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The Controversial Missing Children Milk Carton Program…


Date: November 16, 2022

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I remember when this started…It really psychologically spooked the population…Gave many people a grossly false perspective on child sexual assault.

It was typical for people to think, “all these kids were taken, so that some pervert can rape and murder them”…and “the authorities” did little to dissuade this panic.

On a personal note…I was in my early teens at the time…and this was just one example of the lifelong indoctrination I lived under, imposing on me “just how inhuman and dangerous my sexuality is”…

…It’s extremely hard to look at these initiatives in a positive light, given how negatively they impacted on my own psyche.

I consciously stop myself from calling these programs “evil”…but being entirely honest…that is how I experienced them…They were an evil attack on my own mental stability…on my humanity, and my right to exist…And they were just one out of many…

Of course…this comes back to what many of us have been saying for decades, about the loose intermingling of social problems and social issues…It distorts the facts, and makes accurate understanding impossible…and there are many individuals and groups out there, standing ready to exploit the misinformation for their own ends.

I don’t disagree that there has been some good to come out of the milk cartons [even if only one case], or Amber Alert…But most people do not have a clear understanding, of what is wrong with these programs…or why so many of us do not like the way in which they have been implemented.


University investigates PhD student’s paper on masturbating to comics of ‘young boys’…


August 17, 2022

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Thanks to feinmann!

“A leading university has launched an inquiry after it emerged that one of its PhD students has written a research paper about sexual attraction to young boys. Karl Andersson spent three months recording his thoughts and feelings while masturbating over images of young boys in Japanese comic books. In the abstract for the paper, Andersson, who is interviewing fans of shota comics for his PhD, said he wanted to “understand how [they] experience sexual pleasure when reading shota”. His 4,000-word study, which details his sexual habits and sexual encounters between boys in the comics, was published in the journal Qualitative Research in April. It provoked outrage from academics, an MP and others after it was circulated on Twitter this week. The University of Manchester and Qualitative Research have announced they are investigating the circumstances of the research and its publication.


The Guardian article is behind a pay wall. However, the research paper, at least I assume this is the article the Guardian refers to, is available here:

They never get tired of harassing people, do they?

This is a perfectly valid subject of research.

I suppose it’s novel that someone, who presumably is not already sexually attracted to boys, has attempted to nurture a sexual attraction to boys…kind of a reverse version, of what they try to do to you if your caught with “child pornography”.

“Dr Mara Keire, a historian at Oxford University who writes about sexual violence, expressed her shock at the research paper, tweeting: “How was a description of the author masturbating to the images of young boys peer reviewed and published?”

These people are mentally defective…and stupid…and vicious manipulators…

…Forgive me…but these sorts of people make me sick…Masturbating to cartoons Is Not sexual violence.

“An National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children spokesperson said: “That this research was published in a peer-reviewed journal is highly concerning, and it’s right that the universities and publishers involved are investigating. All research, and research publication, should be subject to proportionate but rigorous ethical review, including robust safeguarding checks.”

…”Cruelty” to ink on paper?…”Cruelty” to pixels on a screen?…

I expect these people are too dumb to be in charge of anything at all, let alone institutions and agencies…That they are, is why this world is going straight to hell…why it is such an insufferable hell.

Karl Andersson [who looks like a sweetheart, if you ask me], is being targeted by a witch hunt.

His research method is fascinating…He should be careful, though…He might like it so much, he wont want to stop.

I absolutely understand the nostalgia angle, when masturbating…Even just the thoughts that have gone through my own head while masturbating, have commonly been of looking back into my own boyhood…and things that happened…or could have happened…

This research is honestly touching on something relevant.

I had seriously thought of doing something very similar to this, years ago…writing in detail [diary style] about my own masturbation…fantasies…methods…stimulations used…It pivoted and morphed into a somewhat different project, however.

Not sure how many other people would have wanted to read it…but I think it could have been a meaningful project.

I commend Karl Andersson for doing this…and for his bravery in publishing his research.


Tom O’Carroll: Stunning comeback for a great champ…

Date: February 27, 2022

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“He’s done it again! Supergeek Bruce Rind, chess master, stats wizard, revered within the research world but reviled by know-nothing politicians, has hammered yet another nail in the coffin of the CSA trauma thesis, in what I believe will ultimately be regarded as by far his most important paper ever.

