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Date: September 16, 2020

In 2008 I started a YouTube channel named EQFvideo.

As the years have gone by and my memory has deteriorated, I’ve mostly been mistakenly calling this EQvideo.

The central project of EQFvideo was M.A. Today [Minor Attraction Today], but the channel hosted a wide range of projects and initiatives…including The EQ Review, The Practical Pedosexual and The EQF Public Podium…as well as various experiments like The Culture Shock Podcast…and the first few episodes of Diamond Raw.

There were other stand alone videos, as well.

EQFvideo lasted a little over a year before suffering censorship.

The channel hosted 55 videos, representing roughly 35 individual productions…This was during the era of YouTube, when videos were restricted to ten minutes in length…So, you were forced to split a project up into sections, which you could then link together in a playlist. It was a pain, and because of this…I have two versions of most of my longer projects. The ones longer than ten minutes uploaded to FreeSpeechTube are the full versions, which never got published until now.

I have the pilot episode of The Culture Shock Podcast chopped up into nine sections…and I won’t likely publish those again.

I loved having this channel, just as I loved having my blog previously [though, I was writing on the Newgon blog, Uncommon Sense, by this time]…It gave me something to pour myself into and interact with the world.

The projects I produced were of varied qualities and relevance…a number of them will not be returned to the internet, and I’m offering in this series the best of what was published.

EQFvideo’s flag ship series, M.A. Today actually turned out quite good, in my opinion…but it was also an enormous amount of work, which is why I started exploring other models…A ten minute video could take you an entire day to produce, especially if you were also writing the script in that time…The video editing was extremely tedious. I don’t see myself producing another one of these, in exactly the same way…though I do intend on taking the ten to fifteen scripts left, and publishing those…probably in audio format and text.

The background music…These videos were a product of their time…What you see here, was rather typical for videos where people were not personally speaking. If I were starting these projects all over again, there would be no background music in M.A. Today.

I was, and honestly remain, a laymen video producer…Making videos was not my primary interest…In fact, when I was making these projects, I was only interested in publishing audio media…but I got pushed into video media, because YouTube was a relatively easy, free platform to distribute my media through…and I already had video editing software, so…

…but, some people judged this as though the video was supposed to be “the” end product…which completely missed the nuance, that I was publishing audio media…and the visual content was a byproduct of how I had to distribute it…I guess that was my fault, given all the extra work I was putting into M.A. Today…It probably gave the impression that I was aiming to make visual media…when all I was really doing, was trying to aid the people who have a hard time understanding the speaking of a voice synthesizer.

Of course, I would come to be interested in making videos…and I’ve done a few…Plus, I have an ongoing video game series I regularly record, upload and share here…So, in a sense…I have evolved in that direction, since the times when EQFvideo was my media channel.

EQFvideo was turbulent in some regards, but it represented a good time for me in my life…where I really started coming out and spreading my wings…really growing and expanding…thriving with a new platform.

What I produced might not have been the most amazing thing you ever saw, but it was instrumental in my own evolution…and led into several years of personal recordings which, while I was never entirely comfortable in this medium, I actually did have a fairly good, robust era of open speaking…Most of which still has not been released…When I do release it, it will be like traveling back in time…Which is part of the allure to me, in releasing it.

I’ve had a much harder time writing and speaking, these last several years…and I’ll probably not return to making new recordings of that length or style.

EQFvideo was quite a ride…and it was intended to be so much more, than what you saw here.

I am proud to offer these historic pieces of EQF media, once more.

– Steve Diamond

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