Alex Jones ordered to pay $49 million in Sandy Hook defamation trial…


Date: August 06, 2022

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“Alex Jones will pay over $4 million in compensatory damages and $45 million in punitive damages to parents of children killed during the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.”

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“Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been ordered to pay $45.2 million in punitive damages in the defamation trial brought on by parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim.”

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“Dave Aronberg, State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Florida, weighs in on what’s next for Alex Jones following the $45.2 million punitive damages verdict against him.”

See video Alex Jones sent out to followers after jury’s decision:

“Right-wing talk show host Alex Jones sent a message to his followers after a jury awarded $4 million in damages to the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim.”

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will face 2 judges in Connecticut next week:

“Alex Jones will face more Sandy Hook families seeking to hold him accountable for his false claims about the mass shooting, just days after being ordered to pay one family more than $4 million.”


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