Islamic Preacher Claims That Women’s Football Causes Wildfires…


Date: August 05, 2022

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“On July 23rd, Morocco’s female football team reached the Africa Cup of Nations Women’s Football finals after a 5-4 penalty shootout victory against Nigeria. This milestone sparked controversy after a Moroccan preacher, Hamza Elkhaldi, claimed their success invoked God’s wrath and led to natural disasters and economic calamity. Recently, Morocco suffered devastating damages due to wildfires. He claimed their wins invoked God’s wrath because women’s football matches are “undoubtedly forbidden” because their sports attire is “impermissible” for Muslim women. The preacher pointed out that watching and broadcasting women’s football matches, as well as Morocco’s hosting of the tournament, was a huge sin and was subject to undesirable consequences. He remarked on Facebook that “everyone who watches women’s matches is without a doubt a sinner” and that they should repent to Allah for the great scandal.


Shouldn’t islamic men also wear the hijab?…I mean…clearly, many of them tempt gay men, if they don’t cover themselves up.

Isn’t that some sort of “sin” in islam?

…It just seems logically consistent.

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