Disentangling Child Pornography from Child Sex Abuse…


Date: January 03, 2019

01) Disentangling Child Pornography from Child Sex Abuse


Recent years have seen a significant increase in the criminal penalties associated with possession of child pornography. The new severity appears to be premised on arguments that blur the distinction between those who possess images of child pornography and those who sexually abuse children. In particular, sentences have been increased based on arguments that possession of pornography is equivalent to or worse than child sex abuse, arguments that viewing child pornography increases the risk that an individual will sexually abuse a child, and arguments that those who possess child pornography are abusing children undetected. This Article identifies instances where possession of child pornography and child sex abuse have been conflated, critically evaluates the arguments that promote such conflation, and identifies independent concerns with conflation. Specifically, it argues that blurring the distinction between the two crimes allows us to continue to misperceive child sex abuse as a stranger-danger issue, and that when law enforcement statistics aggregate possession and child sex abuse, then the public may be misled into believing that law enforcement is successfully battling child sex abuse, when that is not the case. The Article concludes that the modern trend of increasing sentences for possession of child pornography ought to be reviewed, and it suggests several possible areas of reform.”

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[Book] Refining Child Pornography Law…


Date: January 03, 2019

01) Refining Child Pornography Law: Crime, Language, and Social Consequences

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“The legal definition of child pornography is, at best, unclear. In part because of this ambiguity and in part because of the nature of the crime itself, the prosecution and sentencing of perpetrators, the protection of and restitution for victims, and the means for preventing repeat offenses are deeply controversial. In Refining Child Pornography Law, experts in law, sociology, and social work examine child pornography law and its consequences in an effort to clarify the questions and begin to formulate answers. Focusing on the roles of language and crime definition, the contributors discuss the increasing visibility child pornography plays in the national conversation about child safety, and present a range of views regarding the punishment of those who produce, distribute, and possess materials that may be considered child pornography.
“During the early days of the so-called ‘war on drugs,’ possession of marijuana could sometimes lead to a decades-long criminal sentence. In time, the need for reconsideration, and proportionality in sentencing, became apparent. The contemporary sentencing approach to child pornography offenses, including possession, requires an analogous re-examination. This text does an outstanding job of addressing the rationale for sentencing in child pornography cases, and in suggesting the need for potential change, in a thorough, scholarly, and thought-provoking manner.”
—Fred S. Berlin, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“Our modern digital world has increased exponentially the constitutional, social, and practical issues implicated by criminal laws and policies surrounding child pornography. This book provides a timely, balanced, and astute array of perspectives on a topic that all criminal law theorists and practitioners should be following closely.”
—Douglas A. Berman, Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University

Carissa Byrne Hessick is the Anne Shea Ransdell and William Garland “Buck” Ransdell, Jr. Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina School of Law.”

I’ve not read this yet…but I understand it has some insights, into misleading claims made by the government…


The Nintendo GameCube is still awesome – Games, Homebrew, Modding and More – MVG…


Date: January 02, 2019

01) The Nintendo GameCube is still awesome – Games, Homebrew, Modding and More – MVG

“The Nintendo GameCube was released in 2001 and was considered a failure with only 20 million units sold. We revisit the Nintendo GameCube, look at some of its innovations, perform some mods to the device to open up some cool new features, and show you what makes the Nintendo GameCube still awesome in 2019.”


Defending the “Pedo Guy” Lawsuit…

Date: January 01, 2019

01) Defending the “Pedo Guy” Lawsuit

“We knew that Elon Musk will get sued for calling a diver on Twitter the Pedo Guy. Musk is just too famous, too rich and frankly irresponsible to avoid being the target. But the defense to this lawsuit is rather interested. Its based on the idea that no one believes, or should believe, anything on twitter. What do you think?”


…I am on the level, when I use Twitter…

I mean…sure…sometimes when things get to a certain level of abuse and absurdity towards myself [or MAPs in general], I might play with an aggressor or two…throw in something entirely unexpected by them [though it still makes fully logical sense], turning the situation on it’s head…to see how they react…I might have a lot of fun doing it, too…But it’s never done out of malice…It’s done more to underscore the absurdity, of how these people are behaving.

One time…I spent a couple of days calmly explaining to one guy, how he had made untrue heinous claims against me…how any decent person with morals and integrity should care enough, to retract those heinous claims and apologize [even if only for their own integrity]…and proceeded to spend the rest of those exchanges repeatedly expecting an apology, reminding him it is what a decent person of conscience would do, and expressing disappointment he still had not offered one…

…Everything I said was dead on accurate…And it all completely flew over this guys head, because he imagines decent social behavior “does not apply”, because the exchange was with me.

…Poking at pure prejudice…And I was laughing my ass off, all the way…

I got encouraged to turn to Christianity…accused of various terrible things [which, for the record, I’ve never done]…and ultimately called a “dumb ass”…

No apology came out of that exchange…

…Guess he wasn’t such a decent guy…So sad.

There will be no lawsuit over this, of course…

…But the question of “realness” in these types of exchanges?…It probably straddles the line…Because I have so little expectation, that such a person even has the mental capacity to take such an exchange at face value…despite the glaring truth in it, right there in front of them.

Do people take Twitter speech seriously?…

…Many, no…

…But there’s a lot of others who do.