Mike Lindell Forced To Close Last Remaining MyPillow Store…

Date: September 11, 2022

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“Mike Lindell’s MyPillow empire is crumbling to the ground, and a new report says that his last remaining mall store has been shut down. This obviously makes it even harder to sell his products, and it runs counter to his claims earlier this year that the company was doing great and was planning to open LOTS more brick and mortar stores soon. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening to the company.


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Mike Lindell’s MyPillow empire appears to be crumbling down before his very eyes, according to a new report from a place called bring me the news. And then Rere reported of course, by Uprocks. It appears that Mike Glendale’s last remaining MyPillow store in a mall in Minnesota has closed down. And while it is still technically open, everything has been pulled off the shelves. It’s kind of all in a big pile, you know, in the middle of the store, you can see it in the picture. Um, the signage outside has been taken down. It used to say, MyPillow that’s gone. The store is clearly going out of business. And as the reports state, this was his last actual store and it’s gone. His products are also not available in Walmart anymore. They’re not available at Kohl’s. They’re not available at bed bath and beyond. They’ve all pulled it off the shelves.

Some of them for his ridiculous political stances, others, because nobody was buying them. So his pillow empire, which of course now includes products like my coffee and my slippers is dying, which of course runs contrary to what Mike Landell swore to us earlier this year, as you recall, many months ago, Mike Linde said that not only was his company unfazed by all these stores pulling his product off their shelves, but that he was expanding and he was gonna be producing, making more brick and mortar stores all across the country. There were plans, right? We had seen the plans. We had talked about it. They were opening up new pillow stores in strip malls all over the country, but they’re gone. They’re already gone. Not just that they’re gone, they’re already gone. And the last one, according to these reports is days away from shutting down for good as well.

So this isn’t just an indictment of how poorly Mike Lendell is doing as a businessman with his pillows and how much his election lies have hurt his business. But it’s also a great point for dominion voting systems to bring up in their defamation lawsuit against him. Here’s what dominion has already claimed in their defamation lawsuit. This is basically the big claim. The big claim is that Mike Lindel is out there lying about their company, spreading all these rumors that are totally false in order to sell more pillows. That’s what they have legally argued in the complaint, filed in court. Okay. That’s that’s their argument. He just wants to sell more product. And now that we have confirmation that his business is starting to fail, that pillow sales are going down, they can’t

Keep brick and mortar stores open in this country that only bolsters their claim, that he desperately needed something to sell more pillows. Not to mention the fact that every time the man goes out there does a cyber symposium. What’s right there on the bottom of the screen of the Chiron, a coupon code for you to use at MyPillow while he’s spreading lies about dominion. He is literally selling pillows at a discount and doing the very thing that the lawsuit accuses him of doing, which is defaming them for profit. Mike Linde is going to lose everything. And by the time this thing even goes to trial and gets a verdict, which again, I am firmly confident that Michellin, Dell’s going to lose this case. He’s not gonna get hit with the full amount that dominion is suing him for, you know, over a billion dollars between him and two other individuals.

So even if you break that down into a third, right, and Michael Lindell gets hit with 400 million, he’ll probably only have to pay a hundred million, maybe 200 million, maybe not even that much, but at this point, even if he, you know, a third of the 1.3 billion and he has to pay half of the third, he’s done, he’s washed up. He has no more money and his pillow company, isn’t making enough money to continue to support him. This could be the end of Mike Linde and his MyPillow, my coffee, my slipper, my crap empire for good and personally, based on Lindell’s behavior over the past few years, I’m kind of excited to see it happen.”


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