Antipedophobe Aktion: First they came for…

Date: August 22, 2016

01) First they came for…

“Studies mentioned in the video:

Since the word “illegal” is used in this video to refer to undocumented immigrants here is an explanation why the term should be avoided:


Date: August 18, 2016

I chose to bring this here [like many other issues, which are not explicitly my own], because it’s something going on in the world which is part of the human condition…as is the social conflict surrounding it.

Being someone who has lived a life being demonized for my pedophilia and homosexuality…I often do find other social conflicts involving demonized minorities to be of interest…I’m interested in what we can learn, and what we can take away from it…and how society can become better, more decent and humane.

While I think that transgenderism has the potential for ill if it’s appropriated by the attention seeking sorts…I don’t really have a whole lot of answers about this issue, which is why I’m observing and largely staying quiet about it.

From a historical perspective…many people have already traveled this path, when acceptance of it was not the social trend. The transition can be extremely radical…and that is not something done on a lark. I think it would be preposterous, for anyone to think there is nothing to this.

True…given people’s relatively easy access to resources these days, and that people follow trends…it may cheapen the experience, or render it more shallow, in many cases…when people proclaim themselves to be transgendered…After all, this has become a popular issue…and people go through exploratory phases in their lives…and now that anybody is free to explore this possibility…well…

Consider this…

…We know that the default biological state of the human body is female…It has to be exposed to certain hormones, in order to alter this and make a male body…So, transition from one sex to the other, is already a natural hallmark of the human species, right from our biological start.

A mothers body is inconsistent at providing these hormones, from one pregnancy to the next…and the more pregnancies she has, the less ability her body has to produce an offspring which is chemically a clear “male” or “female”….It may trigger certain physical changes…but it fails to produce a “complete transition” [for lack of a better term], in other regards.

We are all some balance of male and female hormones…It has been generally understood for decades, that the balance between these hormones varies widely amongst human beings.

Is it strange watching people do the “gender bender” thing?…Maybe, for some…

…But I think it is dead wrong, to look at this through a dogmatic lens.

What We Don’t Know About Europe’s Muslim Kids and Why We Should Care [Deeyah Khan]…


Date: August 15, 2016

01) What We Don’t Know About Europe’s Muslim Kids and Why We Should Care [Deeyah Khan]

“Aged 17, Deeyah fled from Norway confused, lost and torn between cultures. Unlike some young Muslims she picked up a camera instead of a gun. She now uses her camera (and her superpower) to shed light on the clash of cultures between Muslim parents who prioritise honour and their children’s desire for freedom. She argues that we need to understand what is happening to fight the pull to extremism.”


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A Few Complicated Thoughts on “Virtuous Pedophiles”…

Date: August 15, 2016

Virtuous Pedophiles official website

I’ve never been a member of Virtuous Pedophiles [VP], and make no claim on internal knowledge of the group. I know what I know, from years of watching it’s self representing members.

…I’ve also witnessed a lot of VP clashing, with us more traditional Minor Attracted People [MAPs] who’ve been presenting a public face to the world.

Whether any of what follows is 100% accurate, 100% false…or it more realistically falls somewhere between the extreme margins…these are genuine points of conflict [and sincere perception], based on our historical legacies.

a) VP is largely looked upon as an assimilationist movement…

…And many MAPs who’ve spent their lives in hiding, being abused by their culture and the system…who’s life transforming experience, was learning the truth about themselves and their culture…and learning how to seize their own voice…

…many of those MAPs are accepting none of it…

…Because to accept, re-internalize and propagate the message and practice of an abusive culture [even if only in part]…is walking backwards…It’s worse than losing ground…It’s re-affirming what is worst, about these conflicts…and helping those destructive things to thrive.

This is sacrilege to many MAPs.

For a lot of us who’ve withstood many storms and assaults, and who’ve stood the test of time…It seems like we are finally reaching an era, where “normal” people are figuring out that we are not going away…and largely, they’ve given up on trying to run us off.

This is progress…It’s an early benchmark…I am pleased to see it.

Paradoxically…VP, with it’s closer to mainstream message, might be helping to ease this transition.

b) Who is represented in VP leadership?…

As a more less classic pedophile [one who is strictly attracted to prepubescent humans], who has no true legal options, sexually…I would not even think of belonging to a “pedophile group”, where someone like myself was not at least on a steering committee…

…And given that the founders, and so many of the most vocal members, have at least a dual sexual orientation involving entirely legal [and non-stigmatized] options…this creates a very real problem…because there is no way possible, that this kind of structure can honestly comprehend and represent, a life and existence like my own.

