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1970 Watch America’s “Silent Majority” Speak Out. How They REALLY Felt…


Date: May 22, 2021

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“In 1970, Americans were split on whether the country should continue the Vietnam War. Both sides had extreme elements speaking on their behalf. In the middle, President Nixon coined the phrase “the silent majority” to represent most Americans who did not protest or speak out but in his view, felt strongly patriotic about America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Chicago filmmaker Chuck Olin went into his community to see how people felt. He and his team were surprised to find that “ordinary Americans” weren’t as one-sided or as silent as the politicians had indicated in the press had assumed.

The filmmaker used 16mm film and a separate audio recorder and just captured real people in real situations talking honestly. Superb documentary filmmaking.

At the time there were several dozen independent 16mm documentary filmmakers making films for an underground audience. Not for television, and there was no other major media outlet available to us. There were film festivals and in major cities, theaters playing 16mm documentaries. It was an exciting time to be a filmmaker and Americans were for the most part, very willing to participate in the films that I, and other filmmakers, were attempting to produce.”


Trump BLASTS ‘Stupid RINOS’ For Not Overturning Election…

Date: May 22, 2021

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“We don’t have a free and fair press any more media anymore,” Trump said on the far-right network. “This is not free and you know, you look at communist countries. that’s what happens, nobody can talk, and when you can’t talk, there’s nothing to discuss.”



This Is Why I HATE Critical Race Theory…

Date: May 22, 2021

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“This is why I hate Critical Race Theory:

1. I hate racism
2. Forgiveness
3. Postmodernist thought can’t be the arbiter of justice and morality – it’s hypocritical!”

02) This Is Why I HATE Critical Race Theory, Part II

“Say it louder for the people in the back!”

1. Mental Gymnastics
2. Justice
3. Racism (again)”

As a moral and social relativist…I base social justice, and ideas of “right or wrong”, around the principle of mutual symbiosis…whether mutual benefit is present, or not…whether injurious harm objectively exists in a situation for someone, or not.

Relativism by it’s very definition, is based upon weighing cost versus benefit, while being tolerant enough to allow for social diversity and individual need. It accepts tailored decisions for unique circumstances, while rejecting strict conformity and punishment for nonconformity.

It astonishes me, just how many people never understand this point.

Relativism does not remove itself from objectivism and reason…nor is it nihilistic, quite the contrary in fact.

Social relativists tend to care enough, to put in the extra effort for making sure individuals are okay, and to create room in a culture for those who are different.

This world would benefit from having more relativists…We are people both flexible and honest.

One other thing…

It may be going a bit to far on my part, if I were to attribute this sentiment to Kimi, but since she introduced a few concepts here and appears to have a negative bias against intergenerational sexual relations [pedophilia, hebephilia, ephebophilia]…I would like to just point out, that it is taking vast liberty while imposing vast disrespect, when someone automatically equates these relations and activities, with any “denigration of another human being”.

That is an external value judgement, affording no consideration to the primary participants involved.

People often wrongly presume “what must be going on” in these sorts of situations, and attribute all sorts of negative stigma and consequence to them…when in reality, that is not fair to the objective situation itself.