Hanson and Co. are at it again, incase anyone didn’t know…


Date: January 31, 2017

01) Hansen vs Predator Playlist [8 episodes…some missing]

I’m wondering about this “Tetrin Core”, and have no idea if that’s even the correct spelling of their name, as I’ve not tracked anything down about them, yet…I think a lot more attention needs to be paid to them, and a lot of looking into them needs to happen.

Given Perverted Justice’s quiet and deliberate slow shutdown…I’m wondering if they didn’t just re-brand themselves, because their reputation was so abysmal [they were a self avowed hate group], lay low and then resurface with their buddy Chris, for another payday.

Who in the heck is going to sign up for this again, given as much trouble as it caused the first time around?…Very stupid, arrogant, malicious idiots, that’s who…Hence, my suspicion.

A man committed suicide, for crying out loud.

I have no respect at all left for Chris Hansen, or anybody who works with that blood sucking parasite.


3 thoughts on “Hanson and Co. are at it again, incase anyone didn’t know…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Very, very, very strange…

    The linked playlist was located here:


    It appears to be completely gone.

    All the more strange…my hyperlink above has been gutted out of the post, in such a manner that somebody had to go in and remove it…

    I have no recollection of having made such an edit.

    …And, frankly…why would I have?

    I only remove links, if I later find something crazy going on with the destination website…like, it’s setting off my anti-virus alerts, or something.

    This was a YouTube playlist…

    So…was this a system glitch, or did someone at WordPress remove a link from my post?…And why?

    Honestly…It’s probably just a really crazy website glitch, that lost a bit of information…of content that also peculiarly disappeared from the internet…

    …or is Chris Hansen a big enough cunt, to demand WordPress admin delete my link?

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    And that embedded playlist is supposed to be showing up as a clickable link…I went in and fixed it, three times over…But it’s still showing up as an embed…

    Something glitchy is going on with WordPress, right now.

  3. eqfoundation Post author

    Maybe I did edit it out, after discovering the Playlist gone…I honestly don’t know.

    It’s just crazy…because I have no history of doing this sort of thing.


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