Trump Gets Crowd To Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ As He Faces Possible Indictment…

Date: September 06, 2022

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“During his rally over the weekend in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump tried to deflect attention away from his own legal problems by bringing up a scandal that is more than half a decade old and fully resolved. That, of course, would be the Hillary Clinton email scandal. The crowd loved it and broke into their old chant of “lock her up,” ignoring the irony of the entire situation. Farron Cousins explains what happened.


*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

So over the weekend, Donald Trump traveled up to Pennsylvania to help his two struggling candidates, Doug Mao running for governor. And of course, Dr. Oz running for Senate, both candidates are losing pretty significantly in their respective races. So Trump thought a visit from him might be able to gen up the Republican enthusiasm for these two lackluster candidates. And of course he didn’t disappoint. He got up on stage and of course started talking about the, uh, classified document scandal because of course that’s on everybody’s minds. And he even managed to get the crowd to go back into their chance from years ago, saying lock her up because the classified document scandal Trump was talking about, wasn’t the one involving him? No, it was the one from seven years ago involving Hillary Clinton. Trump was still out there pushing the bogus talking points of a scandal. That’s over half a decade old at this point. And the audience without a hint of irony wanted Hillary Clinton put in jail still for that scandal that has long since been resolved. So take a look at Donald Trump. Once again, pushing false claims about what actually happened and the crowd’s response. Here it is.

Hey that just a few years ago, declared no reasonable prosecutor would charge crooked Hillary Clinton. After she set up a secret illegal server to hide her, family’s pay for play schemes, crammed it full of classified information, allowed it to be plundered by foreign hackers. You know, that happened. And then deleted acid washed 30,000 emails. Think of that 30,000 emails. And what else did she do? Boom, with a hammer smashed her phone systems to Smither age after receiving the highest level of subpoena from the us Congress.

The first rule of political propaganda is accuse the other side of that, which you are guilty of, which is exactly what Donald Trump was engaging in there. As we all know, Hillary Clinton was investigated up and down. I don’t care if you love her. If you hate her, doesn’t matter. Your personal opinions of Hillary Clinton. She did go through all of these investigations, multiple different hearings from the house of representatives that the Republicans controlled at the time, they couldn’t find a single thing to prosecute her for. Now, the FBI did say that she, uh, was careless, but they also said there’s not a prosecutor in this country that would be able to make a case against her. So that was the end of it. And of course, Comey coming out in October of 2016, uh, basically saying, oh, we’re reviving the, uh, investigation into Hillary Clinton, even though they actually weren’t.

They were looking at somebody else associated with her. Uh, that’s what really tanked her right at the end that allowed Donald Trump to get the edge with the electoral college vote. But as we all know, Donald Trump could be facing potential indictment for violations of the ESP espionage act. The presidential re records act obstruction of justice. His lawyers could be facing charges of obstruction of justice, but that crowd didn’t care because to that crowd, to these die hard, Donald Trump supporters, he’s done nothing wrong. Even though we learned the other day that some of those classified document folders were empty. So we don’t know where those documents went. They’re either hidden somewhere else. Maybe he sold them, you know, to adversaries. We have no idea, pure speculation at this point, what he did with those. But of course that is exceptionally dangerous, even if he declassified them, but they don’t care.

All they care about is the man that they love and adore because they’re members of a cult. They may not wanna admit it, but they are. And so if he tells them, be mad at Hillary Clinton, they’re gonna be mad at Hillary Clinton. If he tells them I did nothing wrong, they’re going to firmly believe without a shred of evidence, that he did nothing wrong. And while he was describing, by the way, the Hillary Clinton thing, I love how they always throw these words out there, that they don’t even know what they mean. Like somebody said, ’em one time. So all the Republicans now say them, and particularly I’m talking about the, they acid washed them.”


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