I’ve been coming to think of VP more in the sense of, “I’m happy with my wife, and normal life…Oh, but I also incidentally pop boners for boys and girls…But that’s okay, because I’ve never needed them in that way…I’ve got my wife, see?”…

That’s all fine and wonderful, for some…There have always been “pedophiles” of that nature, around and involved…But is that really a fair representation, that so many of the rest of us MAPs can identify with?…or that we want representing us?

…It’s entirely alien, to me.

Sadly…from my vantage point, VP has looked to be made up of essentially three kinds of “pedophiles”…One is the group I just mentioned…The second is old and burned out MAPs, who just don’t want to fight anymore, and VP represents something they believe “hasn’t been tried yet”…And third, the young and idealistic MAPs…who haven’t had to walk this path for several decades, learning harshly how the system really works…oblivious to the knowledge, that the system is built upon the premise, of a right to shred people like us to a bloody pulp.

I’m positive anyone could nit pick at what I’ve just expressed [IE: they have their own outlook and status, which is not represented above]…But if you can understand why I’ve pointed out these things, and understand the honesty behind my words…then you should be able to figure out, why these points are so relevant.

Addendum: I left out one additional sort of MAP…The “penitent pervert, enthusiastic convert”…or the “last refuge of the scoundrel” syndrome…

…These rather un-charming chaps got themselves into some legal trouble, and now they’re back with a vengeance, to redeem themselves…by enthusiastically targeting other MAPs, and making themselves a nuisance.

How better to earn brownie points with your parole officer, than to go online as a newborn moral crusader, preaching and enforcing the common sermons?…and showing off everything you’ve been up to, whenever you are forced to visit? The witch becomes the witch hunter…

…and mentally elevates themselves, by deciding that now even they have someone else to look down upon and attack…

…I find these sorts of MAPs to possibly be the single most distasteful and irritating characters, on the entire stage of this social conflict.

c) Stop using NAMBLA as the dog you kick!

This has been a disturbing behavior amongst some VP members…bad mouthing and running down previously existing MAP organizations, because they never promoted the VP platform.

…Some VP members imagine themselves doing something noble, by openly condemning NAMBLA [and similar organizations], or otherwise acting to sully it’s character.

There is no justification or defense for this behavior, period…and it is the sign, of an ignorant mind.

It would be far better for them to simply not acknowledge NAMBLA at all…or to show a bit more class, and just say something like, “Different MAPs have different life experiences, leading to different outlooks…We respectfully disagree with theirs”…

NAMBLA has fought some incredibly important battles on behalf of all MAPs, whether they like it or not. NAMBLA has forged the path, on which so many of us MAPs even have a voice at all, today.

How about a little bit of compassion and human decency here?

If you are an opinionated MAP, standing up for MAP rights…you already owe a debt of gratitude, to organizations like NAMBLA…whether you like it or not.

I am amongst the many MAPs, who owe this debt of gratitude…and I find it absolutely sickening, to watch other MAPs throwing groups like NAMBLA under the bus…

…You sorts remind me of gays and lesbians, who will disavow anything the second it becomes politically inconvenient [no matter what it’s done for them, or how far it advanced them], just to jump ship and cling to anything they believe will advance them further…An utter lack of principled integrity.

The open honesty and integrity of NAMBLA, has always been of a better quality than that of VP.

Just because so many people don’t like honesty with integrity, and prefer the re-affirmation of existing social paradigms, does nothing to change that fact.

People who would burn down the very legacy, which built the place they stand upon…they have no future…they have no loyalty…they are not leaders…They are easily led slaves.

This is one aspect about VP members, I find most offensive…

…There are many, many good and decent MAPs, who are of the NAMBLA viewpoint…I am amongst them, incase there was any doubt…

…We don’t deserve being slapped in the face, or spat upon, by you…or called “crazy”, or any of the other below the belt rubbish, some of you do.

Some of you at VP wonder why there is so much backlash against you, from other MAPs?…This kind of arrogant contempt, is amongst the valid reasons. It only serves to create bad will and turbulence, amongst MAPs.

Snap Judgment #720 – Genetic Sexual Attraction…

Date: August 13, 2016

01) Snap #720 – Nuclear Family [MP3]

“One mom, one dad, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence? This week on Snap Judgment we get real. From WNYC Studios, Snap proudly presents…”Nuclear Family.”

Genetic Sexual Attraction [GSA]…

This segment starts at 26:50.

I’ve heard of this sort of thing before…when relatives who are estranged [or maybe never met] finally meet…and they end up having sex with each other.

Sometimes it turns into long term relationships…and there have been a few high profile examples over the years, involving celebrities [IE: Mackenzie Phillips].

