Aren’t You Just Arguing, Because You Want to Have Sex with Children, and You’re Bitter That You Can’t?…


Date: February 03, 2019

“Aren’t You Just Arguing, Because You Want to Have Sex with Children, and You’re Bitter That You Can’t?”

If I am bitter over anything at all…it is the grotesque dishonesty and outright cruelty, in which society has approached and dealt with human sexuality.

On a personal and practical level…I grew up and developed in this sex negative culture, which perpetually punishes you for being a sexual being…

…Consequently…I’ve never had any personal expectations, of being sexually active with anybody at all.

…And at one point in my life, I was quite at peace with how things are…

…It’s when I stepped forward [along with many other MAPs], to offer something deeply personal for the betterment of humankind…just to begin my path of discovery, on how vicious the manipulation of social sexual policies is…and it’s depths…that I began to understand what has been going on…and what continues to go on…

…And we are not talking about one incident…We are talking about being slapped down, when we were doing something positive and constructive, followed by layers and layers of continued attack and oppression, observed and discovered over the span of years.

The problem with human cultures…is that they commonly attack any elements within them, which are not conforming to “the majority”…instead of recognizing the strengths those “minorities” bring to the culture.

I confess…I have become overwhelmingly cynical, over societies claim that it “wants to end sexual violence”…when it wont even honestly look at human sexuality, itself…

…I am cynical over the preposterous notion…that society has any interest, in being fair and decent to the human beings within it.

…There are good and decent people in society…

…But in large part…society is filled with self centered, dogmatic a-holes, who revel in the destruction and torment of others…

…This society revels in, and functions on, the practice of creating victims of all type…

…And that is one hell of a justification for cynicism…and for being bitter…

For the record…I’m actually quite up beat and positive…in spite of everything.

Tellingly…this last point tends to enrage the aforementioned a-holes, all the more…

…I guess they imagine…someone like me, isn’t supposed to get any form of satisfaction out of life…at all…and it pisses them off, when they discover a pedophile is taking satisfaction somewhere out of this existence.


Atheist Debates – Personal Testimony vs Data…


Date: February 02, 2019

01) Atheist Debates – Personal Testimony vs Data

“A lengthy discussion about politics and religion over my Xmas vacation resulted in a strange conversation roadblock about whether it was more justified to rely on personal testimony than data.

Much like trying to convince someone that they DO, in fact, value logic…by using logic, we can similarly show that they ARE valuing data, and that the primary difference is what they know or trust about the source – and whether or not that trust is warranted.”

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Republican Gets TRIGGERED Over Senator’s Boots…

Date: February 02, 2019

01) Republican Gets TRIGGERED Over Senator’s Boots

“Jim Zeigler couldn’t keep himself together when he saw Kyrsten Sinema’s boots.

An Alabama state official tried to shame Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for wearing a dress and boots on the U.S. Senate floor.

Jim Ziegler, the Republican state auditor, posted photos of the Arizona Democrat on a Facebook page identifying himself as an Alabama elected official and then on his personal account, reported

He captioned the photos: “What newly elected AZ democrat senator wore to work.”

Ziegler initially posted that Sinema “took the floor improperly attired,” but he later deleted that direct comment on the senator’s clothing.

Some of the GOP official’s social media followers commented on Sinema, saying she was dressed like an exotic dancer or prostitute, but others bashed Ziegler for insulting the senator.

Ziegler also used the post to attack Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), who can be partially seen in one of the photos.


…I like the boots.

Do You Really Believe That Allowing Kids to Openly Choose An Adult or Peer Sexual Companion, Will Reduce Sexual Brutality?…


Date: February 02, 2019

“Do You Really Believe That Allowing Kids to Openly Choose An Adult or Peer Sexual Companion, Will Reduce Sexual Brutality?”

Although I disagree with some of the notions surrounding it…I am encouraged by the more recent trend, in which people are calling for the lifting of celibacy on Catholic priests…

…It shows that some people understand…you cannot suppress the sexuality in a sexual being, and expect that there aren’t going to be very negative consequences…

In the cases of the priests…many have [allegedly] forced themselves sexually, upon children and youth…in a setting which is extremely contradictory to such behavior, and without the child/youth’s explicit interest in said behavior, with said priest.

If people can wrap their minds around the fact…that sexually satisfied priests will be unlikely to engage in such unwanted behavior…it seems to me…the only thing seriously holding us back, is the people who stubbornly hang onto the sexual superstition…that “children [and youth] are not sexual beings”…when clearly they are.

It’s one of the all time, big social lies…which everybody is expected to repeat, and pretend that it’s true…when deep down…we know that it is not…In our gut, we know it is not true…If we look into the research, we know that it is not true…Yet, we are expected to behave as though it were true, to enforce an ideology about “how society is supposed to function”…

…And the sexual child is supposedly “so dangerous”, to the alleged way that “society is supposed to function”.

Truth in this matter is…if we would get real…and just start approaching the reality of sexual children, and their needs, as they exist…we would be light years ahead of where we are now, where it comes to addressing child on child, youth on youth, youth on child and child on youth, sexual brutality.

As things stand…we are perpetually mired down, in closing our eyes and displaying a complete denial…over what is so obviously right in front of us.

Here is what I propose:

Children and youth need complete sexual education…They need a legally recognized right to sexual expression…They need open options…They need someone, who can give positive structure to their sexuality…be that a peer or someone older…

This is the only practical way…in which we will have any chance in reducing real child on child, youth on youth, sexual violence.

We have to start being real about things…and start helping children and youth manage their sexuality…

…Otherwise…by default…we are embracing and fostering, the rape of children and youth, which happens at the hands of children and youth.

…and we don’t want that…

…Do we?