Pegashift: Pro Pedofile Activist Kino – pro pedo arguments failed…


Date: September 24, 2019

01) Pegashift: Pro Pedofile Activist Kino – pro pedo arguments failed

I watched just over seven minutes of this video, during which I found it to be absolutely void of substance and insight. When he stooped to dehumanizing insulting, I disengaged with this utterly disgusting tripe.

My Response:

1) Please stop with the red herring of “fucking children”, as being the equivalent to “pedophilic sex”.

2) “Physical development” is no genuine rebuff, to the typical pedophilic sex acts of masturbation, or sucking/kissing/licking on the child.

3) Understanding/Consent issues have historically been left to the mercy, of cultural temperament and tolerance.

4) You’re jumping onto the victim train, by being yet another member of a niche minority who makes the absurd claim that “pedophiles being seen and heard, somehow hurts us”?

All people/groups have a right to represent themselves, as well as a right to respond to accusations made against them.

This is what the “pedophile” community has been doing.

Incorrect information should be disputed…Correct information should be promoted.

Do you have an ethical problem with this?

5) Dismissing and demeaning us as “mentally fucked up”…

I’m done commenting on this, except to say that this video is a good example of why most people who “talk about pedophiles”, have no business saying anything on this issue at all.

…trash talking…stereotyping…false arguments…all starting from a place of bad will, ignorance and aggression.

Many of us older MAPs can no longer even stomach people like this, who aren’t here to respectfully discuss anything with us…

…They’re just here to inflict themselves, their inflated egos, and their abusive nature upon us…probably all for sport or personal profit, at that.


4 thoughts on “Pegashift: Pro Pedofile Activist Kino – pro pedo arguments failed…

  1. feinmann0

    “…trash talking…stereotyping…false arguments…all starting from a place of bad will, ignorance and aggression.

    Correct, and to those traits I would add immaturity. When someone puts out a video that grandstands their view on a topic, they risk revealing a lot about themselves, particularly when no-one else is there to reign them in with alternative viewpoints.

    Just compare the content here (Pegashift is it?) with say the debate in Het Capitool over pedophilie (YouTube), the latter being informed, mature, respectful, intelligent and progressive conversation on the same topic … the former is replete with none of those things – a total turn off for me.

    As an aside, there are quite a few YouTube videos out there that contain ‘first-time’ reactions to music tracks. It becomes pretty obvious just how dumbed-down reactions are from the US compared with those from say, India or Australia. The latter are thoughtful, intelligent and all to do with an analyiis of the song. Conversely, US reviewers tend to be inane, immature and ME, ME, ME; as a result you learn nothing about the track under review by the end of the video.


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