AD&D Unlimited Adventures: Selling “Mods”…


Date: September 14, 2022

Legally selling content made with this software?…

My understanding of “mods” with these types of games/software, is that they were meant to be created and freely shared among the people who legally own the base game/software. I don’t believe there was ever any intention of allowing individual users to make a financial profit.

I’d not venture this, but one “hair splitter” (provided you were good at scenarios and story telling), is the question whether legal owners of UA could pay you for your time and effort, in creating scenarios and stories for UA. I wouldn’t be shocked if the software copyright owners still tried to force you to stop. In addition, I’m not sure how large that market would be.

I’d not treat UA like RPG/Game Maker software, however.

Personally, I’ve only ever intended on playing UA content made available for free, and I kind of see paying more money as contrary to the base spirit of the software. One of the biggest draws of this type of software, is that you get to play a lot of additional content for free.

The quality may be a mixed bag, but the whole concept revolved around hobbyists being able to create and share, and having a theoretically “endless” supply of new content to play.

(I mean no shade towards anyone in what follows. It’s just that with software of this nature, created for the hobbyist, I feel the sentiment is pertinent.)

Seems a lot of people these days want to turn these things into money making ventures. What’s depressing about this, is that we already live in a world with too much content for anyone to play in a lifetime. Not to get philosophical or depressive, I just really miss the days when getting video games was simple, the options were clear and professionally complete. It wasn’t all about endlessly sucking money out of peoples pockets. Or more darkly, exploiting the addictive nature of in game purchases, service subscriptions and endless DLC expansions.

There’s a lot of great/good games out there, but I’m not the biggest fan of where the video game industry has evolved to. I couldn’t imagine trying to credibly make money in the modern video game industry. And I wish more people were involved on a hobby level, for the mere joy of the experience and craft.

I have several pieces of software for making and editing games. I guarantee everyone, if I ever stumble into making a coherent end product, it will be released absolutely free to all.

…Whether or not anyone actually wants to play it?…Well…that’s their bit of insanity to work out. 😉


Biden Gives Speech On Ultra MAGA…


Date: September 14, 2022

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“President Biden recently gave a speech about the dangers of extremism in our country right now. He called out Ultra MAGA specifically but specified he wasn’t talking about all or even most republicans. Naturally, the Ultra MAGA crew lost their minds reacting to this speech.”

I’d take issue with a thing or two he [telltale fireside chat] is saying here…in fact, there are a few deep divides between us, which sometimes makes me hesitant to share his content…But I like the way he is staying on the troubling issue of MAGA unhinged extremists.

Mo Lyin’ made various gaffs in that speech…and it was disastrous, in a few regards…

…It’s also an insane notion, that democrats are good, while republicans are bad…when they’re virtually the same party, in real world practice…They’re both extremely bad.

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Building a Custom iPod Video!…

Frontier Tool Shed

Date: September 14, 2022

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“You might be familiar with the amazing modding scene around retro game consoles. Turns out, there’s a similar cottage industry for classic iPods…and this time, we’ll explore some of what it has to offer.

Sources and Links:
Elite Obsolete Electronics:
iFlash CF and SD adapter photos:
iPod mSATA photo:
3000mAh battery photo:
iPod storage limits by model chart:

00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – iPod problems
02:54 – I bought some parts
06:00 – Take apart
09:33 – Removing the front panel
12:04 – Clickwheel replacement
14:50 – Front panel installation and problems
18:54 – Removing the battery and headphone jack
21:18 – Back panel installation
22:05 – Flash storage options
25:42 – Battery considerations
28:36 – Does it work?
28:59 – Plastic wrap ASMR
29:18 – I talk too much, sorry :-(“

I was exploring doing this exact thing [the flash cards replacing the hard drive] years ago, with my gen 7 iPod.

I never got to the point of buying the parts, though…and I damaged the iPod pretty bad, in the process of getting it open. I’d still love to revive the thing…but, it’s like one of my old PCs at this point…It’s simply not worth the cost, nor the risk given my own accident proneness…I might break something more, or stab myself with a screwdriver.

I’m thrilled to find this video…My gen 7 had a 160 GB hard drive in it…and I miss that stupid thing…I still have the stereo system where it used to dock.

