Steve Bannon To Surrender To Authorities TODAY…

Date: September 08, 2022

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“Steve Bannon is supposed to be surrendering himself to law enforcement officers in New York today as he prepared to be indicted for the very same scheme that he was given a pardon for. But things are different, and he’s being charged by New York state – meaning that his federal pardon won’t save him from prosecution or possibly even jail time. Farron Cousins explains why things are going to get much worse for Bannon in the near future.


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Well folks today is the day that Steve Bannon is supposed to be surrendering himself to law enforcement authorities in the state of New York, for his role in the, we build the wall charitable scam. Now, if that sounds familiar it’s because it should be, see, Steve Bannon was already pardoned for his role in the, we build the wall scam and I’ll refresh everybody’s memories on what that is in just a moment. But when Donald Trump gave Steve Bannon, his former strategist that pardon it only applied to the federal laws that Steve Bannon broke not to the state laws that Steve Bannon allegedly broke. And the reason I threw in allegedly with the state laws and not the federal laws is because according to the Supreme court, the acceptance of a, of a pardon is in fact, an admission of guilt. So we don’t have to say allegedly for Steve Bannon violating federal law, but we do until convicted if he’s convicted with the state laws.

So for those of you not familiar with it, we build the wall was a group put together by a, uh, individual by the name of Brian COLAGE. And the name basically says it all. They tired of the fact that the government wasn’t doing enough, even though Trump was the president to build the wall along the Southern border. So they started raising millions of dollars to hire private contractors, to, uh, build the wall. And as you would expect, they didn’t do it. Instead. What allegedly happened is that they funneled the money from, we build the wall through a group, run by Steve Mannon, a nonprofit called citizens of the American Republic, which coincidentally yesterday also lost its, uh, tax exempt status from the IRS. Um, also for this scandal basically, but Steve Mannon then used his nonprofit, gave Brian COLAGE money. He took money himself. That’s what he was pardoning for.

But the state of New York says that, pardon doesn’t matter one bit for our investigation into Steve Bannon. In fact, Steve, that pardon is probably gonna hurt you because think back to what I just said, just a moment ago, the United States Supreme court ruled decades ago that the acceptance of a presidential pardon is in fact an admission of guilt. So due to the fact that you have literally already admitted by accepting the pardon, that you are guilty in the eyes of the law. I don’t know how you escape liability on this, bud. You already told the feds. I did it by accepting that pardon, the Supreme court says you are saying I did it, which by the way, if he were to be charged

On, on the federal level, which he can’t be, cuz he was pardoned. Um, acceptance of a pardon also exempts you from fifth amendment protections. So not only will Steve Bannon not be allowed to plead the fifth, if he is called as a witness in the other, we build the wall fraudster’s trials, but admitting that he already broke the law in the state conviction, um, probably going to be used against him. I have to imagine, um, the case is strong. Obviously they have the documents, they have the paper trail. And as I mentioned, this little nonprofit group that Bannon had set up to basically funnel the money. Um, they had their IRS exemption stripped away from them this week, but not because it was being used as a money laundering operation. Actually they, they had it stripped away because they hadn’t filed their tax returns in in three years.

And the IRS said, Hey, Hey, Hey, we’re okay with money laundering, but we draw the line at not submitting your tax returns apparently. Um, so there it is Steve Mannon, of course not happy about having to turn himself in and this is what he said on his podcast, the Soros back da. Yeah. I love how George Soros funds everything Republicans hate, right? If they hate something, you better believe they’re gonna spread a conspiracy that George Soros is somehow funding. It he’s actually very, um, I don’t wanna say stingy. He funds some things on the left.”


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