M.A. Today 03: The Debate – So Whats The Problem?…


Date: September 17, 2020

01) M.A. Today 03: The Debate – So Whats The Problem?

Created and published in 2008, on my EQvideo YouTube account.

The Script:

The Debate…


July 08, 2008


So, what is the problem?

If the so called “need” to hold and perpetuate false stereotypes, while inhumanely destroying people’s lives, is so…”self evident”…

…then what are all of these underhanded, corrupt acts of disruption even for?

Why cant the discussion go on peacefully, without hijack or sabotage?…After all, if the conclusion is so “obvious”, then wont it be continually arrived at?…Wont it stand on it’s own, as the clear winner?

It makes no sense, what so ever…that anyone at all should even think that they would ever have to defend the legal and cultural standing of such a practice, with aggression and threat…let alone, with extreme aggression and threat.

A clue to the public…

Wherever this is going on, there is far more unexplored depth contained in said issue, than is being allowed to meet the eye.

What kind of agenda?…what kind of practice needs terrorism to support it, and keep it in political power?…

Think about that…

…because such an agenda and practice does not hold the weight of an “obvious” conclusion, and hence it is critically threatened by even the slightest suggestion that it is wrong in any way.

If the people in power, or even just pushing an agenda, believe that they must resort to character assassination, threatening one’s life, health, stability, career (etc.), and other extreme underhanded tactics, in order to keep all opposition silent, so that they may have their way entirely unquestioned and uninhibited…

…then something absolutely corrupt is going on there…

Real arguments don’t require someone to physically assault you, in order to “convince” you of their “rightness”…They don’t require that all opposition have their legs and solid footing disrupted, so that opposition is merely distracted and removed from the debate.

“Arguments” which rely on such tactics, as a critical part of keeping them “relevant”, are no arguments at all…

…They are corrupt persecution, committed by small minded bigots, and nothing more.

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