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Early Abortion Looks Nothing Like What You’ve Been Told…


Date: January 23, 2023

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“Primary care clinicians like us who provide early abortions in their practices have long known that the pregnancy tissue we remove does not look like what most people expect. After Roe v. Wade was overturned last summer in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and early pregnancy termination was banned across more than a dozen states, we felt it was important to make this information public and show the images we have seen more widely.

It’s important to us to counter medical misinformation related to early pregnancy because about 80 percent of abortions in the United States occur at nine weeks or earlier. So much of the imagery that people see about abortion comes from abortion opponents who have spent decades spreading misleading fetal imagery to further their cause.

Last fall, as members of the MYAbortion Network, a clinician-led organization dedicated to educating people about abortion and expanding early abortion services into primary care settings, we launched a multimedia project to provide accurate information regarding early pregnancy tissue after abortion.

The Guardian published our first photos on Oct. 19; they went viral, appearing in media outlets and getting shared widely on social media.

Many people, even those who support abortion rights, did not believe the photos were accurate. Some insisted we had deliberately removed the embryos before taking the photos. The images weren’t consistent with those often seen in embryological textbooks, magnified on ultrasounds or used in anti-abortion propaganda; these enlarged images are not what you see with the naked eye after an abortion. A Stanford gynecologic pathologist has validated our photos, but many people could not believe the pictures were presented unaltered.


…showing these images is vital to counter misinformation, not only for patients but for our colleagues as well.


Relief was how Jewel experienced seeing the pregnancy tissue. “I was really scared about all the horror stories and the trauma. The anxiety of coming here was worse than actually going through it,” she told Dr. Fleischman.”

Never much liked the grossly manipulative nature, of anti-abortion campaigns and harassers.

It is good to see these photographs released.

Fact is…most of what gets removed during any typical abortion, does not even possess the ability to feel pain, let alone the ability of cognition.



What Power Does Amid Uncertainty…

Date: January 23, 2023

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“For centuries, men benefited from the jurisprudence of certainty while women and vulnerable people did their best to navigate the jurisprudence of doubt. We were told to trust that the lawmakers would protect us. For centuries women and vulnerable people fought to upend that power imbalance: Rules for you, power that answers to nobody for the rulemakers.

Maybe the irony of never learning who leaked the Dobbs opinion is that the court claims to care deeply yet doesn’t care to find out. And that is what “rules for thee but not for me” looks like. Maybe a population that lives in an unsettled legal system in which precedent, predictability, and order are gone, to be replaced by outcomes that are as yet undetermined, shouldn’t feel entitled to an accounting from the court about who stole a document in an unprecedented national betrayal that became part of another unprecedented national betrayal called Dobbs. The not-anniversary, the un-investigation, the expanding national jurisprudence of uncertainty—that’s the new rule of law.”


Pfizer CEO CONFRONTED On The Streets Of Davos!…

Date: January 20, 2023

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“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is used to giving friendly interviews where he’s justified in expecting he’ll receive little to no pushback against his assertions about the company’s vaccines, profits, sales practices, political donations, etc. So it must have been quite the surprise when two non-credentialed journalists approached him on the streets of Davos during this year’s World Economic Forum and grilled him about vaccine efficacy, Pfizer’s profits, and his personal culpability in spreading misinformation about vaccines.

Jimmy applauds the intrepid journalists’ doggedness in challenging a COVID profiteer like Bourla.”


Independent Truths with Dr. Scott Atlas: Ep.1 – Origins of My New Podcast…


Date: January 12, 2023

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“Dr. Atlas welcomes his first ever guest to the program, Mary Theroux, Chairman and CEO of the Independent Institute. Together, they discuss why they wanted to start this podcast, what they hope to accomplish, and why they felt it was important to do at this moment.

Dr. Scott Atlas is a world-renowned expert in health care policy and frequent policy advisor to policymakers and government officials. He investigates the role of government and the private sector in health care quality and access, global trends in health care innovation, and the key economic and civil liberty issues related to health policy. Independent Truths features Dr. Atlas in conversation with high profile, news-making guests around public health policy, science, civil liberties, censorship and free speech, higher education, the media, and more.

