Male Sexuality Mentoring – Man & Boy Love!…


Date: January 24, 2018

01) Male Sexuality Mentoring- Man & Boy Love!

“A Positive Model for Intimate Boy / Older Male Relationships! The sexual mentoring of boys by older males goes back to the dawn of history (Percy, 1996), and very likely even into prehistoric times.

Original text sent to – author, source & date unknown.
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Other than a mentor as noted in this video, neither a boy’s parents or other adults, his peers – who are most likely no better informed than himself, nor any formal sex education program, will suffice to adequately and satisfactorily address a boy’s desire and need to learn about his sexuality.”

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2 thoughts on “Male Sexuality Mentoring – Man & Boy Love!…

  1. Amnesiac

    This, and many other videos have been “removed by the user”. Right. Like that happens. I look forward to Web 3.0, which will not be so transient, and will permit political expression, and news, and history to actually be things we have again.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I really hope that happens…As things stand, it seems like they are strangling open expression to death, squeezing it off of the internet…

      I know there have been alternatives to the normal web [freenet, the deep web, etc.]…but it’s not even remotely the same…a tiny minority of the internet population even knows how to use/access such.

      I’ve not been giving any details about this situation [RareDocumentaries]…But I do know YouTube, having had a rather active channel there over a decade ago…a lot of abusive sociopaths hang out there…some work there…

      It’s been so long since I regularly uploaded videos to YouTube…and things have changes so much…I’d be hard pressed to do much more than speculate…But, I understand if you’ve had videos flagged, you might come back to a “locked” account, being forced to remove content [aka, videos] before you can use your account again.

      YouTube is extreme in it’s heavy handedness, wherever it comes to minorities they can get away with discriminating against.

      Insane thing is…these videos are tame…There is no logical reason to censor them.


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