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M.A. Voice: Issue 30 – January 25, 2018…


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Date: January 25, 2018

01) Filip30: new state of research ‘pedophilia’/handednes/IQ
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1507099.htm

02) Filip30: From pederasty to pedophilia: Sex between children or youth and adults in U.S. history
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1507424.htm

03) Thomas D. Oellerich: Identifying and Dealing with “Child Savers”

The above author is [or was], presumably, not a MAP…but the subject matter is of relevance to MAPs.

I may set up a special section in M.A. Voice, for content of this nature…We shall see.

04) americanrifleman09: Authoritarians seek to extend “childhood” into the mid-20s in an effort to obtain more control

05) todd nickerson: Reports of my downfall have been greatly exaggerated

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Twitters “Quiet” Purge…


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Date: January 25, 2018

I’m going to make a post about this…most specifically, about some of the Twitter drama going on that has been directed at myself, following my “block the idiots” policy…

A certain idiot took it upon herself, to start shooting her mouth off again…three days after I embarked on this new policy…despite that she was given ample warning, days before the implementation…She spins it like a “retreat” on my part…

Word has gotten back around to me, though the details are very hazy…that at least two falsehoods have been claimed by the Pink Haired Witch…

1) I had some hand in doxing her [amongst other people].
2) I had some hand in barraging her with phone calls and text messages.

…I don’t employ those methods…And you’d be very hard pressed, to make a case for such an accusation, based upon how I’ve factually conducted myself everywhere online.

I do, however, stand up and defend myself [and my resources] wherever I am threatened…Something the Pink Haired Witch has come to realize…And she limped away, bruised and battered, in this fight…just to start talking lies and trash again, when she sees I’m no longer paying attention to her…

And now, she’s trying to rile up her henchmen, by claiming “I” doxed and tormented her?…

If I wanted her information…I’d have sought it out, long before this…Indeed, I honestly should have, given everything going on…

…At this point in time…I still don’t have it…and I’ve not really even got enough information about the alleged “doxing” and “phone harassment” incidents, to even make a good comment about them.

Maybe I’ll remedy that, and do a bit of investigating.

My main objective, aside from cutting down on exposure to abusive idiots on Twitter…is actually to safeguard my Twitter account, as much as can be.

I’ve had that account since 2009…and I’ve put a lot of work into cultivating useful lists, for both MAP and non-MAP issues…It compliments this blog, extremely well…and it’s a valuable resource to me…

However much it may suck…as many of us MAPs who’ve been on Twitter for years know, all too well…

…When people are no longer acting in goodwill, and they’ve started their lie campaigns against you…and they just want to destroy what you have [if not “you”, yourself]…and they’re tapping into other resources, to pressure Twitter to cave into their demands…and Twitter is starting to do the dishonorable thing, and caving…

…however counterintuitive it is for many of us MAPs to cut off communication with anyone…it’s usually one of the best moves of defense, to treat these abusers as what they are…and cut them off from any avenue on Twitter, by which they might accuse you of aggression towards them.

Trolls who are blocked, and who you are not having any direct interaction with, have a hard time making the case, that you are doing anything to them…They cant even pass off a credible lie, of that nature.

This is why I’ve taken a silence approach, regarding the evil witch, and her insane followers…despite knowing, that I will be mocked, and sustain any manner of accusation for it.

My Twitter account is more valuable to me, than making a public display of running circles around those types of malicious idiots.

I’m all about respectful, open dialogue…

…The insane idiots, who aren’t on the same page as me…who want to stifle respectful, open dialogue…when they start getting too devious, they have to be kicked to the curb, in interest of the more important objectives.

A huge part of me looks back at them…flips the middle finger…and says, “Fuck You, for putting me in this position!”…

…You don’t want to “play ball” fair?…

…Then we wont “play ball” at all.

I actually quite enjoyed interacting with non-MAPs on Twitter…even though I took a lot of abuse, for it.

Twitter functions as a good alternative, to actual blogging…to break things up a bit, and go into different modes of activity…stave off burnout…

…It also keeps me sharp, and nimble on my toes [or, mind and finger tips, as it were]…

I’ve gotten to try out some unique strategies with people, over the years…and, for me, it’s been a very positive endeavor, in it’s own right.

