Elon Musk FINAL WARNING For Twitter Board “I Am Coming For You!”…

Date: May 11, 2022

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“There was a time when Twitter board rejected the request of Elon Musk to making it private.However, now the Twitter board come to an end and accepted Elon Muskas their new daddy or perhaps I should say owner.So, what changed the decision of Twitter board?How Twitter’s board went from fighting Elon Musk to Aacepting him?

It was April 24. Ten days earlier, Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, made an unsolicited bid to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share. Concerned byt he out-of-the-blue proposal and not knowing whether it was legitimate, Twitter had adopted a “poison pill” as a defensive measure to stop Musk from accumulating more shares. By that Sunday, Twitter had run out of options. Musk was tweeting about the company and lining up financing for his offer. But in the end, after hours of deliberations and reviewing Twitter’s plans and finances, the 11 boardmembers were left wondering if the company was worth more than $54.20 per share. So, would there be another bidder? Well, all of them led to one dissatisfying answer: No. A little more than 24 hours later, the blockbuster $44 billion deal was announced. Bret Taylor, Twitter’s chairman, told the company’s more than 7,000 employees on Monday in a call that, “What I’ll tell you is that based on the analysis and the perception of risk, certainty, and value, the board unanimously decided the offer from Elon represented the best value for our shareholders. ”The mystery of Mr. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is how the board of directors went from installing a poison pill to agreeing to sell to him in just 11 days. In most megadeals, the adoption of a poison pill leads to a protracted battle. Using the tactic is a clear signal that a company intends to fight. Negotiations then drag on. Buyers sometimes walk away. But Elon didn’t…”

Nice, little summary.


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