Man dating woman, 23, trapped in eight-year-old body slams critics for calling him a ‘creep’…

…. Many of the things expressed in this Sub-Blog, I’ve addressed any number of times over the years. I don’t wish to analyze every video, etc., but I do find it valuable to share these kinds of video, etc., even if I disagree substantially with any of it…It’s important to acknowledge and embrace, that there are people out there, who are engaged in levelheaded discussion about “pedophiles”. – Steve

Date: January 25, 2023

01) LINK

“Dan Swygart shocked viewers of I Am Shauna Rae when he began dating 23-year-old Shauna, who has the appearance of an eight year old due to a medical condition.

Dan Swygart, who is dating 23-year-old Shauna Rae trapped in the body of an eight-year-old girl, has hit back at critics who called him a “creep”.

The 26-year-old from Wales has slammed criticism that he’s attracted to her “because she looks like a kid”. Instead, Dan has made it clear that he’s dating Shauna for her ‘personality’ and not her childlike looks.

Shauna Rae Lesick, who stars in TLC’s ‘I Am Shauna Rae’ measures just three-feet and 10-inches tall and weighs only 50 pounds – the same as an average eight year old.

Her stunted growth is a side effect of treatment she received as a child for brain cancer, and the petite star has found it difficult to find love and relationships as a result.


He added: “As soon as you say that she can’t have a real-world connection with someone else, you dehumanise her, which is absolutely disgusting.

“She is a human being. She deserves to have relationships and connections with whoever she wants.”

She is a human being with human needs…She has a right to find someone, who will meet those needs.

It was really only a matter of time, before this issue started coming to a head.

…So…What happens when a “child like” adult, wishes to have a relationship like any other adult would have?…

People who are not immediate family, have been having intimate relationships [of various sorts] with children, all throughout history.

Shauna is legally an adult…Do we know for certain, she’s not passed through puberty?

I would not expect anyone to think of impregnating her, or having her give birth…or even carry a pregnancy…But it would be utter foolishness, to presume that she has no desires of a sexual nature, just because she is small.

Honestly…She looks like she has some muscle tone, that eight year old children do not normally have.

She may be very short…but her physical body might be that of a small adult…

…And where would that fall in the realm of pedophilia?

02) Man who dated a 23-year-old woman trapped in an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD’s body slams critics who called him a ‘creep’ and accused him of being attracted to her ‘because she looks like a kid’ – insisting they had a ‘deep connection based on personality’

“Shauna Rae Lesick is only three-feet, 10-inches tall and weighs 50 pounds

She recently went on a series of dates with 26-year-old Dan Swygart

He responded to backlash, calling it ‘absolutely disgusting’ and ‘dehumanizing’.

A man who dated a 23-year-old woman trapped in the body of an eight-year-old girl has clapped back at critics who called him a ‘creep’ and accused him of being attracted to her ‘because she looks like a kid’ – but he insisted he was into her ‘personality’ and not her childlike looks.

At just three-feet, 10-inches tall and weighing 50 pounds, Shauna Rae Lesick is the average size of a third-grader. 

Her stunted growth is a side effect of brain cancer treatment that she received as an infant, and unfortunately, her disability has made it hard for her to find love.

However, the 23-year-old recently connected with a 26-year-old man from Wales name Dan Swygart, and their meet up was documented in a recent episode of her TLC reality series, I Am Shauna Rae.”

…And these two are only three years apart in age…They are literally in the exact same generation…They are age mates…I wont speculate on their life experiences…but they may be a lot more equal, than most people think.

03) EXCLUSIVE Parents of man, 26, ‘dating’ woman trapped in body of eight-year-old girl defend their son after he was branded a ‘creep’ and insist the pair are ‘just friends’

“Dan Swygart, 26, has been romantically linked to Shauna Rae Lesick, 23, since they featured on her reality TV show in the USA

The Briton has since been accused of being a ‘creep’ as Shauna ‘looks like a kid’

His parents have fought back and insisted the pair are ‘just friends’ “

Again…This may not even be sexual, in the first place.

I don’t know why people have to automatically go there.

04) Man, 26, ‘dating’ woman trapped in eight-year-old’s body hits out amid furore: ‘How dare you’

“Dan Swygart’s fiery response to haters sparked a deluge of comments online.


But while both are fully-consenting adults, Dan has faced accusations from people who question how he can be attracted to a woman who “looks like a kid”.

Dan says he knew he was “going to get some hate” when the pair’s relationship blossomed.”

Oh, sure!…

…And “How can people of different races, possibly be attracted to each other?!”…

…And “How can anyone be attracted to amputees?!”…

…And “How can you be attracted to people with a different IQ level?!”…

…And “How is attraction even possible, when two people do not share absolute equivalent knowledge, physical ability and life experience?!”…


…And when are people going to learn, that you cannot put valid human attraction into a box?

I struggled with putting this in the “Talk About Pedophiles” series…because…is this actual pedophilia?…I don’t know that it is.

It may not be sexual at all.

But what is going on here, with the venomous backlash against this relationship, is relevant to the social status of many children and many MAPs.


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