I’m happy to be on Twitter…And, I expect to remain there, with my exact same account, for many years to come.

…Anyone looking to interfere with this plan, can go sit on a bed of cactus.

You don’t dictate where I go online, nor what I do online…nor who I can communicate with!

To everyone else, who happens to be a reasonably decent person…you are more than welcome, to approach me on Twitter…and interact with me.

Most people find, it’s neither a painful nor scary encounter, at all…

…unless they are there to pick a fight with me…

…They often regret that, when they discover they are way out of their depths, trying to “dance” with me.


Stanley Fish: “Perfecting” Society – The Progressive Religion…

Date: January 25, 2018

01) Stanley Fish: “Perfecting” Society – The Progressive Religion

“Stanley Eugene Fish (born April 19, 1938) is an American literary theorist, legal scholar, author and public intellectual. He is currently the Floersheimer Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City.”

Let’s Discuss the Infamous Age Difference in “Call Me By Your Name”…

Date: January 25, 2018

01) Let’s Discuss the Infamous Age Difference in “Call Me By Your Name”

“The setting of Call Me By Your Name is in Europe; particularly in Italy where the age of consent finds itself being 14-years-old. Elio is, well, 17. I don’t see any laws being broken for there to be a technical discussion about the age difference. It almost feels as though anyone declaring the film a pedophiliac one is, to begin with, declaring their understanding of pedophilia to be based on the age of consent. To end with, this further on seems to fit itself into an Americanized idealized mindset that is flawed. Why is it that, at times, people revolve everything around the ideals of America? Shockingly, even in America, in thirty-nine states, their sexual activities are entirely legal. So the real question is, what exactly is the issue at hand?

Elio is 17; Oliver is 24. Ask yourself, based on your morals, what seems far more appropriate, a couple whose ages are precisely 18 and 64, or a couple of 17 and 24. What exactly stands between these two relationships – legalities (or lack thereof)? Do legalities dictate your morality, your sexuality? Your well understood consent?

And even then, there still is no solid argument for anyone to state that the narrative is a pedophiliac or even predatory one. Everything is well within bounds, laws and more importantly, their approval. The consent is very much there.”

We could say this is broader homophobia…but, it is definitely ageism.

I don’t believe power imbalance, is a nullifier of good ethics…nor anything that erases the natural intent, envisioned in one’s own heart.

…By extension…I certainly don’t buy into the idea, that age difference [even “life phase” differences] stands in the way, of a naturally occurring, mutually loving relationship.

There is no accounting, for the vast depths of human affection…nor that of a human’s need for such affection.

Humans are amazing in this way…Our diversity and range in sexuality, is vast…more so, than any other species…For nearly every unique orientation and taste…if one looks long and broadly enough…they will eventually find their counterpart, who also loves taking part.

…This is why genuine child adult sexual relations have been known to happen, have been acknowledged and documented…They naturally occur, when given the chance…And they outright blossom, if they are allowed too.

Getting back to the article, however…

…The base issue is ageism…That’s why so many people are up in arms, over a perfectly legal, demonstrably not predatory relationship.

There’s probably a good bit of bitter resentment in there, also…As so many of the people condemning it, were not able to have the same thing for themselves…and hence, “it’s only fair” that nobody else be allowed to have it…lest what has been stripped from them, be mockingly rubbed in their faces, as they watch others enjoy it freely.

In addition…too many people do, as this article suggests, tie their moral judgments in with “what is legal”…without a thought, over whether the law, itself, or the motives behind it, or the outcomes of it, are morally just.

It’s tragic, too…Most people just adhere, to what they are told to think, say, and act like…

…Thinking for one’s self, and looking beyond the social rhetoric, is not only a lost art…It’s something that most people will hold you in contempt for…particularly if it concerns matters of sexuality.

For the record…I think it’s ridiculous, throwing a fit over an age difference of seven years, between two young people…

…But, I don’t believe it’s any less ridiculous to throw a fit, should the age difference be fifty years…or more.

Pure, loving relationships are still pure, loving relationships…regardless of any difference in age.