Bret Weinstein banged his head while out riding (from Livestream #134)…


Date: July 20, 2022

01) LINK

“Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #134 (originally streamed live on July 16, 2022)”

We have this patch of road…maybe a quarter of a mile…still inside the village…which is literally disintegrating…It’s been in extreme terrible shape for two or three years.

They found the money to completely repave a few sections of road/street inside the village…sections which were in perfectly good condition, and needed absolutely no immediate attention or repair…

…Another section, they finally filled in some of the dangerous potholes…So, that has a band-aid on it for the time…

…But they continue to do absolutely nothing, with this treacherous stretch of road, on what is the single most major road to pass through the village.

I know money is tight…but good grief!…Where the hell is their priorities, when the section of road most screaming for attention continues to be ignored?

I have to drive this insane obstacle course, nearly every single day…and no matter how familiar I am with it, I still hit a VERY Nasty pothole at least once a week…and I am positively sick of it. It’s just that bad…There are several spots where each entire lane has jagged holes spanning nearly their entire width…And you have to navigate this, while keeping track of the other traffic.

There is a lot of dereliction going on, all over the place…I’m shocked the road commission hasn’t forced them to do something about this.

It’s an outrage and a disgrace.

…Honestly, it’s a public hazard.


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