DALL·E mini – Generate Images from Any Text Prompt…


Date: June 22, 2022

01) LINK

“DALL·E mini is an AI model that can generate images from any prompt you give!
The model is still training and keeps improving over time.”

02) DALL·E 2

“DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.”

03) ruDALL-E Demo

“Write a text query and get an image generated by ruDALL-E “

Not sure if this is the best demo, or my query was just to complex…but I entered…

“Scared Goat Piggy Back Riding Joe Biden On A Bicycle”

…And I got this:

My second query was…

“Cow Fighting A Monkey”

…And I got this:

It takes a few minutes to actually generate a picture.

There arguably might be a goat and bicycle in the first picture…But I do not see a monkey in the second picture!

Third attempt = Corn Cob Shark

…Well…my “hopes and dreams” that I just developed at breakneck speed, about twenty minutes ago, are thoroughly dashed!

Is there a better demo online?

01) A.I. software called DALL-E turns your words into pictures

“Google and OpenAI are among companies that have developed artificial intelligence models that generate images based on text.

Pictures from a publicly-available tool called DALL-E Mini have become trendy on social media.

As with other AI technologies, there are moral and ethical concerns about how the products will be used.”


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