Poems for The Revolution (Youth Liberation)!…


Date: June 03, 2018

Please read my comments, below.

01) Poems for The Revolution (Youth Liberation)!

“The Journey to Imagination. Poems inspired from the most painful and wonderful moments in life. With additional writings which contain optimism that freedom is possible. The most revolutionary poetry of the year! This is important for anyone interested in the counter-culture or human condition.


For as little as 1$ a month you can support Youth Liberation and become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/YouthLiberation

Powerful and from the heart, and with intelligence behind them. These poems dive deep into how it’s possible for humans to live as communities which welcome, respect and value everyone as an individual. Without doubt, these will cause you to self-reflect on your own place in this world and revisit the truth that we are all parts of one whole. A form of tough love, there is a stand taken against anti-human institutions. Must read!

NEW! Purchase and Read My Book of Revolutionary Poems Here! Must Read if You Care about The Human Race and Counter-Culture! Healing through Self-Expression:


I need to address something here:

If you look into the comments section of this video, you will see an account named “Anon”, which posts an essay called “The Dandelion”.

When asked directly by Youth Liberation, “Anon” outright claims to have written this piece.

There is a problem here.

The Dandelion is an original piece that I wrote, probably upwards of two years ago…It has been linked on the right side of my blog, all this time…and is an additional inclusion in my “In Self Defense” collection of writings…also linked on the right hand side of this blog.

“Anon” lifted my entire essay, word for word…reposted it elsewhere…without a citation link…And then proceeded to directly lie to Youth Liberation, along with anybody else who read the exchange, claiming false ownership of the piece.

I don’t so much care about personal accolades, so much as I care about the movement and our community…I’m happy enough to just be faceless and productive…I have a liberal sharing policy, where it comes to my personal content…

So long as we share the same general intent and vision, you can republish my own content…in a collection, or whatever…You can even build upon it, and deem yourself a “co-author” [because I know, not everything I’ve written is amazing…some of it could use refining]…

My only additional requests, are that you acknowledge I [Steve Diamond] am the original author…and so long as the original publication is available online, that you give a link back to it. This is standard practice.

…And it is gross disrespect, what “Anon” has chosen to do to me here.

My ego can take it…but I’ve noticed this exact sort of thing going on, ever since the “Heart Progress” days…on their website…as if somebody else was trying to make it seem, like I was quietly connected with “Heart Progress”.

…I’ve also been the victim of targeted false impersonation, in the past…

…And I consider what “Anon” has done here, to be an indirect form of false impersonation.

I’m more concerned about people presuming “Anon” is me, and letting their guard down around these types of deceivers and snakes, who hide amongst us.

Not everybody intermingling amongst us, has good intentions…

…A lot of really good MAPs, have been badly hurt by these shadowy figures who lie to us.

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1 thought on “Poems for The Revolution (Youth Liberation)!…

  1. BOSSBitch

    Here’s the new AAM/Adult Attracted Minor/ADULTOPHILE BIG Charter fer fake lamestream mass mind raped so called ‘Adult’ $heep£e, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    “Sport Fer All – SeX Fer All. My Mind, My Body, My Choice, My Pedo – Mind Yer Own!! It’s Only SeX But We ALL Like It! Under Age All The Rage, ADULTOPHILIA – The New Rock n Roll!!

    Lurve, X


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