Trauma: An Irreconcilable Contradiction (Narrated)…


Date: April 04, 2016

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

I know I’ve written or spoken about this before, so I’ll try to be brief…

A few things have never made any sense to me…One being, that pedophilia results from a deep, personal trauma…usually a sexual abuse…but, something that is personally devastating and a very negative experience…

We have to suspend our common sense to accept this hypothesis…Because what it is really trying to tell us…is that something so nightmarishly horrible, shocking and traumatizing…can turn into something which is not only objectively exciting to us…but, something we might derive great joy out of [even if only masturbating to fantasies].

To apply this to pedophilia, is to claim “the abuse was so bad, they decided to spend the rest of their lives doing it”.

…Think about this…You’ve been injured and scarred so badly, that you allegedly gain a sexual attraction out of it [something which is generally a positive impulse]…Where normally, we might expect extreme dysfunction…and a lack of ability to perform at all…a tendency to run away from such behavior, if it were linked to some type of personal trauma.

How can they be even remotely connected?

…This is further complicated by the fact, that so many pedophiles were never sexually traumatized.

But, of course…we commonly get the weasel terminology “sexual abuse” used…Which allows them to imply abuse, and very vaguely acknowledge when the experience wasn’t especially bad [or could have even been good], without ever directly saying so.

A second thing that ties in…is aversion therapy…Where one is forced to mentally associate something painful, creepy, nauseating…even something personally frightening and traumatic, with their pedophilic sexual arousal…in order to contaminate their natural attractions…and their ability to become [or remain] aroused.

Cart O’Graph recently made a video, where the person he is responding to suggests doing exactly that…The one I found most creepy, objectionable and inhumane, was that of imagining being bitten by a snake…

…She suggests that you psychologically mess yourself up, in order to avoid your own pedophilia [something biological, which is taking place beneath your own skin]…

Now…here is something that I want you to contemplate…

…They tell us that our pedophilia is “caused by trauma”, on the one hand…And then on the other hand, many of the exact same people tell us that we have to traumatize ourselves all over again, just to “get rid of” our pedophilia…

…How is something unbelievably caused by trauma, ended by more trauma?

…How on earth, does the second wave of trauma [intended to get rid of the pedophilia], not end up just reinforcing the pedophilia?…

…Is there allegedly some type of value difference, between the two traumas?…And how is such a viewpoint justified?

…How does anybody pushing these two theories talk about them, and keep a straight face?…

…The two theories are irreconcilable.

The only thing I take away from all of this…is that none of the experts honestly know the cause of pedophilia [they just want us to believe, whatever it was, it was “bad”]…but, they’ve come to the realization that most pedophiles can be beaten down into submission…especially when they are kept isolated from their “pedophile” peers, and under the thumb of others.



The Assassination of Donald Trump…

Date: April 03, 2016

01) The Assassination of Donald Trump

“Radical populists rarely survive long enough to change the system.

Wikileaks releases about Hillary Clinton:

Update: Poe’s Law strikes again: the “ABC News” article is satire, however the paid protesters are not. They aren’t paid $3,500 a day, they are paid $15 per hour.

Thought provoking…

…You know…as things progress, I’ve been thinking more and more…I may end up having to eat my own words, regarding Trump never becoming U.S. president…But, anyway…

The only caveat I have with this video, is that it’s much harder to dissect and attack Trumps positions [Re: the Warren statement], when he still hasn’t really laid out any coherent details on his vision forward…

Much of what Trump argues for [IE: “the wall”], has already been roasted to death…I’m sure much of it is thought to be unworthy of [yet another] dignified analysis, anymore…Which is likely why Elizabeth Warren felt no need to attack Trumps ideas…They are largely just talking points, it seems to me.

Alison Rapp: A lesson for us all…

Date: April 03, 2016

01) Alison Rapp: A lesson for us all

“Don’t let jerks get you fired. The internet is full of people that want to bring you down or just get some attention at your expense. Don’t let them. Learn from those of us that have suffered from trolls for years.”

This is a good video…It fleshes out the situation with Alison Rapp, and it shares some sound insight.

FIRED Nintendo Employee: Was it FAIR? – The Know

Dogma Debate: #231 – Pastors Turned Atheists: Dan Barker & Jerry DeWitt…


Date: April 03, 2016

01) #231 – Pastors Turned Atheists: Dan Barker & Jerry DeWitt [MP3 Download]

“Live from Logicon at the University of Arkansas! David Smalley is joined by JT Eberhard, Dan Barker, Jerry DeWitt and Phil Ferguson.”