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Paul Young – Everytime You Go Away (Official Video)…

Date: September 13, 2022

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Hey!, if we can solve any problem
Then why do we lose so many tears
Oh, and so you go again
When the leading man appears
Always the same thing
Can’t you see, we’ve got everything goin’ on and on and on

Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you
Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you

Go on and go free, yeah
Maybe you’re too close to see
I can feel your body move
It doesn’t mean that much to me
I can’t go on sayin’ the same thing
Just can’t you see, we’ve got everything do you even know we know

Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you, oh
Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you

I can’t go on sayin’ the same thing
‘Cause baby, can’tcha see, we’ve got everything goin’ on and on and on

Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you
Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you

Looking at the pieces (Every time you go away)
Be careful (You take a piece of me with you)
(Every time you go away) Every time you go, every time you go
(You take a piece of me with you) You take a piece of me!
(Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you) Every time you go!”

Love this song…I prefer this version, over the Hall and Oates original…And it’s very hard to beat Hall and Oates.


Big Pharma Fears Legal Marijuana & Terrorism Victims Blocked By Us Government…

Date: September 13, 2022

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“A new study has found that states that legalize marijuana have seen a dramatic drop in prescription drug abuse among their residents. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more. Plus, victims of terrorism have been trying to hold banks accountable for laundering terrorist money, but the US government doesn’t want that to happen. Attorney Chris Paulos joins Mike Papantonio to explain what’s happening.

Find out more about terrorism lawsuits at:

*This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

A new study has found that states that legalized marijuana have seen a dramatic drop in prescription sales of drugs. Wow. Well, we’ve done this story before. We, we, the it’s been the, it’s been the drug industry that has fought desperately to keep legalized marijuana out of there. I mean, they’ve, they spent billions of dollars trying to prevent the legalization of marijuana. This story kind of tells the story, doesn’t it? It does. And, you know, we, we’ve, everybody knows that, okay, when you have the legalized marijuana and even the medical marijuana, you reduce prescriptions for pain medications. Well, this massive study said, listen, it’s not just pain medications, it’s sleep medications. It’s depression medication, you know, psychosis, seizures, which you and I have talked about. It is a broad spectrum of different pharmaceuticals that essentially get taken out of the equation when people can, can go this route. Well, yeah, full. It’s amazing. Full disclosure, you know, this story, but I feel like I have to disclose it. We, we helped, we helped Charlotte’s Web get started. We invested a lot of money into Charlotte’s Web and Charlotte’s Web was something that was designed, we got drawn into it because children who had epilepsy, they were having 50 grand mal seizures a week were reduced to zero because of the, because of the Charlotte’s Web product that we came out with. That then led to legalization of marijuana in the state of Florida and it’s of course it’s caught on all over the country. But it’s interesting. We, we used to talk about, well, the only people that are beating, beating this down is the drug industry. And now we see why, huh? Well, exactly. And, you know, there was actually a survey that came out towards the end of last year, a nationwide massive survey. Do you support legalization of marijuana? Not just medical, but all marijuana. 91% of the American public as a whole said, yeah, I support that. So there, I mean, there’s literally no other issue in this country that is more uniting for left and right and center than legalizing marijuana. Not for Biden though. Right. Republicans want it, Democrats want it. Everybody wants it. Well, all they have to do, all the feds have to do is they have to open up the banking business to where people can run this just like they would any other business and I don’t see that happening with this administration. No.
Victims of terrorism have been trying to hold banks accountable for laundering terrorists money, but the US government, the DOJ, DOD, well they, they don’t want that to happen. Attorney Chris Paulos joins me now to talk about what’s happening here. Chris, this to me, is an, is an extraordinary story. I mean, we know that the banks washed money for terrorists. We have, they, they admitted it. They, you know, HSBC said, yeah, we did it. They signed a huge document where they admitted every bit of it. And now your case is to say they knew they were washing money for terrorists. We knew, we knew contractors were being killed. Soldiers were being killed. And the banks should not get away with that. You would think the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense maybe would help you with that. Just the opposite is true with this administration, isn’t it?
That’s right. Just recently, the Supreme Court of the United States asked the United States government, the solicitor general to basically give its perspective on a case that’s, it’s considering taking up on an appeal.”