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Answering a letter from a priest…


Date: May 03, 2021

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“I’m answering An Open Letter to Atheists from a Priest, also known as Father Casey.


I am astonished anyone thinks there are no social structures outside of religion, to push people into conformity…

…As a literal pedophile, I grew from child to adult being constantly threatened and demonized by countless sources.

I know far better than to believe, that you get what forms you and keeps you conformed solely from religion…or that only religion can impose conformity.

Humans in groups do this on their own.

I am also astounded that some people actually believe, that atheists are naturally bad people.

That is just not true.

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Cornel West On Leaving Harvard, Biden’s Presidency and his Mother’s Legacy…

Date: May 03, 2020

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“Friend-of-show Dr. Cornel West has been in the news a lot of late, and not always in a happy way. At the end of February, the brilliant professor of Philosophy, Divinity, and African-American studies announced he was leaving his longtime employers at Harvard University, and moving back to Union Theological Seminary, where he began his teaching career back in 1977. Harvard denied his request to be considered for tenure, apparently for political reasons.

On Useful Idiots, West talked about the likely reasons behind Harvard’s decision (outspokenness on Palestine?), Joe Biden’s first 100 days, and the influence of his late mother Irene B. West.

Also: Matt and Katie debate how many Secret Service agents it takes to get Mike Pence up a ski hill, we denounce the deeply unfunny campaign against the #YangGang​, and we give detailed reviews of all of the movies nominated for Best Picture from this year’s Academy Awards ceremony (without seeing them of course). Is Nomadland a space adventure? Is Mank a misspelled fur-bearing animal? What’s the over/under on debilitating-disease themes for next year’s Oscars?

We explore all these important questions, and more, on this week’s Useful Idiots.

Stand by for our Substack-only chat with Cornel West about Howard University’s decision to dissolve its Classics Department.”