‘En Tu Ausencia’ HD (‘In Your Absence’) 2008, by Ivan Noel, director’s cut…


Date: May 29, 2016

Contains boy nudity, and explores sexual issues.

01) ‘En Tu Ausencia’ HD (‘In Your Absence’) 2008, by Ivan Noel, director’s cut.

“Published on Jan 7, 2016

‘CC’ for English subs!
Vancouver International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Bahamas International Film Festival , etc.

After 4 years of showing on youtube, here it is in HD. Enjoy!

dvd/bluray/soundtrack: http://www.noelfilms.com

This movie has been published on YouTube, by it’s copyright owner…This exhibition is fully legal.

Probably the most interesting thing about En Tu Ausencia, is the way that it explores a young boys relationship with a man…and how he interprets it, and attempts to navigate it. At one point, this character sexually presents himself to the man…though it’s not directly stated…and the man does not accept.

There is a lot that could be said about this movie…But, naturally, I found the depiction of hints at man boy love, to be most relevant…because this issue is so rarely explored…and almost never in a level headed, realistic manner.

Also of interest…

…Many people in the U.S., where we are subjected to heavy censorship [concerning taboo issues, like childhood sexuality, childhood nudity, etc.], would find it unbelievable…just how common place boyhood nudity is, in the major movies produced in other countries…even today, in the modern era.

…Naked boys in the media are only looked upon as “the death of society”, in fanatical places like the U.S.

…In many other places…these actors and their performances are enjoyed, openly, without shame or judgment.


18 thoughts on “‘En Tu Ausencia’ HD (‘In Your Absence’) 2008, by Ivan Noel, director’s cut…

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  2. eqfoundation Post author

    Addendum: I think it’s telling that the “top pages and posts” widget has kept this post on it, virtually non stop, for the past few [three or more] months…This post is still getting visited, despite that it’s somewhat old, and the video is no longer available.

    Maybe it’s just the rarity of both the movie and all commentary on it, that makes my post come up in internet searches?…and people end up here, because interest in the movie is just enough to keep up a steady flow of visitors?

    The video now has an unclear message telling us it is unavailable…not that it was deleted or made private…just that it’s “unavailable”…

    Gut instinct tells me…that some fanatical zealot discovered this movie [whether from here, or elsewhere], and managed to get a lot of other fanatical zealots to go and flag attack the movie on YouTube.

    I don’t know if I should feel responsible over this, or apologize…But this sort of thing, is one of the completely unfair, crap things which we face…because we are forced to walk this stupid, fine line…In a stupid world, which absolutely has to be offended over every stupid thing imaginable.

    I had the best of intentions in sharing this movie…I consider it a peripheral part of BoyLove culture…not exactly telling a man boy love story…but sharing something that exists around the edges…Something expressing an ethical value, which has meaning in the context of man boy love.

    I still encourage people to seek out this movie…It’s a very good, honest movie…one with intelligence and heart.

    The fate of this video I’ve had embedded in this post, is precisely why I’ve been reluctant [ever since I started blogging], to share movies of a certain nature on this blog. There are various movies I’d love to share here, which I know are out there freely available…some of them are on BoyLove “must see” lists…But I don’t, because I am concerned for the safety of the video [or archive], itself.

    It really makes me a bit mad, having my hands tied like this…But I don’t like to step on the toes, of people who went through the work of sharing that content, either.

    To be honest, this post was testing the waters a bit…I’ll almost certainly continue to share [and embed] other movies here…But I don’t want to feed the censorship twats.

    What I share here, usually has strong social significance…

    What do you suppose would be the best way forward?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I think Ivan removed it…possibly, because he only intended to have it up for a limited time.

      I’m pretty sure, it’s been uploaded on YouTube, elsewhere…if you just do a search for it.

      Not sure I should bother embedding it, again.

      I usually avoid the movies with nudity in them…but, I also want to test the waters, every now and then…

      …Some of these movies are gay culture…some are art culture…some are foreign culture…some are just culture…

      …and I like being cultured! 🙂

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yes, their characters do have sex in this movie…and there’s another scene where it’s clear Pablo wants it again.

      Nothing explicit is shown…it’s implied by heavy breathing, and a cutaway to fields of sunflowers.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      They do everything they can, to snuff out the truly good people of this world…

      …Dirty Fucking Cunts.

      Did anyone at least manage to get a copy of his final video?…It seems to be missing…Maybe it was unlisted?

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        Never mind…I found a copy of it.

        This is a devastating loss…He was a rare, real voice in the movie industry…a decent human being.

      2. feinmann

        This sad news has motivated me to view all his films if I can get hold of them. As you say, all the good guys get extinguished, leaving us marooned within a complete vacuum.

      3. eqfoundation Post author

        I just watched Vuelve for the first time…It’s gruesome and something of a horror movie…and I highly recommend it…

        That boy is hot…with many shower/bath scenes…and an incredible bath towel that stays in place for the last ten or so minutes of the movie…amazing how resilient!

        A lot of creative angles, to appreciate him by.

        I wish Ivan had released all of his movies on YouTube…Not sure why he stopped with…what?…three?

        I’ve archived a few of them…would like to have seen more.

  3. feinmann

    I have never understood why images of naked pre-pubescent children are judged obscene by society. For me they are intensely beautiful, and yes, Renzo radiates beauty in Vuelve doesn’t he.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yes…I liked both of these boys, very much…even though they’re both on the latter “extreme” of my range of attraction.

      Given my general “sweet spot” is from seven to ten [with a lot of leeway for tweens]…they’re actually a tad on the “old” side for me…

      Yes…I know…Such blasphemy! 🙂

      I don’t think I could have helped but to be into them, had they shown up on my doorstep.

  4. feinmann

    ” … a tad on the old side …” … that is nearly as blasphemous as saying ‘that piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah!’


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