coronavirus the end of Capitalism & the Revival of Socialism?

“In this interview we have an in depth discussion with Marxist economist, author and co-founder of Democracy at Work Richard D. Wolff about the U.S. healthcare approach to the coronavirus and its economic implications. Furthermore we examine the U.S medical industrial complex, globalisation and the role financialization has played on healthcare. We also talk about whether government intervention can lead to distortions in the economy and even authoritarianism. Additionally, we discuss whether the concept of democracy at work can function during imminent crises such as the recent pandemic. Lastly, Wolff provides his opinion on Bernie Sanders endorsing Joe Biden and voting for the lesser of two evils.”

Great Depression Cooking – Poorman’s Feast…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: April 20, 2020

01) Great Depression Cooking – Poorman’s Feast

There have been a few requests concerning this video. The first is to notify people that when preparing lentils to check for stones. There should be a warning about this on the packaging of your lentils and please follow their instructions.

The second item is a question about why Clara reuses the lemon from the marinade. It has long been known that citric acid (in this case a lemon) is nature’s anti-bacterial agent. Today it is more commonly known as produce wash or FIT (Fruit and Vegetable Wash). There are many studies out today that consider FIT a more successful anti-bacterial agent than chlorine dioxide (which is produced chemically rather than naturally). Many cultures continue to use the citric acid from lemons and limes to cleanse meat and fish as this marinade does.

Clara cooks quite responsibly and always uses the freshest meats and fish when preparing her meals. You must always cook any meal at any time at your own risk. Clara is only providing you with lessons she has learned and she has lived to a ripe old age. If you are nervous about her tips then just enjoy the videos for the historical value.

If you are curious about the science behind citric acid you can find many articles online as well as this one here:

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Trump’s UNBELIEVABLE Response To Michigan Protests…

Date: April 20, 2020

01) Trump’s UNBELIEVABLE Response To Michigan Protests

“Trump’s rhetoric is encouraging his supporters to act violently.

President Donald Trump called on Americans to “LIBERATE” states run by Democratic governors, Friday, following protests over state coronavirus lockdowns.