A Piece of History: Phillip Greaves II…


Date: August 08, 2016

I’m hesitant to share this first video, because I’m unclear of the nature and integrity of the channel behind it…and with it originally coming from a channel and series named “REICH WATCH Aryan Empires”, which appears obsessed with “truther” level “exposes” on Adam Lanza…I strongly wanted to leave this one out…But it has an actual copy of the Anderson Cooper episode in it, which is relevant to this case. Last time I was searching for that content, this video was the only thing I could find.

01) The Amazon pedophile handbook

02) CNN: ‘Pedophile guide’ author speaks

03) ‘Pedophile’s Guide’ Author Defends Book

04) Pedophile Book Author Interview – NF5 Raw Video

05) Author of pedophile book arrested in Polk County

06) Pedophilia author busted on Polk warrant

07) ‘Pedophile’s Guide’ Author Arrested

08) Interview With The Author Of Pedo Guide [another copy of the NF5 Raw Video]

Guy’s rant about social hypocrisy (there are additional relevant news bits):

09) Pedophile Guide’ Author Confident E-Book Will Be Back on Amazon

The base facts:

In 2010 [2009?], Phillip Greaves II published a book titled “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”. He listed it on Amazon.com. He sold a few copies of it, including one to a cop in Florida…who was purchasing it, explicitly to be able to evoke a vague, Florida obscenity law. Charges were filed, as was a warrant for arrest…and Philip’s home state arrested and extradited him to Florida. Phillip acted as if he was going to fight this case, but he did not.

A simultaneous campaign working to force Amazon.com to purge “pedophile books” latched onto this, and quickly leveraged it into an act of brazen censorship…what some of us refer to today, as the Amazon.com Book Burnings.

This was an attack on MAP expression, the likes of which we had never seen in the modern era…And because of our lack of organization and resources…it was a disaster…and a complete injustice.

Yes…This all happened in the United States of America…a territory which fraudulently calls itself “the land of the free”.

A few comments:

a) Sheriff Grady Judd represents everything that is most wrong with law enforcement, today. He pursued a man, and abused his own position of power, in order to attain an underhanded [and ethically indefensible] outcome he wanted…all because he was morally outraged, at the thoughts and opinions of another human being.

Grady Judd is exactly the type of human being I am talking about, when I employ the term Moral Supremacist. These are people who work to destroy other human beings, on the grounds that they philosophically disagree with them.

We have way too many Grady Judds in positions of social power…and these people are the real predators of society.

b) This is the most stark and shocking attack on the free speech [and expression] of Minor Attracted People [MAP’s], in recent history.

It was exactly the type of case which demanded being fought…Yet despite Phillip’s initial talk, he very quickly relented, and took a plea deal…and handed these people some easy, “case law” precedence.

c) We need greater organization and unity as MAP’s, in order to fight this exact type of brazen abuse.

I have no idea why the ACLU was not all over this [like they should have been]…but that fact that Phillip was left stranded, alone in this situation…that says probably the single most damning thing about the larger MAP community.

d) Most of us MAP’s were blindsided by this…We did not even know anything about this book, which was only listed for sale a matter of days…and sold very few copies.

This incident did hurt us, however…in that many relevant books [including empirical research], were delisted from Amazon.com…when some group [which had been trying to get “pedophile books” banned from Amazon.com, for years] seized on this abnormal set of circumstances, and leveraged it into forcing Amazon.com to “ban” an entire list of books they did not want listed.

They effectively made certain books [some rather important], harder to find…harder to get a copy of.

e) I’m sure Phillip never imagined things would transpire, as they did…and he did not expect his simple, open expression to become the center of such an important battle. I’m sure he was acting in good faith, with an honest conscience.

…I still would have never advised anybody, at all, to bring cross state commerce into something like this…because it opens up too many additional angles of attack. If he wanted to express these things to people…he should have just done it on a website for free, out in the open…with disclaimers…and probably anonymously.

f) I have a hard time speaking ill of Phillip, or of his book…which I have never read…

…But I will say this…

…The nature of his book, “A Pedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure”, is not something which most of the books getting black listed deserved being judged by.

Most [if not all] of the books, were not of that nature. They were not “how too” manuals…

…They simply explored pedophilia either as a research subject, or as a social issue.

Why they all got taken out, based upon Phillip’s book…is the big scandalous question.

g) Amazon.com needs to do the ethical thing, and restore these book listings.


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