Minor Updates on the EQF Community Links Page…


Date: December 04, 2021


I’ve done a small bit of maintenance on the EQF Community Links page…Mostly, it’s just been locating backup versions on archive.org, of censored blogs.

It’s really disgusting how much censorship goes on on the internet…It’s so utterly senseless.

At times I’ve questioned how this blog has lasted and endured.

I did vow not to use this blog to directly call for changes in age of consent law…or child pornography law…Was that the magic answer that’s held the censorship monster at bay?…I honestly don’t know.

What I do here, in fact…is honest inquiry…It’s sharing of uncommon knowledge…It’s serving the betterment of the human species…It’s sharing thoughts and expressions…It’s exploring issues of the world…etching out a worldview…It’s just me being me, without focusing especially on the point that I am a BoyLover.

I’ve never understood why anyone “deserved” being censored, for merely being a self expressing MAP.

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3 thoughts on “Minor Updates on the EQF Community Links Page…

  1. Yure

    I have called for changes in the age of consent law. But I still fly, probably because most of my text is not in English and also because the age of consent is not my main subject and not a very recurring theme. Like you, I discuss a bunch of stuff. That makes our blogs pass as “normal”.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      In part, that was the idea…Not that I wasn’t going to naturally go in this direction, anyway, once my initial thrust of blogging slowed down.

      It seems to be a decent tactic.


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