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The Assassination of Donald Trump…

Date: April 03, 2016

01) The Assassination of Donald Trump

“Radical populists rarely survive long enough to change the system.

Wikileaks releases about Hillary Clinton:


Update: Poe’s Law strikes again: the “ABC News” article is satire, however the paid protesters are not. They aren’t paid $3,500 a day, they are paid $15 per hour.


Thought provoking…

…You know…as things progress, I’ve been thinking more and more…I may end up having to eat my own words, regarding Trump never becoming U.S. president…But, anyway…

The only caveat I have with this video, is that it’s much harder to dissect and attack Trumps positions [Re: the Warren statement], when he still hasn’t really laid out any coherent details on his vision forward…

Much of what Trump argues for [IE: “the wall”], has already been roasted to death…I’m sure much of it is thought to be unworthy of [yet another] dignified analysis, anymore…Which is likely why Elizabeth Warren felt no need to attack Trumps ideas…They are largely just talking points, it seems to me.

Alison Rapp: A lesson for us all…

Date: April 03, 2016

01) Alison Rapp: A lesson for us all

“Don’t let jerks get you fired. The internet is full of people that want to bring you down or just get some attention at your expense. Don’t let them. Learn from those of us that have suffered from trolls for years.”

This is a good video…It fleshes out the situation with Alison Rapp, and it shares some sound insight.

FIRED Nintendo Employee: Was it FAIR? – The Know

Dogma Debate: #231 – Pastors Turned Atheists: Dan Barker & Jerry DeWitt…


Date: April 03, 2016

01) #231 – Pastors Turned Atheists: Dan Barker & Jerry DeWitt [MP3 Download]

“Live from Logicon at the University of Arkansas! David Smalley is joined by JT Eberhard, Dan Barker, Jerry DeWitt and Phil Ferguson.”

Regarding the teacher who is claiming that because he was prohibited from showing a film in class, the free speech rights of his students were violated…I tend to think his assertion that his students were having their free speech rights violated by this, is not true…Let me explain.

This being a high school class, the attendance of students was compulsory…

…I would agree that free speech rights of the students were being violated, if not for the fact that they really don’t appear to have a choice in the matter, of whether they want to watch this film or not.

It is true…that an indispensable element of free speech, is the ability of others to freely choose to listen…So, I’m not disputing that violating an individuals right to listen [or see], doesn’t fall under free speech violation…

…I just think it’s being wrongly asserted, in this type of case.

You cannot set children and youth down in a compulsory setting, order them to watch something…and then claim it was all a matter of mutual free speech.

The children and youth were forced to be exposed to it…hence, it was forced speech to a captive audience.

This is not a matter of free speech, at all.


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