Danger In The US…


Date: September 30, 2022

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“In this one I discuss the possibility of danger in the United States. A caller brings up some good points. Should we be worried though?”

I agree…No state governor is going to sanction a civil war, and get the U.S. military answering their foolishness…

Furthermore, are any U.S. states so overwhelmingly christian nationalist conservative, that their populations will tolerate such a violent, murderous up rise within its own borders?…Such a thing would target mass chunks of their own population.

What is likely, is an increase in domestic terrorism…like mall/store shootings…kidnapping murders…home invasion murders…maybe public lynchings in some cases, if the perpetrators are feeling especially bold.

Christian nationalists are still a tiny, fringe minority…If the rest of the population stood up to them and fought back, they could literally be wiped out…aside from the ones who sneak off, and go into hiding.

It’s completely fucked up, that things have come to this…But, again…I’ve been saying for at least a few decades, that this exact thing is out there…and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

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