While I do wonder if GSA is a real thing…it’s hard to deny the relative commonality of consensual incest. Is there something there which some of us pick up on, that others don’t?…Something that makes a close blood relative, especially appealing?…Or do we somehow lack an inborn nature, which would make close relatives unappealing under all circumstances?

I’ve believed for years…that the natural inclination of humans when offered sex, is to willingly have sex…and that when we choose not to, it’s because of other mitigating circumstances. Yet even if turned down…many will have still wanted the sex…and will possibly masturbate to the fantasy later, in private.

I think…sex is every bit as alluring with a blood relative, as it is with a non-relative…and that no biological barrier is in place, to ward off it’s temptation.

Whatever barriers exist [or don’t], are cultural…as well as a matter of interpersonal relationships…

…For example…if marrying your first cousin is common place in society, then nobody is going to think anything odd of it…

…And as to interpersonal relationships…if a family member is especially mean towards you, you are probably not going to want to play around with them sexually, or be comfortable having any form of sex with them.

Of course…there are always exceptions.

CIVILIZATION VI – E3 2016 Walkthrough…


Date: August 12, 2016

01) CIVILIZATION VI – E3 2016 Walkthrough

02) Civilization VI YouTube Channel

“Watch the behind-closed-doors theater presentation of Civilization VI at E3 2016. Narrated by Sean Bean.”

I guess it releases on October 21, 2016…

After the horrible misstep of Civ 5, I just don’t know about this one.

I purchased everything Civ 5, except the Beyond Earth [or whatever it is called] expansion…I just kept holding out, wanting to like Civ 5…After a few hours of Beyond Earth, I completely washed my hands of everything Civ 5…and dreaded imagining, that I may be done with the series, if “this” is their idea of a good, new direction.

It felt like they were trying to drag the series more into the realm of real time strategy…and I hated it.

All the stuff that sounded interesting about Civ 5 [like city states], I felt was just lame in implementation…and proved to be more a nuisance, than anything else.

Interesting ideas were in Civ 5…they may be salvageable concepts…but they just were not fun…and they really dragged the game down so much, that I simply did not want to play it.

I was so desperate to find something about Civ 5 that I would love…that I kept buying…but the game was just a turd…only made moderately more interesting by it’s expansion.

…So, I am overjoyed to learn that they are scrapping Civ 5, and rebuilding from the ground up.

Still…they’re going to have to go a few extra miles, and prove themselves to me again…before they get any money out of me for Civ 6.

A few “wish list” things, however…

…I’ve always wished that they would visually simplify who the allies are…and things like who shares a defense pact…It’s always annoyed the hell out of me, that you can’t tell at a glance who all you’ll end up at war with, should you declare war on another civilization.

Another thing…since we are talking about a new incarnation of the game…If we are forced to get vital resources from trading with other civs [city states, etc.]…I want it more obvious when some other civ starts demanding that I cancel all trade deals with another civ, whether I’ll be cutting off a vital resource to myself.

I’m sure I could come up with more to say…

…Bottom line…I’m not rushing out to buy this one.


No “strict liability” for soliciting minor online for sex, if minor claimed she was above the age of consent…

Date: August 10, 2016

01) No “strict liability” for soliciting minor online for sex, if minor claimed she was above the age of consent

“Say you are trying to pick someone up online for sex. You’ve never met in person, but she tells you in your online conversation that she’s above the age of consent (16 in most states, 17 in some others, 18 in still others). Let’s say that you have no reason to think she’s lying, but she is: It turns out that she’s underage. You never meet and you never have sex. Can you still be prosecuted for soliciting a minor for sex, on a “strict liability” theory — i.e., that you were trying to pick up someone who turns out to be underage, even though you didn’t know this or have reason to know it?

No, says today’s Minnesota Court of Appeals decision in State v. Moser, holding that a state strict liability solicitation statute was unconstitutional.

The child-solicitation statute makes it a felony punishable by up to three years in prison for “[a] person 18 years of age or older” to solicit “a child [defined as someone under age 16] or someone the person reasonably believes is a child to engage in sexual conduct with intent to engage in sexual conduct.” Solicitation may occur “in person, by telephone, by letter, or by computerized or other electronic means” (emphasis added)…. The statute clearly states that “[m]istake as to age is not a defense to a prosecution under this section.”

This underscores one of the worst problems in law, and law enforcement…the people behind it commonly don’t care, and live their lives as though they don’t have to care…

This is what happens when law and law enforcement become dogmatic ideology.

…They remove any allowance for legitimate human error…They just want their arrest and conviction stats high…and to remove people who like the wrong kind of tail from society.

Law enforcement in the USA is literally a “by hook, or by crook” venture.