Regarding the teacher who is claiming that because he was prohibited from showing a film in class, the free speech rights of his students were violated…I tend to think his assertion that his students were having their free speech rights violated by this, is not true…Let me explain.

This being a high school class, the attendance of students was compulsory…

…I would agree that free speech rights of the students were being violated, if not for the fact that they really don’t appear to have a choice in the matter, of whether they want to watch this film or not.

It is true…that an indispensable element of free speech, is the ability of others to freely choose to listen…So, I’m not disputing that violating an individuals right to listen [or see], doesn’t fall under free speech violation…

…I just think it’s being wrongly asserted, in this type of case.

You cannot set children and youth down in a compulsory setting, order them to watch something…and then claim it was all a matter of mutual free speech.

The children and youth were forced to be exposed to it…hence, it was forced speech to a captive audience.

This is not a matter of free speech, at all.


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The Juice Box: Fuck Nintendo…

Date: April 02, 2016

01) Fuck Nintendo

“Nintendo employee Alison Rapp has just been fired.”

I could not agree more about the schizophrenic idea…that everybody claims to want answers…and the majority are always telling people like us to “get help”…Yet, the second a MAP becomes visible…so many of them just fall out of their rocker, merely upon discovery of you…and over the fact that you dare to address them [and their comments] back.

…Oh, how a self expressive MAP intimidates them.

The question is…”Why?”…

…There is just no reason for this kind of behavior.

Cart O’Graph: MAP Rants #3 – Teal Swan Pedofailure…

Date: April 01, 2016

01) MAP Rants #3 – Teal Swan Pedofailure

“It was requested of me that I make a response to Teal Swan’s video Pedophilia. Overall, it’s not a bad video, and I may have been a bit harsh. At least she’s not openly hateful, like most antis.

I also keep thinking of more things to say. Such as a description of pedophilia using research that shows it’s not caused by abuse. Or some more reasoning behind my definition of innocence. Such is the problem with ranting.”

Assaulting the Honest MAP…


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Date: March 30, 2016

01) Salon To Make Pedophilia Look Normal In Public Eye

“Published on Sep 22, 2015

Salon’s op-ed piece by a “celibate” pedophile is the latest move by the media and political elite to normalize behavior that every sane culture has rightfully criminalized. We look at how this sociopathic behavior is being sold and the recent history of celebrities, politicians and prelates — caught & then covered up.”

The article that got tons of backlash, from people who clearly don’t even understand what it was about.

The dishonesty in this piece of media, is just staggering…

Please…if you are going to make public claims about Minor Attracted People, then know who you are talking about and understand their factual message and stance…And don’t muddy the water, with separate issues.

Todd Nickerson is someone expressing a viewpoint, and set of beliefs [standards?], held and promoted by a group within the MAP demographic…Which is perfectly fine and laudable.

This does not mean he, or who he speaks on behalf of, holds the power and ability to control everything going on in the world, that is even remotely related to MAP behavior.

MAPs possibly represent the single most disenfranchised social group in existence, today…Of course, there are a lot of problems to address amongst MAPs…But we haven’t even been given any fighting chance to do that…On the contrary…People like those in this video [and worse] have done everything in their power, to trip us up and keep us down, at every attempt we’ve made to cause change.

There have been many good faith initiatives on the part of MAPs, over the years…But nothing is too dirty and underhanded for these kinds of people, when they think they’ve got another chance to stick it to us.

The people in this video, are just more loud talking heads…The sort that endlessly show up, and repeat the cycle, whenever a MAP does something to calm social hysteria. They feel entitled to knock him, or her, down…and steal all potential from his, or her, hands.

Where is the acknowledgement that Todd is against sexual contact with children?…Why have they dumped “pedophile priests” on top of his message?…Do they not understand, what he did was a first step, from someone amongst a debased social class, that there is only so much you aim for in an introduction?…and that “pedophile priests” are amongst the wider scope of issues, that many of us MAPs want to be able to address internally?

Dumping a world of complexities onto someone who is trying to do something objectively good, is just indefensible…

…Not a single one of us is going to arrive like a modern day “Jesus Christ” out of nowhere, perform miracles, free the abused and lead the wayward to a different path, in a whiplash split second…

…The demands of such a movement, will take decades…maybe most, or all, of a century.

The people akin to those in this video have made things so bad for MAPs…that it will take far longer for us to build some kind of internal social structure to address these problems, than it otherwise would have…They have had decades to wreak their destruction upon us…This wont be a simple or fast problem to work through.

