What is Daggerfall Unity and Why Should You Play It?…


Date: May 18, 2020

01) What is Daggerfall Unity and Why Should You Play It?

“So today’s video is on the wonderful Daggerfall Unity project! What is Daggerfall Unity? well watch the video because I’m way to tired to type it all out…”

You can get the fully patched version of the game here:


Daggerfall Unity 0.10.23

I’m not entirely sure about the need for DOSBox…I mean, the version I am playing came with The Elder Scrolls Anthology…which, I believe, automatically installs with DOSBox…So, I don’t likely need to download it, myself…

I started a new game a while back, coming to the sour discovery that Bethesda released a version of Daggerfall with the Anthology, that is not even including the final patch…So, I found myself getting stuck spontaneously to the walls/ceiling [a very old, infamous bug]…

…I remember this problem from the first time I played the game, back in the early 2000’s…

I was only on a search for the final game patch…when I stumbled upon all these new developments, and a Daggerfall MOD community.

Not sure how I feel about being allowed to automatically quick travel to any destination, if that is in fact the case…

…Forcing you to “discover” every destination, by making you strike off into the dangerous wilderness with a cumpas, was an integral part of the game…It made you really have to build yourself up, before venturing off into the unknown…and some of these trips from one place to another, can literally last 15…20 minutes…a half hour…or longer…In real time…You don’t know what you are going to encounter out there, all alone.

When they tell you the game world is massive…it really is.


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