Building a Custom iPod Video!…

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Date: September 14, 2022

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“You might be familiar with the amazing modding scene around retro game consoles. Turns out, there’s a similar cottage industry for classic iPods…and this time, we’ll explore some of what it has to offer.

Sources and Links:
Elite Obsolete Electronics:
iFlash CF and SD adapter photos:
iPod mSATA photo:
3000mAh battery photo:
iPod storage limits by model chart:

00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – iPod problems
02:54 – I bought some parts
06:00 – Take apart
09:33 – Removing the front panel
12:04 – Clickwheel replacement
14:50 – Front panel installation and problems
18:54 – Removing the battery and headphone jack
21:18 – Back panel installation
22:05 – Flash storage options
25:42 – Battery considerations
28:36 – Does it work?
28:59 – Plastic wrap ASMR
29:18 – I talk too much, sorry :-(“

I was exploring doing this exact thing [the flash cards replacing the hard drive] years ago, with my gen 7 iPod.

I never got to the point of buying the parts, though…and I damaged the iPod pretty bad, in the process of getting it open. I’d still love to revive the thing…but, it’s like one of my old PCs at this point…It’s simply not worth the cost, nor the risk given my own accident proneness…I might break something more, or stab myself with a screwdriver.

I’m thrilled to find this video…My gen 7 had a 160 GB hard drive in it…and I miss that stupid thing…I still have the stereo system where it used to dock.

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