More about the show:

Let’s hope this is productive.



What’s Causing the Trans Explosion? – Helen Joyce…


Date: January 12, 2023

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“Helen Joyce is the author of ‘Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality’ and the director of advocacy for ‘Sex Matters’, a campaign group on a mission to re-establish that sex matters in rules, laws, policies, language and culture.

00:00 Intro
05:18 Has Technology Affected the Number of People Transitioning?
08:40 Motivations for Transitioning: Gender-Nonconforming Children and Gay Adults
11:35 Why Aren’t We Able to Discuss the Trans Issue in an Open and Honest Way?
13:23 Gender Dysphoria & Boys Who Transition Later in Life
24:16 Have Previous Mental Health Issues Over Time Become Trans Issues?
30:18 The Trans Issue in the Prison System
43:25 How to Safeguard Children
51:14 Is the UK Making Progress?
1:01:16 What’s the One Thing We’re Not Talking About”

Very controversial to say “they’re sterilizing gay kids”…though, in a roundabout way…this may be technically accurate in some cases.

I’m not saying I endorse everything Helen says…But, this is a mostly intelligent and honest conversation taking place…It should be consumed and digested…Not followed blindly…but understood.

Personal opinion…if you are transgendered, that is wonderful…and I think you are better off keeping your birth anatomy intact, accepting who and how you are.

That is by no means any dictation on what you must do…It’s just a genuine, caring and rationally based opinion…You have every moral right to alter your own body, as you please…I just foresee it as unwise, to charge off in that direction with heavy expectations.

Aesthetics are aesthetics…They are only skin deep…They cannot make you whole, or address your core issues with self acceptance.

You may find it’s been a whole lot of pain and financial debt, that’s failed to provide the outcome you wanted.

I would also want to pose the following thought to you…

…Just because you feel more in tune with male or female stereotypical attractions, mannerisms and sensibilities, does not mean you “were not meant to” have a penis, have a vagina, have breasts, have certain facial or muscle structures, etc…

There have always been masculine women and effeminate men…Many have not liked, where this placed them socially…Maybe society just needs to finally learn how to accept gender nonconforming people…and maybe you need to learn how to tell intolerant society to get out of your head?

It is treacherous…that society has convinced you, that you need to suffer something like this, just to fit into it’s expectations of you.

You don’t need to chase after that…

Everything…every concept you have ever encountered in society, is somebody else’s idea of order and correctness…That does not oblige you, that it has to be yours.

As biology goes…the most healing, pure and lasting acceptance, is accepting yourself as you are.

Thank you to Helen, for the “pedophiles don’t deserve what they get in prison” comment…That did not go unnoticed by me.

It’s nice to see a bit of humanity, understanding and empathy.

That takes guts and integrity.

…”…a lot of these people who created this ideology, have a pedophilic past” [Francis]…

You might be surprised as to how many of us pedophiles [and other MAPs] do not endorse this, and even take issues with some of it’s manifestations.

We try to be respectful and humane about these issues…It is something we observe with interest, from a distance…But it is not something that we are actively behind, trying to push.

It is categorically wrong, to think of this as “a pedophile issue”.

…Oh, Helen…don’t sink to tainting pedophiles like that…

While I would agree, recognizing a child’s own bodily autonomy is a beneficial step towards recognizing a child’s sexual autonomy…that does not mean that “pedophiles want the world turned upside down”.

A pedophile accepting world is not upside down, in the first place…It’s just coming to terms, with how nature has made humans…It is empathetic intelligence in action.

…And “drag queen story hour”, again, is it’s own thing…We are two distinct groups, with a bit of overlap, simultaneously existing in the same world…

…Though, I do look forward to the day where “pedophile story hour” in libraries is a thing! ;-P

…There’s nothing wrong with reading stories to children…regardless of who you are.

“Gender swapping penguins” [or however she put it] is not bullshit…There has been a lot of behavior documented in nonhuman animals, that disputes commonly held human phobias and intolerance…Most specific, the claim that “that happens nowhere [else] in nature”.

Basic animal behaviors are shared by all species of animal…including humans…and humans are not the only species to be homosexual, bisexual, pedophilic or gender nonconforming.

This is absolutely relevant.