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PragerU Sues Youtube for Discriminatory Restricted Mode Usage…

Date: October 27, 2017

01) PragerU Sues Youtube for Discriminatory Restricted Mode Usage

“They are objectively correct but it’s not clear a private firm can be sued for discriminatory enforcement of such TOS: http://archive.is/ogdYQ

It’s interesting to see what happens, when mainstream organizations start getting targeted with the kind of low brow tactics, which YouTube is notorious for…

Well…I consider PragerU to be mainstream…It’s got a religious right bent to it…and to my mind, that has been the mainstream all of my life…It’s not been until more recent times, that things have started to shift in any serious way. We haven’t even begun to get out from underneath the thumb, of this type of media…not honestly.

You can ignore it…and many people do…But it still holds a massive, social influence…So, you cannot actually get it out of your life, or stop it from having power over your life.

On a side note…I remember watching the Denis Prager show [a news interview show]…And I didn’t even know the guy was into Judaism…not until he started doing the PragerU thing…He didn’t wear his religion on his sleeve, when he did his news show…and I find that an admirable quality, in show hosts.

…But trying to get back on track…

…I think most people out there, are just absolutely naïve…as to the depths of underhanded scheming YouTube and Google get up too…and how, for many years, they have quietly worked to skew the internet…the dissemination of information…the ability of networking…and the types of media that get exposure…

Google’s slogan is “Don’t be evil”…and they have failed, at living up to this…abysmally.

Today…the mask Google/YouTube has worn most of it’s existence, has finally cracked and began to reveal the true warts.

…It’s not even holding back these crappy, gutless tactics, from the “Joe Nobodies” of this world…Tactics historically reserved for disenfranchised groups, who cant really fight back…The kinds of groups, these sorts of rotten games are developed and “perfected” on…

This is why more people should have been speaking out against it, while “pedophile channels” were being unceremoniously shut down, and getting harassed by the angry mobs…It foreshadowed what was coming to “the rest of you”.

Even the tame “pedophile channels” continue to be shut down, if they produce any substantial amount of media, or have an ongoing media project…Perhaps if you grovel at the feet of your oppressors, and never speak with anything but a negative slant, regarding your “pedophilia”…you might be tolerated…as a neutered trophy for some…and a castrated freak show for others…

I still have to chuckle a bit, when people talk about “being censored”…on the grounds that nobody will pay them for their content…Yet, they still have their media fully accessible.

…But, the algorithm tampering…the forcing of restricted mode…Those kinds of things are genuinely serious.

For the record…I’m pulling for Prager to win this one.

“The Island” – CreepyPasta Storytime…


Date: October 27, 2017

Graphic Horror Story:

01) “The Island” – CreepyPasta Storytime

“The Island” by Hahnmoose is a classic type of story similar to The “Disappearance of Ashely Kanasas.” A Story of a horrific and traumatic event… one that plays with the imagination.”