Yes, yes, I can hear your scepticism already. Don’t get too excited, you will say. We have learnt the hard way that people are swayed by stories, not statistics, so whatever Rind says will either be trashed or ignored. Intellectually, the trauma thesis has been in the coffin for years but its undead power to terrorise has never been more potent.

True, but for how long? As I argued last year, things can change very quickly in the face of the unexpected, such as a pandemic coming out of the blue. When the time is right real facts will start to count, and prophets who were not honoured will come to be heeded.”


NEWGON ORGANIZATION Condemns the attacks on Old Dominion University Professor Allyn Walker [PDF]…


Date: December 03, 2021

The Newgon Organization recently released a statement on the witch hunt targeting Professor Allyn Walker, in the aftermath of her mild standing up for the very basic human rights of MAPs.

As some might be aware, Newgon is coming back and ultimately rebranding.

It is good to see this.


Instagram censors ‘Men are biologically stronger than women’ paper as HATE SPEECH…


Date: October 23, 2021

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“Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #100 (originally streamed live on October 16, 2021)”

The problem is that a certain type of social activist [dogmatic, contemptuous and ruthless], is organizing and working their way into our social structure and resources…and corrupting everything they seize control of.

The world they are building is not interested in science or research…They’re interested in bullying to get their own way…

…This is the literal, exact same problem MAPs have been suffering under…all of our lives, for most of us…and that’s why what is happening is so infuriating to me…

…It’s just the same old social bullshit, inflicted by a different, younger set of ignorant assholes.

Some of us have dedicated our lives to fighting this social stupidity…and still…here comes yet another wave of the shithead bullies.

It’s time to destroy that fucked up social tendency, once and for all.


MapTheWorld – Ep 3: How Can We Do Activism?…


Date: September 28, 2021

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“In this episode, we discuss how some of Saul Alinsky’s strategies given in his classic book “Rules for Radicals” might apply to MAP activism.
The links to David Prescott’s blog given in the podcast are listed below:

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The Basics: Sexuality…


Date: September 27, 2021

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“This is the second episode of “The Basics”. It covers pedophilia being a sexuality.

Links to sources:
The dsm-5 stuff you will need to read the dsm-5:


Sexual arousal and arousability to pedophilic stimuli in a community sample of normal men:

the ted talk: article on it:

The dsm-5 calling it a sexuality:–5-302.2-(f65.4)

Sexuality definitions by APA:

Am I a lesbian master doc:

Isolated Minority Syndrome:

Wikipedia for bonobos:

boywiki animal pedos stuff:

Porn correlates with less rape:

same love:

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Is Gabby Petito / Brian Laundrie case an example of “Missing White Woman Syndrome?”…


Date: September 25, 2021

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“This video answers the question: Is the Gabby Petito / Brian Laundrie case an example of “Missing White Woman Syndrome?


Conlin, L., & Davie, W. R. (2015). Missing White Woman Syndrome. Electronic News, 9(1), 36–50. doi:10.1177/1931243115572822


The Dark Side of Science: The Bobo Doll Experiment 1963 (Short Documentary)…


Date: September 15, 2021

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“The Bobo doll experiment is the name for a series of experiments performed by psychologist Albert Bandura to test his social learning theory.

Between 1961 and 1963, he studied the behaviour of children after they watched an adult model act aggressively towards a Bobo the clown doll.

The most famous version of the experiment measured the children’s behaviour after seeing an adult model rewarded, punished, or experience no consequence for physically attacking the Bobo doll.

The results of the experiment would be used as the justification of the anti video game movement of the 1980 and 1990s.

The study was considered controversial but not as bad as the Baby Albert study.”

There’s something inherently strange, about taking a well known toy that was created for aggressive and violent play [the Bobo doll], and expecting that a child’s interaction with it would be anything other than aggressive and violent.

Of course they’re going to punch, kick and shove around the doll…That’s explicitly what it was made for, and how it was marketed.

As I recall it…this toy was an acceptable method, of letting out your frustrations and hyper energy…That’s the point behind it’s very existence.