…But they just cant stand it…that despite everything they throw at us…We still get back up, and try…We still fight, to repair the destruction and injury they’ve caused.

Question is…why won’t they wise up, and realize they are incapable of making any real progress in ending sexual assault committed by MAPs, without the active leadership of MAPs like us?

…We are critical, and they need us…They’re just making a greater mess of things, without us.

I don’t agree with everything Todd, or Virtuous Pedophiles, has to express and promote…But it makes me positively sick, watching the media machine go on the assault, wherever a demonstrably decent MAP simply sticks his head above the surface and gets noticed.

Keep your red herrings and straw men to yourselves!…

…MAPs are still entitled to make a public statement, talk about the realities of their lives and express ideas, without all this obsessive hyper analysis…and abusive rhetoric, which entirely sidesteps what they are saying.

…Oh…and yes, there are many celibate MAPs out here…Just because some people imagine they can throw “pedophile priest” numbers out there to act as a deflection, doesn’t mean that we don’t exist, or that we have no right to fight on behalf of our issues.

Personally being someone who has spent nearly all of his life sexually celibate…I find it downright dirty and deplorable, when people outright dismiss [or intentionally ignore] the depth and gravity of this sacrifice…of what this display of self control, and conscious decision, means.

Many, many of us MAPs, are living proof that MAPs are not predators by nature.

Anyone wanting to scoff at that, and call me a “freak amongst freaks” who does not represent the common MAP?…I say to you, How do you know?…You don’t know this at all

Public knowledge about MAPs is so weak…the database is so convoluted and biased against MAPs…that we don’t even have a true picture, or understanding…on what MAP commonalities even truly exist.

You cannot know, with today’s knowledge base…how common celibacy is amongst MAPs…Hence, you cannot claim I am not the norm, at least for MAPs with exclusive attractions towards children.

I at least have the experience of almost two decades, and numerous associations with MAPs to go on…to be able to verify, that a large portion of us are sexually celibate in relations to our attractions to children or teens.

There are one hell of a lot of us, who abstain…Experience has shown me this much.

“…and now they want to make this all normalized”?…

No…I’m pretty well certain, that what you’ve cited here [provided it is true] would be condemned by MAPs like Todd, and groups like Virtuous Pedophiles…And much [if not all] of it, would be condemned by myself, also…

…As MAPs…we are not alone in this.

Stop misrepresenting the voices of MAPs, and the actions of our communities!

I’m sorry I didn’t dissect this piece of media more closely…but these two people are just delusional and insane…They are literally not even talking about what objectively happened, and what started them on this diatribe of theirs in the first place…They’re dumping their own prejudiced delusions all over it…

We are not connected to powerful elites bent on global domination…It’s insane for anyone to suggest anything of the sort.

We MAPs are just decent people, trying to make the world a better place…

…That’s the whole shocking world conspiracy of MAPs, right there.



Cornel West SLAYS Hillary Clinton on CNN—Calls Her the ‘Milli Vanilli of Politics’…

Date: March 30, 2016

01) Cornel West SLAYS Hillary Clinton on CNN—Calls Her the ‘Milli Vanilli of Politics’

“Published on Feb 29, 2016

Dr. Cornel West was on CNN with Chris Cuomo to discuss the democratic primaries, and he SLAYED Hillary Clinton and referred to her as “the Milli Vanilli” of politics.”

Good video…but I have to admit…that I still like Milli Vanilli…Not every single one of their songs, but…”Dreams to Remember”, “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You”, “Blame it on the Rain”…One of the biggest shames, is that there is honestly good music on the, now long shunned, album.

Not really sure what it would look like if Milli Vanilli tried to make a comeback, today…It would be intriguing to find out, though.

Yes, I know…one of the front “face” men is long deceased…but, it was really two different acts…The two guys you saw…and the musicians behind the music.

Note: None of the above comment was meant to reflect positively on Hillary Clinton…Hell, I’d sooner vote for the surviving front man of Milli Vanilli, than for Hillary…And I have no idea what he even believes.

CNN Panel Blows Up Over Hillary Vs Bernie…

Date: March 30, 2016

01) CNN Panel Blows Up Over Hillary Vs Bernie

“Published on Feb 29, 2016
Cable news junkies, prepare to be confused: former MSNBC host Ed Schultz appeared on CNN this morning to talk about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders with Brian Stelter and David Brock. And boy, did they get into it…”

It’s all about the demonstrable actions and historic record of Hillary…

…How on earth is it, that anyone’s left who supports her?