EXPLAINED: Balenciaga’s Child Exploitation Photo Shoot…

Date: November 29, 2022

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“Krystal and Saagar discuss the controversy revolving around Balenciaga’s exploitative photo shoot.”

We get treated to Krystal and Saagar losing their minds…Yes…”Burn the witch!”…

Now, “being exposed to sexual concepts [Saagar claims “pedophilia”]” needs to have the cops involved?!…

And for the record…the papers are regarding a case attempting to expand the definition of “child pornography”, to content that is drawn [IE cartoons], or that displays adults “imitating children”…It was not about literal child pornography.

So…Krystal and Saagar support the prosecution of thought crime?

For the record…the picture itself is not even sexually titillating…It Is Sexually Boring…The notion that “pedophiles are getting off to this”, is invented and pushed by the modern day witch hunters.

The only “interesting” thing about the picture, is watching the people who are exposing their own detachment from reality, viciousness and bigoted hatred.

That is the true Disgusting and Sick part.

Outsiders commonly like to dictate “what pedophiles like and do”…continuing on to judge us based on their own hyperbolic claims…

…Usually, these same dishonest cretins work to censor “pedophiles”, so as to prevent us from publicly speaking for ourselves…

…How convenient for the lying cretins, to never even have to face the mildest of push back.

The whole dehumanizing scheme is sick and disgusting.


2 thoughts on “EXPLAINED: Balenciaga’s Child Exploitation Photo Shoot…

  1. GK

    Just more of the increasing moral panic around kids and sex. I think the whole campaign is stupid, but not sexual in almost any sense. The kids sure don’t look like they are at all aroused in any fashion or even being sexualized. They’re just holding some butt ugly teddy bears. The hype is sure over the top, though.

    On the other hand, the definition of obscenity keeps on creeping. The MrDouble conviction for obscenity was upheld on appeal in October. They used a law from 1931 to get it done. The stories appealed to the “prurient” interests of the reader and he disseminated them. So? What’s wrong with that? People have enjoyed porn since they put cave paintings on the walls yet our betters think that we shouldn’t be enjoying that. At least not the stuff they don’t like.

    Keep up the good fight.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      The puritans have bottomed out on their substantive claims of protection. At this point [and for a very long time], they’ve been grasping at straws to remain relevant and maintain a boogieman.

      I didn’t know about the latest chapter on MrDouble…It’s pathetic that they have to reach back to a law so old, and the product of clear prudery…It just shows how bankrupt their integrity is.


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