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Amazing Vehicles – Bike Cars – That Will Take You To Another Level…


Date: September 03, 2020

01) Amazing Vehicles – Bike Cars – That Will Take You To Another Level

“0:18 – Bio‑Hybrid
The Bio‑Hybrid stands for a new, contemporary form of personal urban mobility and means of transportation. We are committed to delivering a synthesis of functionality, design, technology, driving pleasure and zero emissions. We provide impetus and pave the way to a digitally connected world.
Credit: https://www.biohybrid.com/en/

4:01 – Raht Racer
The fastest bike in the world, the Raht’s patented drivetrain amplifies normal pedal effort and cadence to automotive speeds, (max 90 mph), giving the sensation of super strength. Simply put; when you pedal you go as fast as a car. It encloses the rider in a weatherproof, reinforced body with automotive safety components and features a programmable topography system that allows users to run virtual terrain fitness programs while driving.
Credit: http://kronfeldmotors.com/

6:34 – Veemo
Bad weather shouldn’t stand in the way of your ride. With a car-like enclosure, Veemo gets you to your destination, rain or shine.
With enough storage space to fit groceries, a heavy purse or backpack, luggage, or even a furry friend, Veemo makes it easy to bring your favorite things along for the ride.
Credit: https://rideveemo.com/

The ELF is a solar and pedal hybrid vehicle powered by you and the sun. “The most efficient vehicle on the planet”, it is a revolution in transportation and gets the equivalent of 1800 MPG.
Credit: https://organictransit.com/product/elf-solo/


Obstacles to Help-Seeking for Sexual Offenders: Implications for Prevention of Sexual Abuse…


Date: September 03, 2020

01) Obstacles to Help-Seeking for Sexual Offenders: Implications for Prevention of Sexual Abuse


Persons with potentially harmful sexual interests such as attraction to minors are unlikely to seek or receive treatment before a sexual offense has been committed. The current study explored barriers to help-seeking in a sample of 372 individuals in treatment for sexual offending. Results revealed that the shame and secrecy resulting from stigma associated with pedophilic interests often prevented our respondents from seeking professional counseling, and only about 20% tried to talk to anyone about their sexual interests prior to their arrest. Barriers to seeking and receiving psychological services included concerns about confidentiality, fears of social and legal consequences, personal shame or confusion about the problem, affordability, and challenges finding competent therapists who were adequately equipped to help them. Understanding and ultimately reducing obstacles to help-seeking can improve the quality of life for people with harmful sexual interests and potentially prevent sexual abuse of children or other vulnerable individuals.

KEYWORDS: child sexual abuse, minor-attracted persons, pedophilia, sexual offender, treatment”


Krystal and Saagar: Pelosi BLAMES Salon Owner For ‘Set Up,’ Caught Violating Covid-19 Restrictions…

Date: September 03, 2020

01) Krystal and Saagar: Pelosi BLAMES Salon Owner For ‘Set Up,’ Caught Violating Covid-19 Restrictions

“Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti share their thoughts on the controversy surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s salon appointment.”


Trump Gets FAKE Shop Owner To Show The Press…

Date: September 03, 2020

01) Trump Gets FAKE Shop Owner To Show The Press

“Trump is misleading people through the media.

A Kenosha business owner rebuked President Donald Trump for appearing to use his leveled shop for political gain after he refused to participate in the President’s tour of the city’s damage and was later replaced by a man who was misrepresented as the shop’s current owner.

Tom Gram who owns an old camera shop that was leveled in fires last Monday after protests broke out in the Wisconsin city told an NBC-affiliate in Milwaukee that he immediately refused when the White House called on Monday, asking if he would accompany the President on a tour that would showcase his leveled business.