Holocausted From Humanity: The ‘Taint’ of a Pedophiles Money (Narrated)…


Date: March 03, 2019

01) LOUSE OF LORDS Vile paedophile campaigner invited to plush champagne bash at the House of Lords

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.


You want an understanding of just how messed up the paranoia has become?…Take a look at this…and keep in mind that this is absolutely not the first time, charity money has been returned to “pedophiles” upon the mere discovery that they are “pedophiles”.

“Twice-jailed Tom O’Carroll, 73, was among up to 60 guests who were thanked last December for donating money to a children’s book charity.

Book Aid International, which provides books for children in sub-Saharan Africa, said it was unaware of O’Carroll’s past and has launched an investigation.

The charity said he had given less than £500 in three instalments since 2015, which has been refunded.

A spokesman for the House of Lords said: “Parliament takes its safeguarding responsibilities towards children, young people and vulnerable adults very seriously.

Our safeguarding policy has been developed to ensure we provide a safe environment and fulfil our safeguarding responsibilities.”

What are they presuming?…

…that a small donation to Book Aid International, gets you a “roll in the bushes” with sub-Saharan African children?…

…or that Tom was “hoping” such would be the case?…

Pedophiles do give out of the goodness of their heart:

I know it’s very unfashionable to say this…especially given that pedophiles are so dehumanized in the modern world, that there are some people out there who honestly believe…”everything a pedophile does, should be presumed motivated by an ultimate goal of having sex with children”…

…but we are just people…we are part of the culture…we respond to social needs, and social goods, just like anybody else.

I’m no great philanthropist…but I have given to children’s charities, many times over during my lifetime…

Happily…nobody knew I was a pedophile…so the money was never returned to me…and it went to it’s intended goal [presumably].

Pedophiles should not be stripped of their generosity, charity and ability to do real good:

This is, hands down, one of the worst things about what a society does to “pedophiles”…and about these kinds of sensationalistic “news” articles…

…That society proactively behaves in such a way…as to very publicly “cancel out” and refuse to acknowledge, every single time that a “pedophile” does something objectively good in this world.

It is as if they believe, we are not allowed to be any part of society…or culture…or take part in good acts…or be recognized for those good acts.

It is ludicrous…to think that a donation of money, to a charity serving children on an entirely separate continent, constituted any form of “danger” to children…

…Tom was helping to foster the reading and mental growth, of children from Africa!

…And these miserable misers stole both this generous act of kindness, and that £500, from those children!

Do not tell me that “normal” people donated £500, to make up for the loss caused by this witch hunt…as sometimes happens in these very situations…

…Those people are some of the worst, virtue signaling, self glorified elements in all of this…They are every bit as bad, as the people who work to derail the natural kindness of a “pedophile”.

What they have done…is downright vulgar and vile.


9 thoughts on “Holocausted From Humanity: The ‘Taint’ of a Pedophiles Money (Narrated)…

  1. stephen6000

    “It is ludicrous…to think that a donation of money, to a charity serving children on an entirely separate continent, constituted any form of “danger” to children…!”

    Indeed. It is like something from Chris Morris’ famous ‘Brass Eye’ spoof documentary about pedophilia.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      It honestly is, yes.

      I have that episode posted here…but, the stupid LDS has it blocked to my country, on copyright claims…

      …What a bunch of jerks. 😦

      People just have no clue, how ridiculous they are.

  2. prodigaljohn

    Suppose this is where letting “the right hand not know what the left is doing” is not only theological, but even practically advisable. Indeed, you were able to make your donations because no one suspected of you being a ped. But they knew Tom was one, and how they treat even that with contempt!

      1. prodigaljohn

        I just had an exchange with Tom, on his blog… And he was trying to be anonymous about the donation, and this still happens. So, not even giving in anonymity cuts it, either…

        It really is sad.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        I’m sure he was…but, the very public attendance to such an event, is bound to attract problem makers…

        …Tom probably was not expecting to get such an invitation, when he made the donations.

  3. feinmann0

    … and yet the British public seem perfectly at ease with their UK Government spending untold billions of their money on armaments used by soldiery that kill countless thousands of civilians including children on continents such as Africa over the past fifty plus years. Given this, one knows for sure that Book Aid International have an unassailable talent for discrimination.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      If people can excuse my French…

      …This is precisely one of those cases of delusional disconnection from reality…where I feel the strongest wording is completely warranted…and the masses are Fucked In The Head!

      The degree of ethical and moral dishonesty…and betrayal of humanity, is just sickening.

      Even the people who have a direct hand, in seeing to it that children are violently blown to bloody bits…deem themselves “better than”, those of us who’d love to make a child/teen sexually happy [and objectively brighten their lives]…

      I have a very cynical outlook on the powerful, and the moral supremacists…precisely because of this.

  4. eqfoundation Post author

    What I’ve Noticed:

    Here in the U.S…they hide behind corrupt “forfeiture” laws, which allow them to swoop in, steal a persons property, auction it off [or “donate” it to an organization]…plus impose steep financial fines…and take “that” money/property, to give it to “the victims”…or “the public”…or some government social program…or the many, various private profiteers…

    …And people haven’t the first qualms, about accepting scads of that sort of cash from “pedophiles”…just so long as they can violently extract it, with the maximum devastation…

    …But a “pedophile” willingly giving money to a good social cause, out of the goodness of their heart?…It’s somehow “an offense to all things decent, and the integrity of a culture”.

    …Obscene hypocrisy.

    It’s like they actively want something more akin to “blood money”, wherever a “pedophile” is involved.


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