Interview with Bill Ottman: and Free Speech Tech…

Date: October 19, 2017

01) Interview with Bill Ottman: and Free Speech Tech

“A conversation with Bill Ottman, CEO of

From what I understand…at least one MAP has had their account terminated…

…I’m not really sure how they went about using the account, though…I mean…arriving with all guns blasting, isn’t the most prudent tactic…not when trying to feel out a new resource…But one should never have to be neutered in their expression, on a self proclaimed “free speech” platform, either…especially not one, that uses this as a main selling point, and opposes itself to “everyone else” on such claims.

I have an account there…It’s been fine…though I’ve not used it for anything of note.

…It seems they want money [or something], just to do basic things like put up a personal icon…or a header banner, on your home page…These features have never worked for me.

…And the point system, dealing with “buying views”, is strange.

I’m not really sure what to do with the account, to be honest…I’m not aware of any substantial MAP community there.

A lot of these self claimed “free speech champions”, who invite you onboard to openly speak your mind, do not know what it means to literally stand up for, host and defend free speech.

…I’ve been down this road a few times…and found the claims to be a disingenuous farce.

The only place online I’ve ever found to be credibly free speech, is BoyChat…or the newsgroups…I suppose there is the deep web…But if you’re trying to have a presence on mainstream platforms, the deep web isn’t of much use.

Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Trump’s Budget & HUMILIATES Trump’s Lackeys During Senate Budget Markup…

Date: October 18, 2017

01) Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Trump’s Budget & HUMILIATES Trump’s Lackeys During Senate Budget Markup

“During the Senate Budget Committee’s markup of Trump’s budget, Bernie Sanders destroys Trump & his lackeys for their disastrous budget as he relentlessly pushes for amendments! BERNIE’S GUIDE TO POLITICAL REVOLUTION:

“Laughing Jack”…


Date: October 17, 2017

Graphic Horror Story:

01) “Laughing Jack”

“So this is a highly requested creepy pasta from the last few months. That AND it’s an amazing story with a new Creepy Pasta Monster that’s been getting a lot of attention. Snuffbomb didn’t only write a great story with a great character, though he went so far as to do some amazing costume design and photography and bring his character to life. 1 New custom Track from Myuuji later I give you “Laughing Jack”


FCC Expected to Gut Net Neutrality During Holidays When Nobody Notices…

Date: October 16, 2017

01) FCC Expected to Gut Net Neutrality During Holidays When Nobody Notices

“The FCC will reportedly not be voting to repeal Title II net neutrality regulations in October. As a result, they’re likely stalling in an effort to gut net neutrality during the holiday season, a time when most people won’t be paying attention. Sneaky.


The Donner Party (Full Documentary)…


Date: October 16, 2017

01) The Donner Party (Full Documentary)

“Doomed attempt to get to California in 1846. More than just a riveting tale of death, endurance and survival. The Donner Party’s nightmarish journey penetrated to the very heart of the American Dream at a crucial phase of the nation’s “manifest destiny. Touching some of the most powerful social, economic and political currents of the time, this extraordinary narrative remains one of the most compelling and enduring episodes to come out of the West.”


America’s Biggest Problem…

Date: October 15, 2017

01) America’s Biggest Problem

“Watch the new video, Agoraphobic Nation: Sprawl and Culture:

Most of the problems that we face today in the United States, whether they are cultural, economic, social or environmental are rooted in poor urban design and planning. Due to America’s unique experience of economic growth during the 20th century, this has become the most underrated issue in the United States that most people don’t know about. People react to their immediate environment and don’t see the big picture unless they can step outside and view themselves. It’s important to recognize a problem in order to have the capacity to change it.
Some points at the end were inspired by a lecture by Andres Duany:

Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth…


Date: October 15, 2017

01) Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth

“Have you ever dreamed of another kind of life? Not the job that you don’t want to go off to in the morning, or the house you have to keep on paying for year after year, but a life closer to the earth, a little place in the country that you build yourself, a garden and some solar panels for electricity, time to be with those you love and to do the things you most want to do. An impossible dream? Maybe not. Right now people all over are working to create an alternative to a consumer society that gives us less and less satisfaction and is more and more destructive to the earth and to us, as well. Explore the world of natural building and meet some of its pioneers who are creating beautiful and inexpensive houses out of earth and straw, houses that you can make, too. This is a way of building that can transform how you see the earth and yourself. Visit: Linda Smiley and Ianto Evans who pioneered the use of building with earth, straw and sand called cob in the U.S. and who now run the North American School of Natural Building in Coquille, Oregon where they and their students have used natural building methods to create a little village. Coenraad and Courtney Rogmans who took a piece of undeveloped land, built straw bale and cob buildings complete with solar electricity and a water catchment system, and who teach natural building workshops. Taylor Starr at White Oak Farm, an organic farm and educational center, which is putting the final touches on a striking timber-framed straw bale and cob community center. Brendan Flanagan, with his family and friends, turned a remote wooded hillside into a snug community of homes and gardens. Rob Bolman, an advocate of incorporating natural building techniques into mainstream building practices, who created an ecovillage in the middle of Eugene, Oregon, and who speaks passionately about the link between natural building and social justice. Meka Bunch who after only a week-long workshop, built his own elegant cob cottage and who works sharing natural building with people abroad. And Kiko Denzer, a sculptor and cob builder, and his wife Hannah, an organic gardener and baker, who transformed a dilapidated outbuilding in the country into a cozy cob home surrounded by beautiful gardens. For more on this subject go to