“I’m Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons” Says New U.K. Prime Minister…

Date: September 08, 2022

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“The U.K. has a new Prime Minister and her name is Liz Truss. A member of the Conservative Party, Truss replaces the deposed Boris Johnson but, as a fellow Conservative, promises to perpetuate Johnson’s right-wing policies on issues like police, warmongering and energy. In fact, when asked about her “feelings” surrounding the possibility of nuclear war, Truss insisted that she’s ready to push the button and rain down cataclysmic destruction on the entire planet.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the new British PM’s cavalier attitude toward effecting global thermonuclear devastation.”


4 thoughts on ““I’m Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons” Says New U.K. Prime Minister…

  1. feinmann

    Wasn’t so long ago that the collective West waged war on fundamentalist terrorism, even creating a secure facility at Guantanamo back in 2003 to house more than 700 supposed Jihadist men and boys. Nearly twenty years later, 39 “forever prisoners” remain – just two of them convicted – at a taxpayer detention-facility cost of more than half a billion dollars per annum.

    So, plenty of space availlable in Guantanamo to house those who verbalise an ambition to decimate countless thousands of innocent people in the style of Auric Goldfinger, such as Ms Truss and of course her insane global depopulation ideologue chums within the World Economic Forum.


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