Game of Thrones: Rob Callender…

Date: December 02, 2016

Well…Let’s really piss off the net nannies…

What is linked here [in every link of this post] is not illegal in most places, but it might compromise some people…It shows a young male grabbing his penis, for about two seconds, before panning up to his face…you also see his butt…If you are adverse to seeing that [a scene from a very popular, well known, cable television show], then don’t click on the links in this post.

01) Game of Thrones finally took Emilia Clarke’s advice and ‘freed the penis’ (NSFW)

“One minute Arya was watching an acting troupe perform a farce on the major events from the last few seasons, the next we cut to an extreme close-up of one of the cast members’ members.

The Joffrey actor was ostensibly checking it for warts, but the shot really served no purpose narrative-wise, and essentially seemed like the director was just throwing in a “see, we will show male nudity, and did you really want to see that?”

02) NSFW: ‘Game of Thrones’ fans buzz about penis scene

“Those Game of Thrones fans who complained about the disparity between female nudity and male nudity on the series were thrown a bone (so to speak) during the May 22 episode.

Viewers got a close-up shot of a flaccid uncircumcised penis and a pair of testicles during a scene in which a stage actor portraying Joffrey Baratheon discovered he has genital warts.

The foreskin-sheathed penis and shorn scrotum presumably belonged to actor Rob Callender. (If they were attached to a body double, Callender is not saying — he hasn’t tweeted about his Game of Thrones, um, part.)”


Callender — exact age unknown — is a graduate of London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama and earned some acclaim for playing Guy Bennett in the play Another Country in 2014.

In an interview with gay magazine Attitude, Callender recalled the sexual experimentation at his boarding school, Winchester College.

“If you’re in a society of entirely boys and you only have free time when you’ve finished your homework and then you’re in a boarding house with 50 other boys, of course quite a lot of that is going to happen,” he said.

“But then it was never spoken about and I think for people who are just experimenting, that is not a dangerous thing.”

I really enjoy Game of Thrones, and was pleasantly surprised to find season six on the store shelves, waiting for me to purchase one the other night…Historically, these usually hit the store shelves around March…not in November.

Aside from the fact that my second disk seems to be messed up [and I’ll probably have to go back to the store, to exchange the set]…I’m enjoying this show as usual.

I was watching last night…episode six…and…I’d been paying absolutely no attention to the media buzz around this show…so it came as an absolute surprise to me, that I was inexplicably seeing a huge, close up shot of a young male penis…which pans up to a face, you could almost believe belongs to a ten year old boy…if you hadn’t already seen him in a previous scene.

He may very well be a youngish looking twenty year old.

I must say…this scene is very boy centric…It’s precisely the sort of thing you’d expect, out of a young boy…anything from preschool to seven or eight…Beyond that, it could only be expected if you really intimately knew the boy…Most older boys wont do that in open company…maybe in a locker room…but not in a more public setting.

…That is what makes this scene awkward…Well, that…and the fact that it feels randomly thrown in there…Are warts on his penis critical to the storyline?…Probably not…And he’s not having sex, or getting ready to have sex…So it comes off like a gratuitous, “Here, look at this!”…

…And to be clear…Rob Callender is cute enough…I don’t mind seeing this [I even kind of liked the scene with “Lancel” in season one]…It’s just strange how it got plopped down in there, for no particular reason…It’s just there to be seen.

I wish they’d quite teasing and tormenting us BLs, in these ways…parading age mysterious boys in front of us, like that…While all this time we’ve had Brann, Rickon, Robin and other boys…right there for the camera flashing…

…But, no…You never get what you really want, when watching these kinds of show, as a BL…Certainly, little Lords take baths?…A bit of harmless skinny dipping?…Such lovely scenes those would have made…

…I’ll take the consolation prize, I suppose…At least it’s not as bad as hearing there’s pedophilia in the show, just to come to the discovery that it’s Daenerys and Drogo [massive groan, there!…though I suppose they could have made it worse…a stereotypical horror story…]…Why couldn’t Brann have been fooling around with someone?…I had such high hopes…foolish, as they were…

So…we get a brief penis shot, from a barely legal boy?…I suppose…relative to the “stick up it’s butt” cultures we have to endure living in…that is kind of pushing the bland, boring envelope…I wouldn’t be surprised, if someone has accused them of producing child pornography because of this scene…[or the Robin “tit” sucking scene…or the Daenerys sex scenes]…Because that’s what the crying lemmings do.

As to the quotation highlighted in red…

…I’m not entirely sure why this got included in the article, or what the authors intent was [pointing out Rob is a bit more sexually free?]…But I am overjoyed that it was included.

It sounds like Rob was another boy, who did not let the fanatics dictate to him, how he could experience his own sexuality…or how he could relate to sharing in other’s sexuality.

…Good for him!

…Honest human sexuality scored a victory!

It’s always encouraging to see real, level headed talk about this topic.

Direct Links Explicit Shot:

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Rob Callender…

  1. Yad

    Dear Mr. Steve Diamond,

    Thanks to this blog has come to my knowledge that this recent TV show franchise makes open apology to homosexuality.

    This is immoral and ethically unacceptable. Homosexuals have a life expectancy 20 years lower than any normal person, are more prone to depression and heavy drug use. The recent deaths of Prince, George Michael and P. S. Hoffman prove this and serve as example.

    To make things even more remarkable, a study revealed the paradoxical and negative effects of the pro-homosexual culture and its consequences on the gay community. In their paper “Exploring a Dutch paradox: an ethnographic investigation of gay men’s mental health”, Aggarwal and Gerrets report that homosexuals living in the Netherlands (the most gay-friendly nation on the planet) display more mental health disorders.

    This is why I ask you to remove all pro-gay statements in this blog and STOP making apology to homosexuality. As a consequence of your immoral behavior I will not watch nor purchase any of the movies/merchandise of this saga.

    Far from being an anti-gay statement, this is an openly pro-life and pro-humanitarian message that acknowledges the need of the homosexual community for therapy and healing.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      The show doesn’t actually take any moral stance on homosexuality…It merely has some homosexual characters in it…and only a few, at that.

      This blog is a pro human, pro dialogue and pro understanding endeavor…I will not remove anything, that concerns human sexuality.

      Thank you, for your understanding.

      As to studies, you can find people who are willing to conduct “research”, with intent to arrive at all sorts of “findings”…Being from a minority, to whom the research field has never been especially kind or reasonable…I’m not impressed, wherever sexual minorities get the hatchet job.

      A lot of this “research” is political.

      As to alleged “shortened lives, drug use and mental illness”…There are any number of factors that could cause either…Heterosexuals are right in there, also. Simply being homosexual in itself, does not condemn you to such a fate.


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